The living Spirit

Spiritual readings – 3 December 2016 Premium

01 December 2016
Good works, Christian hearts, true justice, charity - these are what God looks for in religion. A religion of Sunday Mass but unjust weekdays does not please the Lord. A religion of much praying but with hypocrisy in the heart is not Christian.

Spiritual readings – 26 November 2016 Premium

24 November 2016
The river of time sweeps on, but there, like a tree planted by the water, is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritual readings – 19 November 2016 Premium

17 November 2016
Today, in the cathedrals and sanctuaries throughout the world, the Doors of Mercy are being closed. Let us ask for the grace not to close our eyes to God who sees us and to our neighbour who asks something of us.

Spiritual readings – 12 November 2016 Premium

10 November 2016
O God of mystery, out of death you delivered Christ Jesus, and he walked in hidden glory with his disciples.

Spiritual readings – 5 November 2016 Premium

03 November 2016
Our task in life – whether it is short or long, whether it is heavy with sorrows or light with blessings, or, like most lives, a combination of the two – is to find the path that conveys us toward our true destination.

Spiritual readings – 29 October 2016 Premium

26 October 2016
We can enter heaven only thanks to the blood of the Lamb, thanks to the blood of Christ. Christ’s own blood has justified us, which has opened for us the gates of heaven.

Spiritual readings – 15 October 2016 Premium

12 October 2016
We cannot know whether or not we love God, although there may be strong reasons for thinking so, but there can be no doubt about whether or not we love our neighbour.

Spiritual readings – 8 October 2016 Premium

06 October 2016
Christ asks for a home in your soul … where you and he, alone together, can laugh and be silent and be delighted with one another.

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