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A country without a moral compass Premium

16 February 2017
Theresa May wants to be remembered as the politician who safely delivered the United Kingdom out of the clutches of the European Union, without wrecking the economy in the process.

Authentic liturgy needs to be understood Premium

16 February 2017
If the language with which we pray is not the language with which we think, write and speak, it constitutes a barrier that separates us from God. This is the major flaw in the current translation of the Latin Mass into English, and it could hardly be more serious.

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I was surprised to see The Times describe Phil Shiner (the human rights lawyer instrumental in bringing cases against British servicemen, who has now been struck off) as a “devout Catholic”.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

16 February 2017 | by Jonathan Tulloch
The lambs’ tails wagged in the wind. Not the woolly variety, but the catkins on the hazel tree.

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