Latest Issue: 3 October 2015
3 October 2015
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Sarah Mac Donald

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  1. Hospital governor resigns over new abortion act
  2. Safeguarding watchdog praises Cloyne
  3. McKeown says diocese must ‘stop being like Tesco’
  4. Irish Church offers spiritual help to abuse victims
  5. Ireland’s buried shame
  6. Irish priests want Mass translation revised
  7. Orsy highlights a third way for remarried divorcees
  8. McAleese mocks family views of celibate men
  9. Irish denominations will train teachers together
  10. Bishop in ‘Bill of Rights’ call to Government
  11. Irish priests warn of eucharistic famine as vocations collapse
  12. Homeboy is where the heart is
  13. Cardinal urged to resign over cover-up
  14. Head of inquiry into mother-and- baby homes criticised by ACP
  15. Younger clergy made to feel uncomfortable by Francis
  16. Theologian urges CDF reform
  17. Anglican archbishop criticises Carey over assisted dying
  18. Brady submits resignation as he reaches 75
  19. Irish abortion law test case
  20. Parishes may face collapse as seminarian numbers plummet
  21. Introduction of deacons faces opposition in Irish diocese
  22. Church school established for first time in decades
  23. New primate looks to lay-led renewal of Irish Church
  24. Vincentians return ‘private’ Kennedy letters
  25. Protests force plan to ordain permanent deacons on hold
  26. Laity attacks lack of representatives at synod
  27. All Hallows on market for £11m after returning Kennedy letters
  28. Dominicans to quit four parishes due to declining numbers
  29. Diocese defends upgrade of office and residence
  30. Women’s ordination group backs banned theologian
  31. Catholic peer condemns lack of active women at family synod
  32. Lack of vocations tops bishops’ agenda
  33. Voluntary schools face ‘huge burden’
  34. Killaloe women want diaconate funds diverted to laity
  35. Irish bishops’ ‘empty gestures’ on safeguarding under fire
  36. Bishops signal shifts arising from synod
  37. Vocations crisis needs more than ‘paper pushers’
  38. Archbishop in row over Irish priest reformer
  39. Archbishop’s vision for smaller, more dynamic and lay-centred Church
  40. Burke says cohabitation and divorce not up for discussion
  41. Newly formed synod told to forget ‘unusable past’
  42. Two new bishops selected with the ‘smell of the sheep’
  43. Survey reveals Irish priests split over celibacy
  44. Northern Ireland bishops sever adoption agency links
  45. Appeal to Pope over censured priest
  46. Martin calls for debate ahead of gay marriage referendum
  47. Dogma will not solve Irish Church’s troubles
  48. Priest leader says Church likely to lose same-sex battle
  49. Martin calls for dialogue following Paris attacks
  50. ‘What is the Church doing?’
  51. Martin to attend Synod on the Family
  52. End academic selection, says archbishop
  53. Talks aim to reconcile silenced priest with Rome
  54. Martin orders review of child protection rules
  55. Opponents seek amendment to bill for same-sex parental rights
  56. Church must reach out and not just condemn, says Martin
  57. Irish Church could serve as safeguarding model
  58. Language should be used that does not offend gays, says Martin
  59. Matrimonial dispute
  60. New call for women deacons
  61. Irish schools’ guidance on other faiths
  62. More priests and bishops say English Missal translation needs overhaul
  63. Waite says ‘proceed with caution’ over papal visit to North
  64. Reformers from 40 countries gather in Ireland to discuss change
  65. Irish Church and Government clash over gay-marriage vote
  66. Nuncio’s appointments criticised
  67. ‘There is a new open space’
  68. Threat to church counselling service by vote in favour of gay marriage
  69. Civil partnerships do not go far enough, says Martin
  70. Reformers rail against creation of mega-parishes
  71. Church concern ahead of historic gay-marriage vote
  72. Clear challenge to the Church in Ireland
  73. Gay marriage vote ‘a defeat for humanity’ says Parolin
  74. Irish Church at pastoral watershed after referendum
  75. Commission to consider married priests
  76. New tribunal could investigate old abuse cases
  77. Abusive priest ordained despite concerns
  78. Amnesty condemned for ‘pro-abortion’ campaigning
  79. Pell wants laity to engage in culture wars
  80. Catholics come first at faith schools, says Martin
  81. President’s son challenges primate on care for gays
  82. Seventeen new seminarians for Maynooth
  83. Priest defends Flannery against bishops
  84. Audits reveal extent of Religious abuse
  85. Clustering ‘is not the answer to the priest shortage’
  86. Family will be at heart of Irish evangelisation drive
  87. Safeguarding watchdog praises Cloyne Diocese for abuse handling
  88. Irish Church reaches out to victims of clerical abuse
  89. Most Irish priests 'want new Missal translation revised or scrapped'
  90. Catholics and Protestants to train teachers together in Ireland
  91. Bishop warns Obama Government against redefining religion
  92. Calls for Cardinal Brady’s resignation over cover-up
  93. ‘Conformist’ younger clergy wary of Francis – Dublin archbishop
  94. Irish theologian hits out at 'theologically inept' CDF
  95. Cardinal Brady says Francis will decide when he will go, amid renewed calls for his departure
  96. Vincentian order return ‘private’ Jackie Kennedy letters
  97. Vocations crisis tops Irish bishops' agenda
  98. Peer condemns lack of women at Synod on the Family
  99. Killaloe women demand diaconate funds diverted to laity
  100. Former Irish safeguarding head attacks bishops’ ‘empty gestures’
  101. US archbishop orders priest to bar pro-reform Irish Redemptorist
  102. Ireland and Vatican restore relations after three-year break
  103. Cardinal Burke lists issues Pope should not discuss at next Synod
  104. Limerick diocese's new synod told to forget its 'unusable past'
  105. Survey reveals Irish priests split over celibacy
  106. Most Irish priests unhappy with compulsory celibacy, survey finds
  107. Dogma will not solve Irish Church’s troubles, says archbishop
  108. Opponents of adoption law say bill puts adults first
  109. Church must reach out and not just condemn, says Archbishop Martin
  110. Hopes rise for women deacons to be ordained in the Church
  111. English missal translation 'needs overhaul'
  112. Catholic reform leaders to meet in Ireland next week
  113. Reform groups rail against creation of mega-parishes
  114. Irish bishops to pay counselling costs for children of priests
  115. Church voices concerns ahead of historic gay marriage vote in Ireland
  116. Dublin to review fundraising campaign following complaints
  117. Dublin archbishop defends allocation of school places
  118. President’s son challenges Irish primate on pastoral care for gays
  119. ‘Families ministering to families’ could be new model for evangelisation in Ireland