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28 November 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

I subscribe to the paper edition of The Tablet but can't find my subscription number. What should I do?

You will find your subscription number on the address label (carrier sheet) that arrives with your copy of The Tablet every week. To activate your website registration click on a non-free article on The Tablet website and you'll be prompted to log in. On this page you will see "New subscribers login". Click on 'register' and add your reader number and web id (these codes can found on your magazine address label although the web id is usally your surname)). Then add your email address and create a password, and click the button "subscribe". Shortly afterwards an automated email will be sent to you. Click on the acknowledgment bar this email contains and you will be returned to The Tablet website fully registered.

 The Tablet website keeps asking me for my log-in password and will not let me read articles. What should I do?

That is happening because your internet browser is blocking cookies from The Tablet. In order to have access to the articles, you need to allow The Tablet to install the cookie. In Internet Explorer go to: Tools – Internet options – Privacy – Set level to medium. Cookies are small files installed in your computer that allow The Tablet website to match your paper subscription. Cookies DO NOT send any unwanted details to The Tablet or third parties.

 I am print subscriber and have an iPad/ iPhone - can I view The Tablet on these?

Yes you can, however you will need to download a copy of iBooks from the Apple Newsstand - this is free of charge. Then click on the 'For iPads and other devices' button on our homepage and a version will unpack which can be viewed using the iBooks App on your device.

 My subscription number is not being recognised. What should I do?

Make sure you enter the whole number including the first alpha characters.

What do I have to do to access all areas of The Tablet website?

You need to be a subscriber to the paper edition to be able to subscribe. Click here to subscribe now.

 Can I access The Tablet website from another computer?

Yes, but you will need to enter your log-in details again (so have your email address, web id and password handy). Your access is unique, so once you log in in a different computer you will be automatically logged off from the previous one.

I can't open the PDF files. What should I do?

It is possible you don't have a PDF reader installed. Click on the link below to download it: Acrobat Reader

 I am being denied access to The Tablet website. What should I do?

Your subscription to The Tablet Online is linked to your paper subscription. Your paper subscription may have expired. To renew it or check its status, visit My Subscription

How do I contact technical support?

Send an email to and we will reply as soon as we can.


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