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2 August 2014
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  • Churches must take a share of the blame

    Church services are being held all over Europe to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War. For instance, each of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales has pledged himself to say a Requiem Mass for the souls of the departed and for peace, to mark this and other key anniversaries of the four-year conflict.

  • There can be no victory without justice

    Israeli action in Gaza, however justified at the outset, has crossed the line and is proving intolerable to the international community. The death toll of innocent lives, many of them children, cannot be explained or excused. The fact that Hamas’ conduct – firing rockets towards Israeli towns and infiltrating individual terrorists into Israeli territory through tunnels – is outrageous, immoral and appalling, cannot justify Israel acting likewise.

  • Our best weapons are words Ivor Roberts

    One hundred years ago this week, diplomacy failed and the world descended into war. Outrage at recent events in Gaza and Ukraine may be justified, but although the risks of failure are high we must not abandon diplomatic efforts to find lasting solutions in the world’s trouble spots

  • With God at their side Oliver Rafferty

    In 1914 the British Government was slow to recognise the importance for Catholic soldiers of having a chaplain alongside them. Once the issue was addressed, the courage of the men and their priests was greatly admired

  • Their enemy’s enemy Antoine de Tarlé

    The French Government and the Catholic Church have condemned the anti-Semitic demonstrations which have targeted Jewish shops and synagogues in recent weeks. Here a commentator says the latest protests have had the effect of bringing together once mortal enemies

  • Pauline conversation Kevin McDonald

    Fifty years ago next week, Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical letter Ecclesiam Suam, a groundbreaking document that changed the way the Church understood itself. No longer simply wagging a finger at the modern world, the Church began to enter into dialogue with it

  • Before the wedding Marguerite Horner

    Matrimonial promises are sacred and profound, and couples making them quite naturally wish to explore all aspects of the commitment they are making. Here we compare two approaches to marriage preparation

  • The Devil: a new biography Philip C. Almond, reviewed by Peter stanford

    It’s the “new” bit in the subtitle that caught my eye. I confess to a slight hurt, as when I offer to lend my teenage son a treasured jacket and he groans, “Oh, Dad, that’s so last century.” Some 18 years ago, I wrote my own biography of the Devil, and of course thought it very new at the time.

  • Music for the workers Rick Jones

    Attention focused on the ­proletariat during the twentieth century after Karl Marx’s call to unite. Previous eras had ignored the workers. The Henry Wood Orchestra was established in 1895 to entertain Londoners too poor for a holiday, and became the Proms.