Latest Issue: 29 November 2014
29 November 2014
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Catholic jobs
Catholic jobs
  • Europe has been warned

    When Pope Francis berated the European Union this week for having lost its vision, he was pushing buttons in all its 28 member states. The EU has become mired in a bureaucratic and technocratic style of governance, giving “a general impression of weariness and ageing, of a Europe that is no longer fertile and vibrant”, he told a special meeting of the European Parliament.

  • America’s long road to racial equality

    The shooting dead of a young black man by a white policeman provokes protests and rioting, amid accusations of police racism. In 2011 it happened in London, then spread elsewhere. It has happened this year in Ferguson, Missouri, and protests have spread to other American cities. The latest American outbreak followed a decision not to indict the policeman involved for murder, and the evidence ...

  • Faith’s defender Alistair MacDonald-Radcliff

    Interventions by Prince Charles in support of persecuted Christians are, according to a senior Anglican adviser who knows his interfaith work well, examples of a commitment to religious freedom born out of his role as heir to the throne

  • Light in dark hours Andrew Johnson

    On 3 December 1984 clouds of poisonous gas from a pesticide factory in India killed thousands. A nun who helped the injured recalls that time in conversation with Andrew Johnson

  • Deeply divided Society Austen Ivereigh

    As the first Jesuit Pope, Francis now seems to enjoy cordial relations with his confrères in Rome. But this was not always so. After many interviews with the order in Argentina, a new papal biographer believes he has uncovered the story behind the tensions

  • Mission intelligible Michael G. Ryan

    This week’s appointment of a new head of the Congregation for Divine Worship will reopen the debate about how the Church makes decisions on the liturgy. Some want to start by revoking the Vatican document that led to the new Missal

  • Look to the promise Kathryn Turner

    As Advent begins, Isaiah guides the faithful, reminding them of the star that shines through the deepest darkness. Gather together in prayer and study, using materials that uncover the joy of Christmas

  • Dirty Old London: the Victorian fight against filth Lee Jackson, reviewed by Jonathan Wright

    Only a lunatic could enjoy strolling along Oxford Street in 2014. The bird-pecked remnants of kebabs, the chewing gum underfoot and the petrol-choked air add up to misery. Things could be worse, however. Spare a thought for our Victorian forebears.

  • A long shadow Laura Gascoigne

    In 1851, the Great Exhibition drew crowds to the Crystal Palace like moths to a lamp. But one young visitor resisted its lure – when taken to the exhibition, William Morris refused to go in.