THERE WAS A good deal of scratching and fiddling in church by guests at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as we must learn to call them.

Some things I do so that readers of The Tablet won’t have to.

I am writing these words in Orkney, overlooking Scapa Flow.

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IS THE BODY OF England’s original patron saint buried under a tennis court? I rather think it is, after reading Francis Young’s account in Edmund: In Search of England’s Lost King.

I heard a story about Pope Francis recently. One of his wing men was reading the draft of his encyclical Laudato si’.

IT’S ALWAYS poignant when a church of any denomination gets converted to secular use but in the case of L’Oscar Hotel, which opens this month off Holborn in London, it’s the conversion of the headquarters of the Baptist Union, plus chapel, to a perfectly lovely boutique hotel.

Recently, Australia has been through a series of sporting dramas: the cricket ball-tampering debacle; our highest paid rugby player embroiled in a row after declaring that gay people are going to hell; and the Commonwealth Games, held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, last month.

I DETECT A STRAIN of opinion that looks down on common folk for rejoicing at the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son.

I haven’t seen the new film about Mary Magdalene (reviewed in The Tablet on 17 March), but I have read quite a lot about it and, frankly, I find the whole thing bizarre

SOCIAL LIBERALISM IS a funny thing; just like that, it can flip into social intolerance.

A few days before Easter, the Government published a largely unnoticed document laying out how, in future, it would approach the taking of foreign, defence and aid decisions, including the deployment of UK armed forces in action.

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