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The Church and the workers

14 December 2017
Topic of the week

The most serious lapse in the 2011 Roman Missal has been neglected in your recent discussion.

Topic of the week

Inept language I have been reading The Tablet for decades, and I can’t think of one single issue which has produced more negative comments than the rotten “new” Missal translation and the failure of the hierarchy to respond to the problem.

I now know for certain what I have long suspected: the bishops of England and Wales do not care about the liturgical needs of British Catholics. Your editorial of 25 November spells out what they could have done in response to the instruction from the Congregation for Divine Worship about the liturgy in English.

Just before the recent meeting of the Bishops’ Conference of the United States, the Papal Nuncio to Washington gave a lecture at the Catholic University of America. He spoke of the kind of Church Pope Francis believes “God wants in the 21st century”: a church in which “all members are to be engaged in the synodal way of living . . . He wants us to listen to each other.”

Topic of the week

“Tories deserve to be out of office”, says the headline on your leading article of 18 November.

William Whyte, in exploring the way John Henry Newman valued church buildings as vehicles for shaping theological understanding (11 November) overstates his case in saying that “no [Anglican] had talked of churches in this way for centuries”.

Topic of the week

Topic of the week

02 November 2017
Mirror image of self-harm

The pro-life movement I am involved in never judges women and actually rolls up their sleeves to help.

I guess two potent weapons effective in the annihilation of religious faith are scandal and ridicule.

Every human heart

18 October 2017
Topic of the week

The ethics of business Clifford Longley (“It is facile to dismiss Labour’s nationalisation proposals as Marxist”, 7 October) is right in pointing out the range of “stakeholders” in modern business ...

Change in the Church

11 October 2017
Topic of the week

Censorship at Cafod I share Fr Martin Boland’s sense of disquiet (Letters, 30 September) at the potential impact of self-appointed guardians of orthodoxy who would make social media a virtual Coliseum for their bloodsports.

The Pope and his critics

05 October 2017
Topic of the week

Topic of the week

20 September 2017
Secrets of the confessional

Getting the Mass back Following on from Gerald O’Collins’ article (“Giving the Mass back”, 16 September), our bishops have an unenviable decision to make.

Cormac remembered

14 September 2017

Norman Tanner SJ (Letters, 2 September) offers some “refinements” on the debate about his colleague Jacques Dupuis’s experience with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). He concludes that the “CDF may not have been courteous or fair in all its procedures, but we should give it credit for having at heart the good of souls”. Many could muster that much goodwill. But when we hear the hurt caused to Jacques Dupuis in his own words (“Theologian on the ropes”, 12 August) this is far from sufficient.

Ways to say goodbye

07 September 2017
Topic of the week

Topic of the week

The title on your cover (“Lost generation”, 12 August) carried a heavy undertone of criticism of the young people of Ireland who “just don’t ‘do’ religion”.

Theologians on the ropes

16 August 2017
The moving account of Jacques Dupuis’ cruel treatment at the hands of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (“Theologian on the ropes”, 12 August) reminds me of my own experience 16 years ago

Unholy alliance

10 August 2017 | by (FR) Martin Boland
Jon M. Sweeney’s description of the “unlikely alliance” between Evangelicals and Catholics in the US gave me pause for thought (“The ties that bind”, 5 August).

Voices of women; Flying bishops; Gay marriage; Carmody’s thesis; Dunkirk hero; Family planning; Uses of Latin; Secret treaty

10 August 2017 | by Gail Brown, Mark Hatcher, Michael Knowles, Barbara Grodecka Lewis, Mike Kerrigan, Annabel Miller, Dawn Willson, Peter Lovat, (DR) Brian P. Murphy OSB
Voices of women; Flying bishops; Gay marriage; Carmody’s thesis; Dunkirk hero; Family planning; Uses of Latin; Secret treaty

Voice of Women

02 August 2017
Two related issues in last week’s edition of The Tablet underline the need for the Church to listen to the voices of women.

David McLees (Letters, 29 July) is wrong in asserting that air travel by clergy is gratuitous. Air travel contributes 2-3 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The gas turbine (jet) is the most efficient means yet invented of turning fossil fuel into power.

Your reference to a report by the Association of Catholic Priests (News Briefing, 15 July) that the impact of increased workload ...

I can hardly be the only Catholic who is deeply unimpressed by The Tablet’s repeated attempts, most recently in “Caring for Creation” (Parish Practice, 15 July), to encourage parishes to take small steps on behalf of the environment.

Jim O’Keefe may be entitled to congratulate his team on a consultation exercise within the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle … Their supposed solution, however, cannot be described as “a new model for the local church” …

Your editorial (“In praise of workers’ rights”, 15 July) is sympathetic to the Taylor report. But the case for a special legal status for the “gig” economy is meretricious.

Clarity on marriage

12 July 2017
Your editorial (“There must be clarity on marriage”, 1 July) does not make it clear why you feel the need for an “unambiguous explanation” of Pope Francis’ views in reply to the four dubia-wielding cardinals and their acolytes. Is it a matter of metaphysics or a question of psychological security?

James Martin realises that a conversation is needed in the Catholic Church on LGBT issues …

Charles Camosy (“Beyond the abortion wars”, 17 June) is in danger of overlooking some very simple yet basic truths, when he states that “we must find a way to talk about abortion that ditches the life/choice binary”.

Joanna Moorhead writes that the past few weeks have shown us that “politics is more than anything about mood and feeling; it’s about emotional intuition and gut instinct” (“If ever there was a tragedy that underlined the national mood, it was this inferno”, 24 June).

Tim Farron’s judgement that it is impossible to be both Christian and a member of a modern progressive political party, raises important questions for religious believers.

Faith in young people

22 June 2017
Labour’s unexpected resurgence in the general election was largely dependent on Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to young people. We need to follow his example.

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