Latest Issue: 25 October 2014
25 October 2014
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  • Married couples are the experts

    The Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome ended with a superb exposition of Catholic teaching on marriage and family life by Pope Francis, which rightly received a standing ovation. That was a much clearer demonstration of a consensus around fundamental principles than the voting on the various clauses of the final report.

  • Cameron’s UKIP problem

    Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), has called the forthcoming by-election in Rochester and Strood “the most important for 30 years”. He has a point. The then Conservative candidate, Mark Reckless, won this Kent parliamentary constituency by nearly 10,000 votes in 2010, and the by-election ...

  • Now the talking really begins Christopher Lamb

    Pope Francis wanted frankness and openness and that is what he got. But there is also the sense that the real debate in the Church about marriage and families is only just starting

  • Don’t bank on reform William Keegan

    Tablet commentator Clifford Longley argued that the time for Catholic Social Teaching has come. Church leaders, MPs and even the Governor of the Bank of England, seem to agree. But, as one observer warns, resistance to change is huge

  • Man of surprises Brendan Walsh

    The best-selling Jesuit who left his mark on a generation of Catholics tells Brendan Walsh of the inspiration for his latest book

  • Church militant marches forth Antoine de Tarlé

    In France, Catholics were out in force in demonstrations earlier this month against same-sex marriage and IVF for gay couples. However, church attendance has declined sharply, and it is clear that Catholicism in the country has profoundly changed

  • A question of validity Alicia Sloan

    Pope Francis has appointed a special commission to consider and streamline the annulments process. While we await its findings, a canon lawyer clarifies some misunderstandings that often arise in parish life

  • Joan of Arc: a history Helen Castor, reviewed by Jessie Childs

    There were saltires in the streets of Paris almost 600 years ago. They were sported by the adherents of John, the “fearless” duke of Burgundy, who took the city from the count of Armagnac in 1418. Men caught wearing Armagnac’s rival white sash were massacred and their bodies were stacked up “like sides of bacon – a dreadful thing”, in the words of a Parisian chronicler.

  • Mirror held to the human condition Laura Gascoigne

    Think of Rembrandt and you think of the late self-portraits, those ruthless examinations of a lived-in face speaking of pain, regret, resignation and fortitude in the face of senescence. But take the portraits one by one and the expressions differ, even among those painted in 1669, the last year of his life.