Issue: 7 December 2013
7 December 2013
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  • Unethical foreign policy

    Why has the Prime Minister been so obsequious to the Chinese during his visit there this week at the head of a large United Kingdom trade delegation?

  • Prejudice against faith itself

    The league tables of school performance regularly show church schools appearing to do better on average than schools without a religious character. Why this is, is hotly disputed.

  • ‘Troublemaker’ who chose life Chris Chivers

    Despite spending 27 isolated years in prison, Nelson Mandela chose the path of forgiveness, hope and reconciliation. That decision gave South Africa a vision for its own future, writes a vicar who met him several times in Cape Town

  • On the road to London Christopher Lamb

    Chemin Neuf is a French Catholic movement with an ecumenical vocation that has grown rapidly since it was founded 40 years ago. Next month, four members will move into the Lambeth headquarters of the Archbishop of Canterbury and tomorrow they start running a large Catholic parish

  • Power to the people of God John Borelli

    Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation is a remarkable treatise of faith and purpose. Above all, says a church commentator, it is an endorsement for the laity, placing them in their rightful place alongside the priests. Yet some may still not be satisfied

  • ‘Francis has enhanced his reputation with his critique of consumer capitalism’ William Keegan

    What an intriguing coincidence that Pope Francis should have caused a stir with his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, while Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, should have come out with a diametrically opposite economic philosophy in what was billed as the Margaret Thatcher Lecture

  • Treasures old and new Joseph O’Hanlon

    The three-yearly cycle of the lectionary begins again this Sunday with a return to the gospel of Matthew, who from the Nativity narrative to the Resurrection reveals a Messiah and a teacher

  • Books of the year

    As 2013 draws to a close, The Tablet’s reviewers look back on the best of the past year’s reading

  • No holding back Robert Thicknesse

    It is in its final act that Covent Garden Royal Opera’s new production of Parsifal properly articulates Wagner’s vision of forgiveness and a society purged of its bad faith