Latest Issue: 3 October 2015
3 October 2015
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  • Empowering women empowers us all

    The language that Pope Francis used to describe women Religious during his visit to the United States last week was very welcome. They are “women of strength, fighters, with that spirit of courage that puts you in the front line”, he told them during Vespers at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

  • Build homes, support families

    Generation Rent is a term coined in the past decade to describe young people in Britain stuck renting their home, unable to afford to buy a house or flat. Three years ago, the respected think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation predicted that by 2020, around a million 18 to 30 year olds...

  • Where do we go from here? Massimo Faggioli

    Tomorrow sees the re-convening of bishops in Rome to consider marriage, divorce and sexuality. Last year’s meeting brought bitter disagreements out into the open and the rows have continued to simmer ever since

  • Breaking rules, finding grace

    Most of the voices heard at the Synod will be male. These personal stories of faithful women wrestling with the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family show how much is being missed

  • The Word made fresh Christopher Lamb

    It was the Pope’s pastoral gestures to the sick, the poor and the homeless that will live long in the memories of Americans when they recall his visit to their shores. But he also delivered challenges to the Church, the country and the world

  • Subtle art of friendly persuasion Ivor Roberts

    Before his US visit, perceptions of Pope Francis on Capitol Hill were by no means universally positive, with many on the right suspicious of his stance on climate change and capitalism. As it turned out, the success of the trip owed much to his gift for diplomacy

  • What good are we? Nicholas Henshall

    From his first sermons to his final discourse, Jesus taught us that ministry to the marginalised and the lost is the first priority of the Christian community. Our response to those in need is a key measure of our faith

  • 1606: William Shakespeare and the year of Lear James Shapiro, reviewed by Clare Asquith

    In 2005 James Shapiro’s 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare broke fresh ground in Shakespeare studies: a major feat, given the huge annual volume of new publications on Shakespeare. Shapiro’s new angle is to devote an entire book not just to the works of a single year in Shakespeare’s life,

  • Art for politics’ sake Laura Gascoigne

    It is official: Burlington House is very solidly built. Before the Royal Academy’s latest exhibition, a structural engineer was brought in to assess whether the eighteenth-century Palladian mansion’s first-floor galleries would support a weight of 90 tons. He decided they could.