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At the crux of the House of Commons debate on the renewal of the Trident submarine fleet this week, Britain’s new Prime Minister was asked: “Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children?”

Laicite is not a helpful framework Premium

21 July 2016
French policy towards its racial and religious minorities contains many ambiguities and contradictions that are hard for the French to understand, let alone outsiders.


Recently I had a discussion (it was not quite an argument) with someone of a loosely atheistic persuasion, who felt that believing in God infantilised people – it stripped us of responsibility and autonomy and therefore of maturity.

Are we in the midst of a historical upheaval, where old structures or orders appear unable to control events or respond to challenges, or are we just witnessing random events? From events in France, to Brexit, to Turkey and American politics, we have symptoms while the underlying causes have yet to emerge.

“She favours Ottolenghi cookbooks, likes walking holidays, goes to church,” wrote Clare Foges in The Times this week about the new Prime Minister, Theresa May. “This is fine – but no more, please. The prime ministerial sphinx should stay that way, guarding her secrets.”

Glimpses of Eden Premium

21 July 2016 | by Jonathan Tulloch
Somehow the municipal mowers had missed the piece of open ground by the old rope works. After decades of yearning, the wasteland had realised its cherished ambition of becoming a meadow.

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