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I write to say how offensive I found the remarks by Cardinal Sarah regarding Communion in the hand (“Handle with reverence”, 3 March).

14 March 2018

Topic of the week Premium

Exploitation of nuns shames the Vatican

08 March 2018

Acts of witness against abortion Premium

The pro-life and pro-choice demonstrations in Ealing, west London.

I find it difficult to comprehend how Cardinal Sarah regards this way of receiving communion as an “insidious and diabolical attack” on the Blessed Sacrament.

01 March 2018

Oxfam: what is the real scandal? Premium

Topic of the week

In the light of recent correspondence on Christian-Jewish relations (17 February), it might seem opportune to consider a feature of the liturgy of Good Friday, as it approaches.

21 February 2018

The things Catholics don’t talk about Premium

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Cardinal Blase Cupich (interview, 17 February) offers hope to those of us who struggle to fit into a legalistic and clericalised model of church.

14 February 2018

Lay pastors can do funerals better Premium

Topic of the week

I can easily imagine that Pope Francis, when he had read the eight-page letter from Juan Carlos Cruz about Fr Karadima and Bishop Barros (News, 10 February)

07 February 2018

Why no women on ‘ad limina’ visit? Premium

Topic of the week

It is not clear to me what your recent correspondents mean when they refer to the need for Catholic schools “to serve the common good” (Letters, 27 January and 3 February).

I was astonished to read Dr Michael Hughes’ assertion that Donald Trump is “learning and his good deeds count for far more than some nice words” (Letters, 27 January). What are these good deeds?

01 February 2018

Catholic schools not just for Catholics Premium

Sean Whittle (letter, 27 January) raises important questions about the English bishops’ strategy for opening new Catholic free schools. This has focused exclusively on providing more places for children from Catholic families.

Your editorial about the collapse of Carillion (20 January) ignores why PFI contracts were chosen in the first place. It had less to do with “greed” than with financial constraints and deficiencies in skills in the public sector.

25 January 2018

Catholic schools for the common good Premium

Your coverage of the possible impact of the new education secretary, Damian Hinds, (13 January) continues your stance of not raising any reservations over the bishops’ online petition to reverse the 50 per cent cap on admissions to Catholic schools.

While I agree that the cap on Catholic children accessing new faith schools needs to be lifted to meet the growing demand for places, there is an equally urgent need to address the future leadership of our Catholic schools.

18 January 2018

All this child abuse ‘stuff’ Premium

I am disturbed by Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s “Inside View” (23 December). No more than the priests and bishops here in Ireland does he appear to “get it”.

10 January 2018

Travelling light with Francis Premium

Within the constraints of his office, Pope Francis strives to follow Jesus’ model

The Vatican translation into English of Magnum Principium (3 September 2017), the motu proprio of Pope Francis that modified the canon law about translating liturgical texts, seriously misrepresents the official Latin text.

03 January 2018

Why MPs cannot be trusted on Brexit Premium

Clifford Longley is wrong about parliamentary sovereignty (“Referendums seriously diminish the sovereignty of Parliament”, 16 December).

Missal stand-off; Care for your priests; Tempting prospect; A reserved sin; Protestant protest

20 December 2017

When the last priest dies Premium

The crisis facing parishes as ordained clergy become fewer and fewer.

Your headline “We bishops got it wrong about the Missal” (Letters, 9 December) prompts me to add my own mea culpa.

14 December 2017

The Church and the workers Premium

Topic of the week

The most serious lapse in the 2011 Roman Missal has been neglected in your recent discussion.

06 December 2017

We bishops got it wrong about the Missal Premium

Topic of the week

Inept language I have been reading The Tablet for decades, and I can’t think of one single issue which has produced more negative comments than the rotten “new” Missal translation and the failure of the hierarchy to respond to the problem.

29 November 2017

Bishops allow massacre of our language Premium

I now know for certain what I have long suspected: the bishops of England and Wales do not care about the liturgical needs of British Catholics. Your editorial of 25 November spells out what they could have done in response to the instruction from the Congregation for Divine Worship about the liturgy in English.

Just before the recent meeting of the Bishops’ Conference of the United States, the Papal Nuncio to Washington gave a lecture at the Catholic University of America. He spoke of the kind of Church Pope Francis believes “God wants in the 21st century”: a church in which “all members are to be engaged in the synodal way of living . . . He wants us to listen to each other.”

22 November 2017

A moment for hope and sadness Premium

Topic of the week

“Tories deserve to be out of office”, says the headline on your leading article of 18 November.

16 November 2017

Newman’s conversion to the Baroque Premium

William Whyte, in exploring the way John Henry Newman valued church buildings as vehicles for shaping theological understanding (11 November) overstates his case in saying that “no [Anglican] had talked of churches in this way for centuries”.

08 November 2017

Events catch up with leading Catholics Premium

Topic of the week

02 November 2017

Topic of the week Premium

Mirror image of self-harm

25 October 2017

The choice not to have an abortion Premium

The pro-life movement I am involved in never judges women and actually rolls up their sleeves to help.

I guess two potent weapons effective in the annihilation of religious faith are scandal and ridicule.

18 October 2017

Every human heart Premium

Topic of the week

The ethics of business Clifford Longley (“It is facile to dismiss Labour’s nationalisation proposals as Marxist”, 7 October) is right in pointing out the range of “stakeholders” in modern business ...

11 October 2017

Change in the Church Premium

Topic of the week

Censorship at Cafod I share Fr Martin Boland’s sense of disquiet (Letters, 30 September) at the potential impact of self-appointed guardians of orthodoxy who would make social media a virtual Coliseum for their bloodsports.

05 October 2017

The Pope and his critics Premium

Topic of the week

20 September 2017

Topic of the week Premium

Secrets of the confessional

Getting the Mass back Following on from Gerald O’Collins’ article (“Giving the Mass back”, 16 September), our bishops have an unenviable decision to make.


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