Latest Issue: 25 April 2015
25 April 2015
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Literary Festival
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175th Anniversary Events
  • Europe cannot shirk its duty

    Leaders of the European Union, including the British Government, must bear direct responsibility for the appalling loss of life at sea in recent weeks, including almost 1,000 drowned last weekend, following their decision to withdraw a comprehensive air-sea rescue service in the Mediterranean that saved many lives last year.

  • Bishops must listen and lead

    Admittedly, the Catholic population of France is somewhat larger than the Catholic population of England and Wales. But that cannot entirely explain why a consultation among the French laity regarding the Church’s approach on matters marital and sexual produced 10,000 responses, whereas the consultation on the same topics...

  • Different journeys, same destination Julia Langdon

    In an exclusive interview with The Tablet, Labour leader Ed Miliband says while he is ‘not a religious person’, his manifesto has been influenced by Catholic Social Teaching

  • ‘Men and women like us’ Hannah Roberts in Rome

    One in 10 migrants who embarks on the sea crossing from Libya to Italy dies in the attempt. After the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean in which almost 1,000 people drowned, Italy is demanding more support from its European partners

  • Confessions of a Mass tourist Adrian Chiles

    A number of people attend Mass daily in Lent but it is a rare feat to go to a different church every day. This was the challenge taken up by one Catholic who went to 46 churches. It crystallised his thoughts about the way Mass should be celebrated

  • Acknowledgement is the key Harry Hagopian

    This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the shocking events that coined the word ‘genocide’. Here, a descendant of Armenian survivors argues that by accepting its responsibility, Turkey could enable a process of healing to finally begin

  • United in harmony Frances Novillo

    The Migrants’ Mass on 4 May in London will bring together Catholics from around the world. It gives an insight to the rich musical heritage that people from many countries can also bring to their parishes

  • Merton and Waugh: a monk, a crusty old man and The Seven Storey Mountain Mary Frances Coady, reviewed by Martin Stannard

    In AUGUST 1948, a 33-year-old Cistercian monk in Kentucky was bemused and delighted to receive a letter from Evelyn Waugh. “Dear Brother Louis”, it began, “My criticisms were really personal … I didn’t like your criticisms of the Franciscans.

  • Voices from without Robert Thicknesse

    Is there any such thing as “Jewish music”? Richard Wagner was pretty sure and wrote a bilious screed on the subject. And a conference in Flanders last week, connected to this production of Fromental Halévy’s 1835 opera The Jewess, explored the idea in the realm of opera.