Latest Issue: 4 April 2015
4 April 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
  • On the other side of evil

    The primary Christian response to the problem of evil and the human suffering it causes is not to spiritualise it, attribute it to fate or explain it as punishment, but to declare that God suffers too, both in the historic event of the Crucifixion and in all human experiences of pain, anguish, abandonment and grief.

  • If you sling mud politics is smeared

    Aeschylus, the Greek dramatist, observed that “truth is the first casualty of war.” He could have added “and of politics”. The General Election campaign has begun with a demonstration of this in action. The two major parties have each launched their pre-election barrage with interpretations of their main opponent’s policies

  • Souls in emergency situations Brendan McCarthy

    The communities of two towns, one in France, the other in Germany, have drawn together in a profoundly Christian response to last week’s air disaster. Their gesture found particular resonance in the days leading up to Holy Week

  • Lockerbie never leaves us Liz Dodd

    It is 26 years since the burning wreckage of Pan Am flight 103 engulfed a Scottish border town. The parish priest at the time says people still live with the shock, anger and pain of the tragedy

  • The silent despair that still stalks millions Paul Farmer

    As it became clear that Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the aircraft he was co-piloting, the news media seized on evidence of his depression, prompting fears among other sufferers and carers of an increase in the stigma surrounding the condition

  • Two celebrations but one God Edward Kessler

    The coincidence of Passover and Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the shared roots of Judaism and Christianity, so effectively nourished by Nostra Aetate, the Vatican II document which appeared 50 years ago

  • Hospitality makes all the difference Tom Grufferty

    If churches do not offer a warm welcome at Mass they risk losing those who are searching, and can hardly regard themselves as the people of the Cross and Resurrection that Christ requires them to be

  • The Catholic Church: nature, reality and mission Walter Kasper, reviewed by Richard R. Gaillardetz

    Over the past two years, Cardinal Walter Kasper has earned the un­official title of chief theologian of Pope Francis. At Francis’ invitation, he addressed the February 2014 consistory of the College of Cardinals on a theology of the family, and the Pope has praised the book on mercy that Kasper gave him a few days before his election.

  • Transforming images Laura Gascoigne

    St Werburgh’s Anglican Church has stood in Derby’s Friar Gate for over four centuries – Samuel Johnson was married in the old chancel, before the church was enlarged for a growing population. But the demographics changed, the congregation dwindled and in 1990 it was declared redundant. Now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust, it is usually open for just a few hours on a Saturday.