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Would I recommend the life of a priest to a youngster? In this sixtieth year of my own priesthood I not only share the doubts expressed by a mere golden jubilarian (Letters, 19 May), but I am quite certain I would not.

The government has decided not to lift the cap that prevents new free faith schools selecting more than half their pupils on the basis of religion. Rather than being an anti-Catholic move, surely the decision is about countering the impact of faith-based free schools that are inclined to be monocultural and inward-looking.

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Sharing the Eucharist

There are definitely aspects of our immigration policy which need urgent review (leading article, 5 May), particularly the charges.

Much of the Catholic commentary (including that in The Tablet) on the Alfie Evans case has been dispiriting. So few of the commentators appear to have read the judgments of Mr Justice Hayden that are freely available on the internet.

I wonder if the writer of the editorial on the Alfie Evans case (28 April) had actually read the court judgments.

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Last Sunday, Bishop Philip Egan’s Portsmouth diocese pastoral letter was read in our churches.

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Topic of the week

While Fr Gerald O’Collins is to be commended for reminding your readers that Tertullian’s joy in beholding the torment of the damned is not a consummation devoutly to be wished (Letters, 7 April)

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