Latest Issue: 12 April 2014
12 April 2014
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Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
  • United against appalling evil

    There has never been anything quite like the collaboration now taking shape between the British Government and the police on the one hand and the Catholic Church on the other, to fight that most odious of modern evils, people trafficking.

  • Dishonour among MPs

    Issues surrounding the resignation of Maria Miller as Culture Secretary go to the heart of the modern political crisis. It is a crisis of confidence and of credibility: confidence because people – not just in Britain but all over the world – have more or less stopped trusting politicians as a breed,

  • Prevent, rescue, support Bernard Hogan-Howe

    The Metropolitan Police commissioner this week attended a Vatican conference on human trafficking chaired by Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Here, the commissioner sets out his hopes for London to become a centre of good practice for the prevention of the crime and the care of victims

  • Food for the journey Liam G. Walsh

    The exclusion of divorced and remarried Catholics from Communion has distressed many of them and been at the centre of recent debate about their pastoral care. Here, in the week commemorating the Last Supper, a leading Aquinan theologian looks at the theology of St Thomas and his understanding of God’s forgiveness which always impels people towards Communion

  • Thinking the unthinkable Karen Kilby

    Like Auschwitz or the killing fields of Cambodia, today’s memorials in Rwanda to the almost unimaginable horrors of the genocide there 20 years ago are testimony to those who died – a reminder of an unintelligible evil we must confront

  • Stand up for moderation Linda Woodhead

    Vocal minorities get more attention in the media than they deserve by drowning out religious moderates. The most recent event in a series of public debates examined this thorny problem

  • Two kinds of acting Daniel McCarthy

    When we participate in the Easter liturgies, our sense of the drama of the events commemorated is particularly acute. But this is why we must recall we are taking part not in drama, but in liturgy – and to understand the difference

  • Station to station Laura Gascoigne

    Manchester’s Passion Art Trail is a unique Way of the Cross, conceived by its curator to make vivid the possibility of redemption amid the distractions of modern urban living