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End the war on welfare Premium

27 April 2017
It is axiomatic that the acid test of a decent society is that it does not neglect the most vulnerable. Britain is in danger of failing this test. The welfare state, invented in wartime to banish permanently the five “giants which stalked the land” – poverty, disease, squalor, ignorance, idleness – has reached a crisis not only of resources but of purpose.

Challenges face French favourite Premium

27 April 2017
The dilemma facing the people of France next weekend has been neatly summed up by one commentator as a choice between “hope and anger”. Hope is represented by Emmanuel Macron, who, having come top in the first round of the French presidential election, now faces a run-off with Marine Le Pen.

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Jeremy Corbyn, “when his party sweeps to power in June, says he will introduce bank holidays to mark the patron saints’ days of all the component parts of the United Kingdom”, observed Charles Moore in The Daily Telegraph.

Why don’t people trust politicians? Could it be because they rubbish their opponents while praising themselves, contradicting two of the basic principles of polite good manners? If X says Y is a disgrace to humanity and Y says the same about X, aren’t we tempted to disapprove of both?

Glimpses of Eden Premium

27 April 2017 | by Jonathan Tulloch
Tall and gnarled, the crab apple tree leant over the path. Its white and pink flower buds were just hours from opening, perhaps even minutes.

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