Latest Issue: 27 September 2014
27 September 2014
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Tablet Lecture 2014
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The living Spirit

25 September 2014

God, in all that is most living and incarnate in him, is not far away from us, altogether apart from the world we see, touch, hear, smell and taste about us. Rather he awaits us every instant in our action, in the work of the moment … He is at the tip of my pen, my brush, my needle – of my heart and of my thought.

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18 September 2014

Once we can accept that God is in all situations, and can and will use even bad situations for good, then everything becomes an occasion for good and an occasion for God, and is thus at the heart of religion …

28 August 2014

Since the dawn goes from darkness into light, it is right that the Church of the elect should be called “dawn” or “first light.” As it is led from the night of disbelief into the light of faith, it is opened up to the splendour of heavenly brightness just as the dawn bursts into day after darkness.