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1 November 2014
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  • Shameful EU move that will cost lives

    The plight of refugees trying to reach southern Europe in open boats is already horrendous. But the European Union, with full British support, wants to make it worse. It has made the shocking and shameful decision to let the Italian navy close down its search-and-rescue operation in the Mediterranean without replacing it with something equally effective.

  • Pope Benedict’s fearful words

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has made few contributions to the life of the Church since his retirement, preferring instead to “watch and pray”. But he has just issued one lengthy reflection on the dangers of relativism, which because of its rarity as well as its revisiting of old themes, deserves more attention than it has attracted so far.

  • Baptism of fire Peter Kavanagh

    No sooner had Canada joined the American-led air offensive against Islamic State in Iraq than it was targeted in two separate terrorist attacks. Now it faces questions familiar to countries like Britain, long on the front line in the battle against jihadists

  • Towards faith, hope and love Tina Beattie

    Following the Pope’s urging of the Synod Fathers to be open to the promptings of the Spirit, a leading theologian considers how Francis’ theology guided its proceedings

  • When Freud met God Mark Vernon

    A recent conference explored how the idea of Purgatory could work in contemporary psychotherapy. Much common ground was found, particularly in relation to pride, hope and love

  • Amazing grace Abigail Frymann Rouch

    The broadcaster and Church of England vicar tells Abigail Frymann Rouch about his journey from drugs, pop stardom, gay flings and ‘existential despair’ to faith in God

  • A question of validity Alicia Sloan

    Pope Francis has appointed a special commission to consider and streamline the annulments process. While we await its findings, a canon lawyer clarifies some misunderstandings that often arise in parish life

  • America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation Grant Wacker, reviewed by Jon M. Sweeney

    Is it conceivable that Pope Francis would send Billy Graham, who turns 96 on 7 November, a birthday card? It is. But one also imagines that Billy’s son, Franklin, would be unimpressed. Over the last decade, Franklin has steadily scattered the goodwill his father built up over a half-century.

  • Banned in Naples Rick Jones

    Religious conversion is an unusual subject for opera, whose concerns tend to be secular, even frivolous. It is arguably better suited to oratorio, a more static and sober form. When in 1838 Donizetti proposed to depict on the Neapolitan opera stage the martyrdoms of an early Christian and his wife, the royal authorities would have none of it.