Latest Issue: 19 April 2014
19 April 2014
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Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
  • After decline comes renewal

    The history of the People of God as told in the Old Testament is a sequence of stumbles. As the Children of Israel slowly fused into the Jewish nation, they repeatedly fell short of the fidelity to the one God that Moses had committed them to.

  • Ukraine's bad neighbour

    In Ukraine, the crisis is a complex one, but some things are beyond argument. Western intelligence has published clear evidence that tens of thousands of Russian troops and their equipment have been sent to territory bordering Ukraine.

  • United against Moscow Jonathan Luxmoore

    Support shown by Russia’s Orthodox Church for President Putin’s annexation of Crimea has seriously damaged its relationship with other Churches in Ukraine. Historical enmities have been revived as the region’s Christians fear a new era of persecution may be about to unfold

  • Change takes time Richard Finn

    A reforming Pope has been at the helm for over a year but change seems too slow in coming for the liking of some. Yet renewal could unfold as gradually as the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection among his disciples

  • Where hope springs from Easter’s promise Gerald O’Collins

    Accounts in the gospels of Jesus’ Resurrection have been pored over endlessly by scholars but the Easter story means much more in the light of lived experience, argues a leading theologian, viewing it as the practical key to understanding in three contemporary contexts

  • Smile though your heart is aching Ruth Burrows

    To inflict our bad temper, frustrations and unhappiness selfishly on others at work or at home is not merely unchristian and deeply uncharitable but is a denial of Jesus amounting to a refusal to believe his love, argues a leading Catholic spiritual author

  • Water of life Paul Turner

    The baptism of any person is an absolutely key moment in their life. When this takes place at the Easter Vigil, there is added resonance for the whole congregation, and the details of the ceremony – especially if there is immersion – must be carefully prepared

  • The Experience of God: being, consciousness, bliss David Bentley Hart

    What on earth do we mean by “God”? David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian, public intellectual and controversialist – a kind of Eastern G.K. Chesterton – based in America.


    A BBC documentary, broadcast tonight, recreates a first in philanthropy: a unique musical event held in 1750 to alleviate the plight of London’s orphans