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Every human heart Premium

18 October 2017
Topic of the week

The ethics of business Clifford Longley (“It is facile to dismiss Labour’s nationalisation proposals as Marxist”, 7 October) is right in pointing out the range of “stakeholders” in modern business ...

Change in the Church Premium

11 October 2017
Topic of the week

Censorship at Cafod I share Fr Martin Boland’s sense of disquiet (Letters, 30 September) at the potential impact of self-appointed guardians of orthodoxy who would make social media a virtual Coliseum for their bloodsports.

The Pope and his critics Premium

05 October 2017
Topic of the week

Topic of the week Premium

20 September 2017
Secrets of the confessional

Getting the Mass back Following on from Gerald O’Collins’ article (“Giving the Mass back”, 16 September), our bishops have an unenviable decision to make.

Cormac remembered Premium

14 September 2017

Norman Tanner SJ (Letters, 2 September) offers some “refinements” on the debate about his colleague Jacques Dupuis’s experience with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). He concludes that the “CDF may not have been courteous or fair in all its procedures, but we should give it credit for having at heart the good of souls”. Many could muster that much goodwill. But when we hear the hurt caused to Jacques Dupuis in his own words (“Theologian on the ropes”, 12 August) this is far from sufficient.

Ways to say goodbye Premium

07 September 2017
Topic of the week

Diana’s Catholic connections Premium

30 August 2017
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