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27 September 2014
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Tablet Lecture 2014
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The Tablet archive
  • A clear case for UK air strikes

    World leaders gathered in New York this week had to face two serious challenges to the well-being of the people of this planet, especially its poorest and most disadvantaged members – climate change, and jihadist terrorism in the name of Islam.

  • Action on climate a priority for all faiths

    Climate change often means less rainfall. Less rainfall often means crop failure. And that is when people starve. This was the warning given by Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth, chairman of the Kenya bishops’ conference’s Justice and Peace commission,...

  • Tide of suffering in an unholy war Jan De Volder

    As the Islamist group Boko Haram is said to be surrounding the city of Maiduguri in the latest stage of its campaign of violence against Christians and Muslims alike, an expert on the country considers why the authorities are powerless to halt its progress

  • Auld acquaintance may be forgot John Haldane

    The SNP leader Alex Salmond won the admiration of the Catholic bishops but a respected commentator predicts that the Church’s relationship with his party may now turn sour

  • Wraparound care Liz Dodd

    The Catholic charity Depaul UK aims to recreate a sense of family life for the thousands of homeless young people who pass through its care. Now, as it marks its twenty-fifth anniversary, the organisation is embarking on an ambitious expansion of its services

  • Love shaped and grounded in faith Margaret A. Farley

    The Catholic Church is steadfast in its opposition to same sex unions but in the fourth of our series looking ahead to next month’s Synod on the Family, a theologian claims there is no good reason to confine marriage to heterosexual couples

  • For the good of all the earth Ellen Teague

    Harvest time in the northern hemisphere has evolved with the backing of ecology-minded Christians into ‘Creation Time’, when activities can serve to remind us of our year-round environmental responsibilities

  • Victoria: a life A.N. Wilson, reviewed by Roy Hattersley

    Queen Victoria is one of the figures from British history about whom most people know something but few people know very much. She has come to personify what is popularly regarded as a golden age of imperial glory and economic supremacy.

  • Ulster says ‘yes’ Robert Thicknesse

    A schoolboy has a scary dream, gets attacked by a snake, is sent on a mystic mission to defeat evil and rescue a kidnapped girl, and in a startling Patty Hearst moment ends up joining the smug Masonic outfit behind the kidnapping, and marrying the girl in a ceremony organised by them …