The French cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, one of the Church’s foremost interlocutors with Islam, dies aged 75

Last week, the first part of a Tablet investigation looking at women working in senior positions in the Church in England and Wales suggested the picture was largely positive. But as we see in part two, the experiences of women in lay pastoral ministry are of greater concern

This week police in the UK launched a murder inquiry into the death of a woman exposed to the Russian nerve agent Novichok. But in Moscow all the talk was about how the triumph of the World Cup organisation could affect the country’s reputation abroad and its people at home

The latest statement exploring dialogue urges the Churches to learn from their structural differences – the Catholic sense of global unity, the Anglican emphasis on local autonomy

After the resignations of two senior cabinet ministers within 24 hours, an ever weaker Theresa May has a matter of months to finalise negotiations with the EU before the UK leaves Europe. It might not be the end of civilisation just yet, but there are some alarming precedents

His paintings fetch five figures in Mayfair. But, as this Catholic scion tells Peter Stanford, while his pictures are poised, he is all too aware of human imperfections

Postcard from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

11 July 2018 | by N. O’Phile

Trappist tipples

‘The Scriptures may favour wine … but beer is a much neglected theological symbol’

Inaction by the silent majority in the face of global warming remains the biggest threat to the wellbeing of the earth, its creatures and its vulnerable communities

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There is nothing inevitable about the sectarian conflicts that disfigure today’s Islam, argues an eminent Arabist as he considers the roots of the great Muslim schism

Pope Francis travels to the Italian town of Bari today to pray for peace in the Middle East with the heads of other Christian Churches. The ecumenical gathering comes at a time when relations between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are at a particularly sensitive point

Is Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a far-left ideologue in the mould of Hugo Chávez? Or is he a pragmatist who can confront years of corruption and violence?

While the Catholic priesthood remains a male bastion, the role of women in the day-to-day running of the Church and in its pastoral work is increasingly important. In the first of a two-part investigation, we examine the experience of women employed in senior positions by the Church

A cherry can be deemed ‘too sweet’, or ‘the wrong shade of red’. The supermarkets put shelf-life first

I’ll admit it – as I write these words, I’m watching the FIFA World Cup.

The President’s claims to have evolved from “pro-choice” to “pro-life” has raised hopes of a change in the US Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs Wade. But in spite of this week’s announcement of the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, these hopes are probably exaggerated

In the politically complex and sometimes treacherous corridors of the Roman Curia, a path both surefooted and loyal can be difficult to follow. One who has managed to do so is long-standing ‘sostituto’ Angelo Becciu, now made cardinal and prefect

When an English liberal on a round-the-world cycling tour pitched her tent in the garden of Trump-voting, white evangelical Christians, something unexpected happened

The relationship between British Jews and the State of Israel has always been complicated and, for some, ambivalent. Recent events, such as the killing of 62 Palestinian protesters in Gaza, have highlighted the differences within the community as never before


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