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New spirit of goodwill Premium

18 August 2016
Was the Reformation really necessary? The question is posed anew by a comprehensive report from the German Bishops’ Conference. It was published this week to begin the 500th anniversary commemorations of the defining moment in October 1517 when Martin Luther published his famous 95 challenges to established church teaching and practice.

Games that unite a divided nation Premium

18 August 2016
The wonderful performance of Team GB in the summer Olympics is deeply gratifying, even if from a coldly statistical point of view it could have been anticipated.


It is almost exactly 10 years ago that my wonderful builder and I started work on the derelict shepherd’s house high up a single track road over a Scottish moor that is now my home.

Since I inhabit the Westminster bubble, my local church is Westminster Cathedral in which is displayed the masked body of St John Southworth. It occasionally makes casual tourists jump a bit as they dawdle round taking selfies.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

18 August 2016 | by Jonathan Tulloch
I am sitting in the old coastguard tower on the cliffs rising above Northumbria’s holy island of Lindisfarne. From here you can see the whole island and its vast setting of sea and sky.

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