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Brave priest censured by the Vatican Premium

19 January 2017
The treatment of Fr Tony Flannery by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is scandalous and there is an urgent need for Pope Francis to step in and immediately restore a good man to his rightful position as a caring, devoted pastor.

Speak to any headteacher and the phrase “recruitment crisis” is never far from their lips (Lauren Nicholson-Ward, 14 January).

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12 January 2017
As an ecumenist who served for ten years as senior RC teacher at a joint Roman Catholic and Church of England London secondary school I was saddened to read Fr Gabriel Daly’s attack on Catholic curial authorities for upholding teaching on the Eucharist (Letters, 7 January).

Four cardinals have presented Pope Francis with a “dubium” about his teaching on the law in Amoris Laetitia and he has not responded.

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04 January 2017
Two events of ecumenical significance took place recently; one was the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Rome; the other was the pilgrimage of a group of Anglicans and Roman Catholics to the Holy Land (“Held as one by the Spirit”, 10 December)

The demand by four cardinals for clarification of the Church’s law, and the Pope’s silence in response, bring to light two radically different conceptions of the relation of law to right.

Sharing the burden of priesthood Premium

15 December 2016
Megan Cornwell’s article “Burdens of office” (3 December) came as no surprise to me. Providentially, I find myself in Brittany, the priest moderator of a parish that comprises 11 previous parishes.

How very sad that Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth has blocked the possible appointment of Lyndon Strong to the headship of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Gosport because he is divorced and remarried (“The Church should not throw stones”, Leader, 10 December).

Clergy under stress Premium

08 December 2016
I read Megan Cornwell’s article “Burdens of office” (3 December) with interest, having recently become a Roman Catholic, from being a retired Anglican priest, and trained social worker.

Sue Oakley (Letters, 3 December) argues that interchurch couples should take responsibility for their own actions rather than seek formal approval for sharing Communion, as required by the hierarchy of England and Wales.

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01 December 2016
Your editorial (“Bread of life is food for unity”, 12 November) asks why, if a Catholic and non-Catholic spouse are given permission to receive Communion together on a special occasion, a “theological iron curtain, lifted just for once, [should] descend on the same couple the next day?”

Michael Walsh’s powerful article about the impending closure of the Jesuit flagship in London, Heythrop College (26 November), is dramatically entitled “The dying of the light”.

Sharing the Bread of Life Premium

24 November 2016
The case for renewing the norms of One Bread One Body – the statement of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales on the admission to Holy Communion of members of other churches, issued in 1998 – is made in your editorial (“Bread of Life is food for unity”, 12 November) and by Ruth Reardon (Letters, 19 November).

Carmody Grey feels that we “do not know what is good for us” and should leave it up to our leaders out of “deference” (“Should ‘the people’ be able to have what they want?”, Student Voice, 12 November).

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