The living Spirit

Spiritual readings – 21 January 2016 Premium

19 January 2017
All who want to unite with love must look for it reverently and faithfully. They must desire it so much that they keep to the road and surmount all obstacles before they find it.

Spiritual readings – 14 January 2016 Premium

12 January 2017
[All] of us, believers in Christ, have been called to proclaim the mighty works of God. Beyond the differences which still separate us, we recognise with joy that at the origin of our Christian life there is always a call from God himself.

Spiritual readings – 7 January 2016 Premium

04 January 2017
The year struggles with its own blackness.

Jesus came on cold straw, Jesus was warmed by the breath of an ox. “Who is this?” the world said.

Spiritual readings – 10 December 2016 Premium

08 December 2016
Christ is the truth that all people need in order to find the right way to live in this world’s darkness, night, twilight, and fog.

Spiritual readings – 3 December 2016 Premium

01 December 2016
Good works, Christian hearts, true justice, charity - these are what God looks for in religion. A religion of Sunday Mass but unjust weekdays does not please the Lord. A religion of much praying but with hypocrisy in the heart is not Christian.

Spiritual readings – 26 November 2016 Premium

24 November 2016
The river of time sweeps on, but there, like a tree planted by the water, is our Lord Jesus Christ.

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