Latest Issue: 23 May 2015
23 May 2015
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Literary Festival
Literary Festival
175th Anniversary Events
175th Anniversary Events
  • Mainstream martyr for our time

    The beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero is a watershed moment in the recovery of a fundamental truth. The key question that Romero’s life and death asks of the faithful everywhere is whether the Christian duty to evangelise and the Christian calling to be holy are inseparable from the Christian duty to work for a better world by opposing exploitation and injustice.

  • Right to a good death for all

    Atul Gawande, the doctor and Harvard professor who gave this year’s BBC Reith Lectures, has spoken powerfully of what he calls “the problem of hubris” – the medical profession’s insistence that doctors must always have a treatment to offer their patients even when they are entering their final days. The professional focus on recovery sees death as a failure.

  • Raised to the altars: one who fell for the poor Robert Ellsberg

    A champion of the poor or someone mixed up in politics? A man who died for the faith or because he was a political inconvenience? Archbishop Oscar Romero’s beatification today confirms his stature and illuminates his model of holiness

  • Preparing for the dying of the light Rosie Harper

    Death remains the one common experience all of us will face, but we rarely talk about it, plan insufficiently for it and allow it constantly to take us by surprise. As new research underlines how unprepared the British are for dying, an Anglican vicar explains how a group she helped to found has brought a local community together to discuss and think about this difficult subject

  • Twitch on the golden thread John Cornwell

    The editor of this paper between 1982 and 2003 tells John Cornwell how he was ‘walking on a tightrope’

  • The meaning of things George Stack

    Last Saturday was the highlight of this journal’s anniversary year, when Mass was celebrated at Westminster Cathedral – 175 years after the first edition was published on 16 May 1840. Published below is the homily, given by the Archbishop of Cardiff

  • Evangelisation 2.0 Brenden Thompson

    The obligation to evangelise falls on all Christians but the methods have changed over the centuries according to the means available. The smartphone app is one tool with enormous potential

  • The Road to Character David Brooks, reviewed by Ian Brunskill

    David Brooks’ last book, The Social Animal, was subtitled “A Story of How Success Happens”. Its message was essentially that we, as individuals and as a society, spend too much time pursuing the wrong kind of success.

  • Ill-starred crew Mark Lawson

    It is generally intriguing to see lesser-known works by famous dramatists. Sir Alan Ayckbourn has written 79 plays and, inevitably, even some hits will be irregularly staged. Two rarely seen Ayckbourns have just had their first major revivals; both of them darker works from a writer most known for comedy and farce.