Latest Issue: 30 May 2015
30 May 2015
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Literary Festival
175th Anniversary Events
175th Anniversary Events
  • Ireland turns its back on Bishops

    By a large majority, the people of Ireland have voted to allow the legal recognition of marriage between same-sex partners. This is a blow to the institutional Catholic Church, which fought tooth and nail to preserve the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

  • To save United Kingdom, stay in EU

    There were several measures outlined in this week’s Queen’s Speech, such as a promised increase in house building, which may improve the quality of life of hard-pressed sections of the population. But a sword of Damocles continues to hang over the poorest, in the form of the still unspecified cuts to the welfare budget.

  • Sound advice Hilary Lagden

    Those who do not suffer from deafness find it hard to imagine the isolation associated with being excluded from the audible world, especially from conversations. ‘Deaf awareness’ is an obligation on all of us

  • Elizabeth I and Her Circle Susan Doran, reviewed by Peter Marshall

    Politics has always been about personalities. Historians tried to persuade us that the key development of the sixteenth century was the triumph of institutions, and a move away from “medieval” informality. Geoffrey Elton detected a “Tudor revolution in government”; others charted the “rise of Parliament”.

  • Martyrs all Robert Thicknesse

    At first sight, martyrdom feels an unlikely subject for opera; it is far too profane and fleshly a medium for that. But it is also the most fatal of art forms, full of people dying for their beliefs, willing to suffer every last torment rather than compromise their integrity.