USA: a country divided Premium

19 January 2017 | by Michael Sean Winters
The world is waiting to see how much of the new US President’s rhetoric will be turned into action. There is concern in Catholic social justice circles about his stance on immigration, health care and climate change. Here, Tablet writers consider the prospects for the American economy, relations with Russia, and Donald Trump’s pledge to tighten the abortion laws. Firstly, how is the Church squaring up to the challenges ahead?

Chemistry and the Cold War Premium

19 January 2017 | by Mary Dejevsky
If the new president can establish a personal rapport with Vladimir Putin, we could see a new era in international relations and a pan-European security system

Jobs for the boys Premium

19 January 2017 | by William Keegan
Trump’s tax policies will make his rich friends richer, but they are not likely to bring back jobs for the working classes, as he promised during the election campaign

Birth of a notion Premium

19 January 2017 | by Leonie Caldecott
The president’s somersaults on abortion policy have divided campaigners

Beyond the founding father Premium

19 January 2017 | by Jack Valer
This weekend, members of one of the most vibrant and controversial movements in the Church will meet in Rome to choose a new leader. As the first prelate not to have close personal links with the organisation’s founder, he can be expected to usher in a change of direction

Few friends in the North Premium

19 January 2017 | by Vicky Cosstick
The Northern Ireland Assembly is to be suspended on 26 January and an election will be held on 2 March, following a breakdown of trust between the DUP and Sinn Fein

Trumped up Premium

19 January 2017 | by John Morrish
Mystery surrounds the exact timing, but at some point, possibly as late as the turn of the twentieth century, the forebears of the President of the United States dropped their German name, Drumpf, and became the Trumps.

A row over the sacking and suspension of the Grand Chancellor of Catholicism’s most venerable chivalric order is ballooning into a full-scale battle with the Vatican

The Church is urging a radical reliance on active non-violence to bring peace to this perennially war-torn country. They have the trust of the people, but will their leaders listen?

An unprecedented number of religious leaders will be participating in the inauguration ceremonies for President-elect Donald Trump in Washington DC next Friday. But who are they – and why have they agreed to take part?

John Buchan was the author of some of the most successful “rattling good yarns” ever published. But, as his granddaughter recalls, both the man and his stories are marked by moral seriousness and purpose

Bubble boom Premium

12 January 2017 | by N. O’Phile
If a glass of festive fizz was your preferred tipple to see in the New Year, the likelihood is that the bubbles were the product of north-eastern Italy rather than northern France.

Looking back at 2016: The West needs a new perspective Premium

04 January 2017 | by Peter Frankopan
With China launching its first ‘Silk Road’ direct rail-freight service to the UK, it is time we ditched our lopsided view of the past in order to make sense of what is going on around us

The opposition to the attempts by Pope Francis to reinvigorate the reforms that the Second Vatican Council initiated does not come from outside the Church but from some of those closest to him

No more secrets Premium

04 January 2017 | by Chris Maunder
This year, Pope Francis will visit Fátima in Portugal, where 100 years ago, Mary appeared to three shepherd children. Chris Maunder explains why such events are unlikely to occur in the same way again

Delivering Brexit while keeping the economy on course and fighting off Ukip will absorb Westminster politicians

‘The Church sleeps on’ Premium

04 January 2017 | by Anthony Egan SJ
The ‘rainbow nation’ is becoming increasingly corrupt and divided, but there seems little prospect of the Churches making a concerted challenge to the state’s mismanagement

‘The American nightmare’ Premium

04 January 2017 | by Michael Sean Winters
As Donald Trump prepares to take over as president, fears of deportation and expulsion haunt immigrant communities and their parishes across the country

‘Tolerance is increasingly threatened’ Premium

04 January 2017 | by Benedict Rogers
One of the world’s most ethnically and religiously diverse regions is being jeopardised by the forces of radical Islam

Some 6,000 people, including children, have died in the first six months of the president’s merciless war on drugs. Is the Church doing enough to stop the extrajudicial killings?

For most New Year revellers nursing a heavy head, the hangover will be enough to put them off booze – at least for a while. But for those ensnared by drink, one of the few ways out of the morass is via the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – a programme that mirrors much Catholic teaching

Beginning with our hearts Premium

04 January 2017 | by Daniel O’Leary
As a new year begins, Daniel O’Leary reminds us that we have a beautiful story to share as a blessing for those who feel overwhelmed by anxiety.

Named and famed Premium

04 January 2017 | by Rose Prince
The zenith of a food producer’s success is a name, a tag that will be recognised all over the world. Parma is synonymous with ham; Chablis with white wine; Melton Mowbray, pork pies; Roquefort, blue cheese; Puy, lentils; Bresse, chickens – to name but a few, and thanks to EU-backed certification, the people who make these foods or drinks are now well established.

Q&A with Hans Zollner SJ Premium

02 January 2017 | by Christopher Lamb
The director of the Centre for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University speaks to our Rome Correspondent about the challenges of implementing a global safeguarding policy for minors within the Church...

Eight months ago, the Pope made the bold, practical gesture of inviting a dozen Syrian refugees stranded on Lesbos back to Rome. Here they describe their new world...

A practical guide to helping refugees in your area Premium

15 December 2016 | by Barbara Wilson
A practical guide for those wishing to help refugees settle in their area

Bright light in the bleak midwinter, an extract Premium

15 December 2016 | by Madeleine Bunting
It heralds Christmas and banishes the darkness for body, mind and soul, it represents truth and hope, and without it we are clumsy awkward creatures. It is the key to life

Hail Mary, mother for us all Premium

15 December 2016 | by Sally Read
She is the Madonna of the Streets, the Madonna of the Refugees, the Madonna of the Ghetto. But she is also Our Lady of Carmel, Knock and Walsingham, not to mention Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima. She is in short our maternal guide from the trials of Earth to the everlasting happiness of Heaven

Five months on from the death of Father Hamel Premium

15 December 2016 | by Benoit Lannoo
The small Catholic community in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray is learning to live again, after the brutal murder by jihadists of their priest during Mass in July

Spiritual director Premium

15 December 2016 | by Anthony Quinn
Themes of guilt and redemption run through the work of Martin Scorsese. His latest movie, about Jesuit missionaries in medieval China, focuses on the testing of faith

Voices that raise the roof of St Peter’s Premium

15 December 2016 | by Mark Spyropoulos
Two years ago, the first Englishman to join the Sistine Chapel Choir took his place among its choristers in Rome. Here the baritone describes the life of the choir as they prepare with the Pope to celebrate Advent and Christmas

Call that may yet be silenced Premium

15 December 2016 | by Michael McCarthy
The robin may be the obvious Christmas bird but the turtle dove has its claim too. As we sing of them again, we should take time to think of how endangered they now are in the UK

Ethos man Premium

15 December 2016 | by Peter Stanford
Catholic schools must be inclusive if they are to grow, the outgoing chief inspector of schools tells Peter Stanford

Advent meditation / Finding the real Mary Premium

15 December 2016 | by Sr Patricia Rumsey
In the fourth week of Advent, Sr Patricia Rumsey reflects on the person at the centre of this period of waiting and preparation: Mary, the mother of Jesus

Learning to see Premium

15 December 2016 | by Timothy Radcliffe
More than ever before the message of Christmas for the former Master of the Dominicans is about Christ sharing the precariousness of human existence. He records his coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis and what it taught him about mortality – and patience

Paul and the Monk Premium

15 December 2016 | by Clare Palmer
On Christmas Eve Harriet’s father always insisted on listening to the Nine Lessons and Carols on the radio. This gave him a good reason to disappear into his study as he had done most days in the past year since her mother died, closing off the rest of the world and shouting at anyone who disturbed him.

Excess demand Premium

15 December 2016 | by Guy Consolmagno
The day after the feast of St Nicholas, I arrived in the Netherlands for a series of faith and science talks. My hosts had put me up in a marvellously trendy hotel.

Echevarría, who has died in Rome of pneumonia at the age of 84, travelled to every continent during his tenure as prelate to vigorously support the evangelising work carried out by the faithful and the members of Catholic group Opus Dei...

A milestone birthday is approaching for Pope Francis. The focus of his pontificate has been that other milestone – the Second Vatican Council – and implementing its key principles

Pope Francis is due to visit Ireland in 2018. But what happened on his previous stay there?

As the US president-elect embarks on a ‘thank you’ tour of swing states, our correspondent takes a journey through some of the ‘forgotten’ communities that backed Trump

Ecumenical ties: A unique journey to the Holy Land Premium

08 December 2016 | by Bernard Longley and John Inge
A journey together to the Holy Land enabled Catholics and Anglicans to focus on what unites them as Christians as well as what still divides them

Working together Premium

08 December 2016 | by Liz Dodd
In 2013 Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, leaving 6,000 people dead and five million homeless. Three years later, money donated by Catholics in England and Wales is helping the resilient local women to rebuild their lives and livelihoods

Advent meditation / A choice of messages Premium

08 December 2016 | by Sr Patricia Rumsey
In the third week of Advent, Sr Patricia Rumsey reflects on the contrast between the warnings of God’s vengeance by John the Baptist and the warm welcome of a loving, merciful Father described by Jesus

Power of three Premium

08 December 2016 | by N. O’Phile
Patrick Leigh Fermor reports an innkeeper in Romania telling him that the hendiatris, “Wine, women and song”, was coined by Martin Luther, in his post-Brexit phase.

Catholic priests are feeling under pressure, and increasing numbers are suffering from depression and anxiety. But support for clergy with mental-health problems is patchy and piecemeal

It is lazy to dismiss Fidel Castro as either a brutal dictator or a romantic liberator. Without the US blockade, he might have remained an authoritarian ruler but a friend of the Church

Cuba: a contradictory culture Premium

01 December 2016 | by Clare Dixon
A regular visitor over 35 years finds a people ever ready with complaints but also full of pride in their achievements; of devout Catholics and convinced communists

Pilgrims who set out to follow the extensive journeys across Spain of this remarkable saint, mystic and reformer are discovering the legacy of a dogged, enterprising woman

The Zimbabwean government’s takeover of white-owned farms was brutal and lawless. Now one family driven from their home by the President’s men is urging victims to speak out

Advent meditation / All things most holy Premium

01 December 2016 | by Sr Patricia Rumsey
In the second week of Advent, Sr Patricia Rumsey reflects on the tension between the early Christian disdain for ‘temples and altars’ and the reverence we still have for ‘holy places’

Custom made Premium

01 December 2016 | by Rose Prince
Most of our traditional Christmas dishes have remained unchanged for at least a century, roast turkey being the most recent innovation, introduced by the Victorians. In the twenty-first century, however, deviations to seasonal food customs are happening at an alarming rate, arguably more to benefit retailers than consumers.

Spreading the word Premium

24 November 2016 | by Christopher Lamb
Christopher Lamb talks to one of the men Francis has chosen to help build a more pastoral Church

The dying of the light Premium

24 November 2016 | by Michael Walsh
A conference being held today at Heythrop College reflects on Jesuit education and its vision, just as the Society of Jesus is looking to close its own intellectual powerhouse. That loss comes at a time when the Catholic Church in Britain needs its intellectual input more than ever

A saint in the desert Premium

24 November 2016 | by Simon Scott Plummer
He died alone in Algeria 100 years ago, but as an evangelist, Blessed Charles de Foucauld set a contemplative example that was to inspire a flourishing movement of today

Advent meditation / Lost in translation Premium

24 November 2016 | by Sr Patricia Rumsey
During the coming weeks of Advent, Sr Patricia Rumsey will examine some of the great scriptural texts which the lectionary puts before us during the season. She begins with the Book of Isaiah

Small chink of light Premium

24 November 2016 | by Ivor Roberts
There is widespread apprehension in Western governments at the potential policies of President-elect Trump, particularly in relation to global organisations such as the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and Nato. But he might have a beneficial impact on Vladimir Putin

The impact of asteroids Premium

24 November 2016 | by Guy Consolmagno
When I first arrived at the Vatican Observatory, I decided to take advantage of its extensive meteorite collection by doing a systematic measurement of meteorite densities.

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