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The Church should not throw stones Premium

08 December 2016
The acting head teacher of a Catholic school in Gosport, Hampshire, has been told he is disqualified from applying for the full headship post simply by virtue of the “irregular” status of his marriage.

A need for changing cultures Premium

08 December 2016
One of the more short-sighted cuts in services under David Cameron was the withdrawal of funding for the teaching of English to adult speakers of other languages.


Pope Francis has a mutiny on his hands. Not only have four senior cardinals publicly demanded that he prove to them he is not a heretic, but in various parts of the world leaders of the Church have openly defied him, signalling that they, too, think he has betrayed the faith. The internet is humming with denunciations and petitions along similar lines.

Among the traditional counsels of this season, the theme of waiting plays a prominent role. We look for the birth of the Messiah and for his second coming with prayerful expectation and pregnant hope.

John Osborne, in A Better Class of Person, his wonderfully downbeat memoir of a suburban upbringing, remembered that after the turkey and pudding had been eaten, someone would always announce: “That’s another Christmas done with.” It was part of a family trait of exhibiting “a timid melancholy or dislike of joy, effort or courage”.

Glimpses of Eden Premium

08 December 2016 | by Jonathan Tulloch
The Kestrel came just as afternoon was fading into night. Head hunched, quick wings cutting through the silence, it quartered the woods.

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