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Kung pins hope on Francis Premium

28 April 2016
Professor Hans Küng, long regarded as the enfant terrible among Catholic theologians though he is now an illustrious 88-year-old, has asked Pope Francis to open a theological dialogue on the subject of infallibility.

Immigration has emerged as a key battleground in the European Union referendum campaign. This could have worrying consequences for peace and stability in the multiracial and multicultural society that Britain has become. There is a sense among the leaders of the Leave campaign that most of the other arguments they have advanced are beginning to look less convincing. In particular the (much disputed) Treasury forecast that an average


The possibility that steel making might end at Port Talbot in South Wales has touched a national nerve. The seemingly relentless loss of heavy manufacturing capacity over the decades since oil prices quadrupled in 1973-74 has affected us far more than I think we realise.

A third of the way through the year, the media have got it into their heads that more famous people than usual are dying. I can hardly think this is true. As with other fairly random statistics, bunches sometimes seem to form.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

28 April 2016 | by Jonathan Tulloch
Sparrowhawks are nesting in our neighbour’s larch again. You can hear them halfway down the village. Is this why the smaller birds, for a second year running, are showing no interest in the bird boxes?

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