Latest Issue: 21 November 2015
21 November 2015
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  • Solidarity is in very short supply

    David Cameron has drawn up a list of four demands for reform of the European Union. His presence at a summit in Malta this week to discuss the refugee crisis ought to have suggested to him a fifth, which should come first – the immediate shake-up of the EU’s response to a grave humanitarian crisis on its territory or borders.

  • If there is to be war it must be a just war

    The scale of the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend has generated a level of shock, grief and anger around the world that has not been seen since the destruction of the twin towers in New York. There is something uniquely horrifying and frightening about the deliberate and carefully planned infliction of suffering, terror and death on innocent people going about their daily lives.

  • The night that changed France – and Europe Tom Heneghan, Catherine Pepinster, John Laurenson

    The Vatican has described the atrocities of Friday 13 November as an assault on peace for all humanity. They have also caused a rethink about security, freedom and open borders

  • ‘Love is stronger than hate’ Brendan Walsh

    At the Church of Notre Dame de France off Leicester Square, a bigger congregation than usual came together last weekend to express a need far deeper than fear

  • War without end Robert Fox

    The attacks on Paris were part of a new form of warfare: continuous conflict. It must be understood if the crushing of communities and the sapping of belief in a future are to be halted

  • In God she trusts Peter Stanford

    Labour’s former Attorney General tells Peter Stanford why she wants to lead the ­Commonwealth

  • Hume: an intellectual biography James A. Harris, reviewed by Anthony Kenny

    Lytton Strachey wrote: “Had Hume died at the age of 26, his real work in the world would have been done.” When readers of James Harris’ biography reach the year 1737, Hume’s twenty seventh, they are still only at page 142 of some 600, and they have many chapters of informed and informative reading ahead of them.

  • West Sussex Story Mark Lawson

    A recurrent theme in these pages is how frequently a religious upbringing informs the creation of art, even if the artist has lapsed from faith or practice. The American musician Leonard Bernstein (1918-90) is, though, a curious instance of the workings of spiritual inspiration.