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English is the new Latin Premium

16 February 2017
The problem the Vatican has with the translation of the Mass from Latin into English is that English, now an important global language, is the new Latin.

Your editorial on the housing crisis (11 February) echoes conventional political wisdom: that only supply shortages are to blame – not regional policy and distortions from UK taxation.

Why bother with Latin? Premium

09 February 2017
I cannot understand why, in the third millennium, Latin should be the arbiter for determining translations into other languages. If the theology of the Mass can be explained catechetically in any language, why not compose authentic liturgy using vernacular language from the outset?

Congratulations to Peter Marshall (Books, 4 February) on an engaging and thought-provoking review of Luther’s Jews: A Journey into Anti-Semitism, by Thomas Kaufmann.

Too many own goals Premium

01 February 2017
I congratulate you on your editorial “Reclaim the laity before it’s too late” (28 January). The parallels between Martin Luther and the modern Church should ring alarm bells. Pope Francis asked the Irish bishops to become goalkeepers in the game of being Church in our time.

Matthew Quinn’s letter (21 January) should set alarm bells going, because unless the issues he raises are addressed, prospects for our Catholic schools look uncertain. Our schools have always been reliant on headteachers and staff with a profound sense of calling to the education of the children.

Renewed Church struggles to be born Premium

25 January 2017
Parishes are hearing a lot about evangelisation and I would like to know how the laity are supposed to move forward and evangelise the young who have lapsed (and, indeed, adults too) when our bishops will not listen to us or take on board ideas and plans for the future of today’s Church.

Brave priest censured by the Vatican Premium

19 January 2017
The treatment of Fr Tony Flannery by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is scandalous and there is an urgent need for Pope Francis to step in and immediately restore a good man to his rightful position as a caring, devoted pastor.

Speak to any headteacher and the phrase “recruitment crisis” is never far from their lips (Lauren Nicholson-Ward, 14 January).

Separate tables Premium

12 January 2017
As an ecumenist who served for ten years as senior RC teacher at a joint Roman Catholic and Church of England London secondary school I was saddened to read Fr Gabriel Daly’s attack on Catholic curial authorities for upholding teaching on the Eucharist (Letters, 7 January).

Four cardinals have presented Pope Francis with a “dubium” about his teaching on the law in Amoris Laetitia and he has not responded.

Separate tables Premium

04 January 2017
Two events of ecumenical significance took place recently; one was the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Rome; the other was the pilgrimage of a group of Anglicans and Roman Catholics to the Holy Land (“Held as one by the Spirit”, 10 December)

The demand by four cardinals for clarification of the Church’s law, and the Pope’s silence in response, bring to light two radically different conceptions of the relation of law to right.

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