Latest Issue: 5 September 2015
5 September 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
  • No one separated from love of God

    With his visit to the United States not far off, a less courageous man than Pope Francis would have kept quiet concerning abortion – one of the issues that has dominated Church-state relations there for a generation.

  • Cameron forced to opt out of his opt-outs

    Trade unions do not expect to have much influence over a Conservative government. But they appear to have had a major impact on David Cameron’s strategy regarding Britain’s relations with the rest of Europe.

  • Life or death: the doctor’s dilemma Phil McCarthy

    The chief aim of doctors is to preserve life but if next week’s bill becomes law it would be legal to end life. Here a GP warns that this would cause the medical profession profound ethical dilemmas and advocates an alternative measure to enshrine a commitment to palliative care

  • The prelate and the presidents Jimmy Burns

    Pope Francis has had to learn fast how to deal with Vatican politics since he was elected in 2013. A new biography reveals how he had honed his skills in Buenos Aires dealing with presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

  • A city emerging from the blues Jason Berry

    The anniversary of the disaster that left 80 per cent of New Orleans under water has seen the city rebuilt and its economy revived. But shadows of old injustices remain

  • Hands of friendship Abigail Frymann Rouch

    As hundreds of migrants continue to make the short hop across the eastern Aegean Sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos and gain a foothold in the EU, local Christians and tourists join forces to do what they can to help

  • Opening hearts and minds Denis Blackledge

    Deepening a parish’s spirituality can be done in many ways. In one Jesuit church, small prayer groups were the groundwork, preparing the community for mission

  • Why can’t we just live together? Sarah Hayes

    Community is something that modern life keeps at arm’s length. Even in overcrowded cities, we live in small, separate units and we relish our privacy. In simpler times, when community life and sharing accommodation was an economic necessity, people were considered odd if they left their towns or villages, or even if they lived alone.

  • Foxy in the forest Robert Thicknesse

    Opera died with Puccini, people used to say – and it is certainly true that the great river of populist Italian works that had flowed for 300-odd years dried up suddenly with Puccini’s final works, Il Trittico of 1918 and Turandot, in 1924. Classical music was fragmenting – slipping from popular consciousness, never to return.