Latest Issue: 28 February 2015
28 February 2015
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Catholic jobs
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175th Anniversary Events
  • Integrity is not just obeying the rules

    One of the most frequent complaints about politicians from a disgruntled public is that “they are only in it for themselves”. It is disappointing to see that suspicion apparently confirmed by the actions of two of the hitherto most highly regarded Members of Parliament, Malcolm Rifkind, Conservative MP for Kensington, London, and Jack Straw, Labour MP for Blackburn, Lancashire.

  • Essential service to children and state

    As Britain drifts towards being an ever more secular society, the interests of religion and the concerns of the religiously minded are likely to appear to the majority as unimportant and hard to fathom. It is this indifference and incomprehension, rather than overt hostility, which leads local government officials in South Wales,...

  • Too meek for today’s politics Clifford Longley

    On Tuesday, the bishops of England and Wales published a letter to Catholics setting out issues to consider ahead of this year’s general election. It is a far cry from the bold 52-page document produced on the same subject last week by the Church of England

  • When the dream becomes a nightmare Francis McDonagh

    It was ranked alongside Russia, India and China as an emerging global economic powerhouse but now the pillaging of Brazil’s natural resources, corruption at the highest levels and a crippling drought is threatening that status

  • In step with Jesus Timothy Radcliffe

    The 14 Stations of the Cross found on the walls of almost every Catholic church allow us to relive Christ’s final journey wherever we are. The former master of the Dominican Order considers the beauty and significance of this ancient devotion

  • A matter of conscience John Wilkins

    The publication of Paul VI’s encyclical banning the use of artificial birth control was a pivotal moment in this journal’s history. The stand taken against it by the then editor has reverberated ever since

  • Joy to the world Mark O’Toole

    Parishes and dioceses are being urged to take up the offer of new resources to help make this a special missionary year for bringing the good news of a loving and merciful Christ to a wider audience