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Moment of truth for UK and Europe Premium

29 June 2016
The recent referendum on European Union membership has been taken by some as a signal that racial and xenophobic abuse has been legitimised.

June is a favourite month for Gay Pride marches, and this year they have taken on particular poignancy because of the massacre at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Many gay people saw this attack as homophobic.


Over the last week a revolution has taken place; a revolution whose ramifications will have a profound impact on the United Kingdom and its future. I have witnessed this revolution in my own home, but it will have been taking place in houses throughout Britain.

I have never before been ashamed of being a Briton.

When they come to analyse major shifts and changes in society, cultural theorists speak of “fault lines”. They sometimes apply the London Underground’s famous safety warning: “Mind the gap”. Two recent events made me aware of contemporary Catholicism’s major fault lines, and how we need to very carefully mind the gaps.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

29 June 2016 | by Jonathan Tulloch
China has its pandas, India its tigers, and the River Ouse its tansy beetles. The size of an abacus bead, its shining green body imprinted with a rainbow, the tansy beetle is just as endangered as those better known species. Once widespread across the UK, they’re now limited to a 30-mile stretch of Yorkshire’s River Ouse.

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