The living Spirit

I pray because I am happy, not because I am unhappy. I did not turn to God in unhappiness … to get consolation, to get something from God. I was praying because I wanted to thank God.

In the mysterious encounter between Simeon and Mary, the Old and New Testaments are joined. Together the ageing prophet and the young mother give thanks for this Light which has kept the darkness from prevailing.

St Thomas Aquinas showed how faith and reason might be put into a conversation in which one learns from the other. Integration of faith and reason, of the whole of our knowledge with the whole of our faith, is the goal and the mark of a Catholic scholar.

To be blind is not misery; it is misery not to be able to endure blindness… Through this infirmity I can be completed, perfected; in this darkness I can be filled with light. For in truth we blind men are not God’s last and slightest care

“Well! Father, I am a sinner; I have tremendous sins. How can I possibly feel part of the Church?” Dear brother, dear sister, this is exactly what the Lord wants, that you say to him, “Lord, here I am, with my sins.”

For us there are no certainties, no star / blazing our journey, no decisive dream / to reassure hurt hearts or warn us when / it’s time to move.

Yesterday the first snow of the winter fell and last night before the Midnight Mass someone made me a furtive sign that it was snowing again.

The one who loves said that the object of his love has ravished his heart, and by that very fact, this heart is no longer his, but belongs to the person he loves.

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