11 July 2018 | by Iain McGilchrist

Joined-up thinking about consciousness

Tim Parks has written exceptionally witty and compelling look at the nature of consciousness

Two books by prominent evangelical Christian women who were forced to quell their homosexuality for fear of divine wrath and expulsion from their churches

Moving accounts of death and dying by Kevin Toolis and Fergal Keane

Anne Tyler's Clock Dance is a beautifully structured work of fiction, full of narrative tension

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05 July 2018

Summer Reading

Tablet contributors' seasonal recommendations.

Emma Brockes’ new autobiographical account of motherhood and how she got pregnant

Boy Erased, by Garrard Conley, who was outed as gay to his parents and sent for sexual conversion therapy, speaks for a group of people who are frequently silenced in their communities

28 June 2018 | by William Joll

William Trevor's final 10 stories

The final 10 stories from the late William Trevor, who was brought up in a silent, unhappy house in Ireland and became a superb listener and a genius at storytelling

“In Glasgow at the turn of the twentieth century,” begins Margalit Fox in Conan Doyle for the Defence, “there lived an old lady whom few people liked.” We’re in for the grimmest kind of fairytale.

A superb new biography by Julian Jackson reveals Charles de Gaulle as a statesman of genius

Damain La Bas takes readers on a journey to visit the old gypsy stopping places across Britain.

Amy Chua, of Tiger Mother fame, thinks we are kidding ourselves when we deny our tribal nature.

Novelist Michael Ondaatje revisits the world of The English Patient. In Warlight, Nathaniel, or Stitch (“ours was a family with a habit for nicknames … a family of disguises”), is trying to make sense of his disordered family history.

Two remarkable books – one by Edward Bullmore, the other by Mark Meynell – address our understanding of depression.


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