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Backbench revolts in Westminster can look like political game-playing. But current unrest among MPs about proposed changes to the funding of state schools is different. This pressure comes from the grass roots.

Does the concept of “fake news” logically imply the existence of real news? Otherwise, all news is fake. Good news, bad news, indifferent news: none of it is to be believed. This is the world view that appears to be methodically and unscrupulously promoted by Donald Trump.

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There is a phrase, almost a cliché, that keeps coming up in spiritual direction, in conversations with friends (if you are lucky enough to have friends with whom you can have such conversations) and even in the confessional: “Be kind to yourself.” It makes me uneasy and, sometimes, cross.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

23 March 2017 | by Jonathan Tulloch
The toad was waiting at the front door. Warty dry skin, golden-eyed, the amphibian crawled inside, and headed for the sitting room. We’ve had toads in the house before, but never such a determined guest.

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