Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos was an energetic and fearless pastor, and polyglot traditionalist pillar of the South American Church who was sharply criticised for condoning the shielding of a paedophile priest

The Brexiteer touted as a Tory leadership contender talks about his Catholic convictions and how he reconciles his faith with his politics

As we age, or as our health deteriorates, we can make plans for what treatments we would wish to avoid or where we would like to be cared for. As a palliative medicine pioneer explains, it’s often a surprise to patients and families that a frank discussion of dying can feel so helpful

Naming cardinals is the closest thing a Pope has to succession planning.

An exploration of the strange story of the dog that was venerated for saving a baby leads us into a complex world of medieval cults and rituals, which the Church struggled to confront

Despite modifications to canon law, the Church still rejects candidates for the priesthood if they are physically impaired. Is this a clue to a deeper unease within the Catholic community when it comes to disability and mental illness?

“True demonic possession is rare, thank God,” says Fr John Abberton, and as the official exorcist for the Diocese of Leeds, he should know.

Secchi was subject to no shortage of slander, and English translations of his most important works were suppressed

I was reading by the garden pond when a red flash caught my eye.

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Next Friday the future shape of the abortion laws in Ireland will be decided. Yet one in five citizens has not made up their mind how to vote, and the result could still go either way.

The fact that the hopes of the bishops and the CES have been dashed with Hinds’ decision not to abolish the cap should give the Catholic community pause for thought. Is there now a real threat to the future of state-funded Catholic schools?

The shadow at the party celebrating the birthday of the state of Israel this week was the fate of the 700,000 Palestinians who left their land in 1948. Were they forced to flee or not?

Many northern cities and regions now have elected mayors but not Yorkshire. Divisions within the old county have meant that disagreement reigns between its major conurbations. But that could be about to change

Since 1978 the National Justice and Peace Network has been pricking the Catholic conscience and campaigning on awkward social issues. Its members regard Pope Francis as a ‘soulmate’, but there remains a feeling that to many in the hierarchy social action is not a priority

16 May 2018

Glimpses of Eden

Pleasures of the warm spell

Darren Moore’s a born-again Christian, which was often difficult to square with the physicality of his game

What local bishops have called a ‘growing genocide’ has left hundreds dead and thousands of refugees struggling to survive in appalling conditions in Cameroon

The celebrated writer tells Peter Stanford that the Catholic Church ‘behaved wonderfully’ when she left her husband for the married playwright, Harold Pinter

General Alfredo Stroessner rigged the ballots to stay in power for nearly 35 years. Three decades on from his rule, little has changed in this small South American country

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