Latest Issue: 13 September 2014
13 September 2014
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  • Whatever the vote, humility is needed

    Profound and probably irreversible changes in the relationships between Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are a prospect to be welcomed, whatever the actual result of the referendum on Scottish independence next Thursday.

  • Collegial procedures bring better outcomes

    There has been no indication of a split in the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales regarding the forthcoming extraordinary synod in Rome.

  • We have to keep it real Johan Bonny

    In the second in our series looking forward to the forthcoming Synod on the Family, the Bishop of Antwerp argues that the Church must take some bold initiatives if it is to restore its credibility

  • A straightforward discussion of these very different perspectives on pastoral care is needed’ Kevin McDonald

    Bishop Bonny writes with great passion and deep concern. He speaks very directly out of his pastoral experience, arguing that there needs to be real collegial discussion of the controversial issues relating to marriage and sexuality.

  • Prayer for today Liz Dodd

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is to create a new monastic community at his London residence of Lambeth Palace. Like many experiments with innovative models of religious life, it will combine aspects ancient and modern

  • Faithful radical Riccardo Larini

    Enzo Bianchi is the founder of an ecumenical community in Italy who was recently appointed by Pope Francis to play a formal role in the Holy See’s discussions with other Churches. Here, a former member of the Bose community looks at Bianchi’s life and work

  • The EU potentially makes the UK defunct for Scotland Francis Campbell

    It is perhaps no coincidence that the United Kingdom in the space of the next two years is likely to face the consequences of two separate referendums on integration; the first on the union with Scotland in just five days’ time and the second on membership of the European Union promised by 2017.

  • Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648 Christopher Allmand

    It is hard to deny that the Christian community’s view of itself as “Christendom”, now transformed into “Europe”, altered radically between the appearance of Luther in 1517 and the end of the Thirty Years War in 1648.