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27 June 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
175th Anniversary Events
  • Missing consensus on second marriages

    In October the synod of bishops is due to resume its search for a consensus on such contentious issues as homosexuality and remarriage after divorce. The preliminary document published this week, the Instrumentum Laboris, offers a serious analysis of the problems facing marriage and family life.

  • Wiser ways to cut the welfare budget

    The Government has made it clear that it is serious about its intention to cut £12 billion from the welfare budget, as part of its grand strategy of deficit reduction allied to tax cuts. When the figure was included in the Conservative Party’s pre-election policy proposals, it was widely assumed to be an opening position ...

  • Spread of the French malaise Tom Heneghan

    The ever-increasing clash between the sacred and the secular is slowly pulling European society apart, one of the continent’s leading thinkers tells Tom Heneghan

  • Green light for the future Nicholas Stern

    Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment has reverberated around the world. Here we bring together a range of responses ranging from Michael McCarthy, ...

  • The case for natural salvation Michael McCarthy

    In his encyclical on the environment, Pope Francis rejects the ethic of humanity’s dominion over the Earth and replaces it with reverence and a profound appreciation of its beauty. In doing so he strikes a chord that will resonate beyond the Christian world

  • All God and no religion Eamon Duffy

    At a major event last week to celebrate this paper’s 175th anniversary, the historian Eamon Duffy considered the Catholic imagination of the Irish poet Seamus Heaney. This is an edited version of his talk

  • Be still and know Robin Burgess

    Contemplative prayer groups have started to take root in parishes around the world, with initiatives in Australia and New Zealand taking their inspiration from John Main’s work in London and Canada

  • A Prophetic Bishop Speaks to His People: volume one Oscar Romero, reviewed by Mark Dowd

    A self-effacing, slightly built man who feels ill at ease in the limelight with a predilection for hour-long ­sermons. Hardly the stuff, you’d think, of a five-star preacher – but then Oscar Arnulfo Romero has always defied neat and easy ­categorisation, as the hundreds of thousands who will gather this weekend in San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital, for his long-awaited beatification, will testify.

  • Through a glass brightly Polly Chiapetta

    In 1929, the New York sculptor, collector and heiress Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney offered her collection of contemporary American art, which at that time included works by George Bellows, Everett Shinn and Charles Demuth, to the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Edward Robinson.