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Can politicians do God? Premium

22 June 2017
Tim Farron’s judgement that it is impossible to be both Christian and a member of a modern progressive political party, raises important questions for religious believers.

Faith in young people Premium

22 June 2017
Labour’s unexpected resurgence in the general election was largely dependent on Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to young people. We need to follow his example.

Islam: rethinking our strategy Premium

14 June 2017
James Fergusson is right to conclude that rethinking our entire counter-extremism strategy must include combating the underlying theology of “extremist Islamism” (“The tangled roots of a culture of fear”, 10 June). It cannot be ignored.

The hidden cost of boarding school Premium

14 June 2017
In her response to Nicholas Tucker’s review of Alex Renton’s new book, Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes and the Schooling of a Ruling Class (Books, 27 May), Susan Rollins is right to warn against making generalisations (Letters, 10 June).

Catholics and capitalism Premium

07 June 2017
I find it surprising that Carmody Grey argues that capitalism has made it difficult for it to sink in that we are all members of one body in the Church (Column, 3 June).

Future of Heythrop Library Premium

07 June 2017
Like Heythrop College’s former librarian, Michael Walsh (Letters, 27 May), I have a personal interest in knowing what will become of its archives.

Spirit of Manchester Premium

31 May 2017
Spirit of Manchester Liberation theology taught us that sin has structural roots. If we are all Manchester, and we are (“We’re in it together in this town”, 27 May), we are also all implicated in a world in which a 22-year-old makes desperate and wretchedly misguided choices.

Faith in Scotland Premium

31 May 2017
Sir Tom Devine is Scotland’s greatest living historian and a “national treasure”, but I must take issue with him over his article, “Nationalists keep the faith” (20 May).

Recovering our lost voice Premium

25 May 2017
Tim Gillett (Letters, 20 May) provokes a weary sigh of recognition, as he describes an all-too-common experience of congregations no longer singing. Some would say Catholics lost their voices quite some time ago. However, he is not being very fair on the parish he criticises. The church may well have been packed, but First Communicants bring along family and friends who are not regular church-goers and may not be Catholics at all, so are unlikely to know many of the hymns.

Heythrop's library Premium

24 May 2017

Validity of orders, Corbyn and defence, Priestly shortage, Michael Knowles raises a vital issue on the acute shortage of priests, Losing our voice, Gibberd’s way, At home with Father, Yellowhammer call.

Judaism in religious education Premium

18 May 2017
Judaism in religious education The Catholic Bishops may have been mistakenly advised in recommending Judaism rather than Islam as the second religion to be studied at GCSE in Catholic schools. I was somewhat nonplussed by Philip Robinson’s article because it concentrated exclusively on “head” knowledge. I would describe the purpose of RE as helping young people to encounter Christ on the level of the heart.

As an annual gathering of clergy from all over the country who meet to reflect on our experience of ministry, we were very impressed by your editorial (“End the war on welfare”, 29 April) as it chimed so strongly with our experience.

Professor Nicholas Boyle provided an indulgent review of James Hawes’ The Shortest History of Germany (“The good Germans”, Books, 29 April). It is unacceptable to stigmatise Prussia and, especially, Protestantism as “the two demonic forces” that led Germany into disaster.

Damian Howard’s excellent attempt to unravel “the tangled roots of violence” feeding atrocities perpetrated in the name of religion, in particular Islam, (“The Pope in Egypt”, 29 April) arrives at a frustrating conclusion: violence as a form of evil “has no cause”.

Your editorial (“End the war on welfare”, 29 April) is a stark challenge for the Churches to wake from their slumber and be more proactive in defending the rights of the poor and homeless in the run- up to the general election.

Church of a thousand oil drums Premium

27 April 2017
I was delighted to see that The Tablet featured an article about St Mary’s Church in Dubai given that it is one of the most established and treasured Catholic churches in the Arabian peninsula (“Catholicism in the Gulf”, 22 April).

Your editorial on the upcoming general election (“Prime Minister May puts herself to the test”, 22 April) claims the challenges “undoubtedly favour democracy itself … an election should pull things together”.

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