Latest Issue: 18 October 2014
18 October 2014
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Tablet Lecture 2014
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  • We have division: now find the unity

    True to its name, the synod of bishops in Rome has been extraordinary. By this weekend, the meeting of senior church leaders in Rome will be reaching its end, but whatever happens, things can never be the same. What has been said cannot be unsaid.

  • On the edge of meltdown

    Industrial action by staff in the National Health Service this week sends two stark warning messages to the Government. The first concerns low pay. Even with inflation falling, wage rates have not kept pace and large swathes ...

  • Battle lines drawn Christopher Lamb

    This week produced the clearest evidence yet that the Synod Fathers are sharply divided between those who are supporting Pope Francis in his efforts to present a more pastoral vision of the Church and those determined first and foremost to emphasise its moral teaching

  • ‘Tectonic plates are shifting’

    At the end of a tumultuous week, we asked an international panel of six Catholics – with a wide range of backgrounds, experience and opinions – to reflect on some of the issues and disagreements that have emerged in Rome

  • Till misunderstanding do us part Austen Ivereigh

    Last year, Pope Francis suggested that half of all marriages are invalid. His reasoning was that Catholics often fail truly to grasp what marriage is, and it is in this context that the Synod Fathers are contemplating easier access to annulments

  • Peace without walls Vicky Cosstick

    Political leaders have pledged to bring down the ‘peace walls’ dividing Catholics and Protestants that still scar Belfast, but it is a slow process and some are still fearful of the prospect

  • Food for the hungry James Cronin

    In his first homily as Pope, Francis warned the Church against the danger of becoming a sort of NGO. World Mission Sunday tomorrow is a good moment to remember what we offer along with material aid

  • The Jesuits: a history from Ignatius to the present John W. O’Malley SJ, reviewed by Hilmar M. Pabel

    This year marks the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus. In 1773, under intense pressure from Catholic European monarchs, Pope Clement XIV suppressed the prestigious but also much maligned religious order “for the peace and tranquillity of the Church”.

  • Out of the shadows Joanna Moorhead

    His work is little known outside his native Italy. But an exhibition opening next week suggests Moroni is one of the great artists of the Counter Reformation