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10 October 2015
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Christopher Howse

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  1. ‘Campbell was fiery as he tried to savage the deputy editor of the Daily Mail’
  2. ‘I would be glad to place a wager against Mrs McAleese becoming a cardinal’
  3. ‘Catholics are used to commentators not sympathising with their world view’
  4. ‘I’m absolutely mad about God, and quite fond of the Bible, but this series was tosh’
  5. ‘The Guardian’s fashion has been to give space to the frothier-mouthed anti-Catholic thinker’
  6. ‘“Distressed” is quite a Battersea Dogs’ Home sort of word to use of a gap’
  7. ‘The Stonyhurst youngsters featured all over the press. Their story had everything’
  8. ‘Any story about the Pope comes with the presumption of being feel-good’
  9. ‘Bishops, barmy or not, are now being used in a proxy war over benefit cuts’
  10. ‘Irish papers tend to euphemism, with people regularly passing away, seldom dying’
  11. ‘In Italy, I’m afraid, “Welby” refers to a distressing case concerning euthanasia’
  12. ‘The biblical narrator of the story of Noah knocks the Gilgamesh poet into a cocked hat’
  13. ‘A science background is somehow a qualification for giving views about religious beliefs’
  14. ‘England is not France, and the British constitution is not secular’
  15. My fear is that honest Christians will be caught pretty soon by best practice
  16. I’ve had my door replaced with a stouter, kick-resistant model
  17. A peek at the Catechism would be useful for any commentator on religion
  18. Poil means, I think, ‘starkers’. If it means anything worse, I apologise
  19. Pope Francis was the one not wearing blue overalls with cross-keys on the breast
  20. It became clear that many wanted governments to aid Christians and Yazidis alike
  21. The Pope’s ‘two or three years’ needn’t be taken as a carefully calculated prognosis
  22. That the family were Jehovah’s Witnesses had no bearing on Ashya’s treatment
  23. If there’s one thing worse than Songs of Praise, it’s The Vicar of Dibley
  24. People to whom one has been introduced are less easy to hate
  25. In Catalonia all the public statues have had yellow scarves tied round their necks
  26. The word ‘it’ seems odd, if it refers to God. Do people call God ‘it’?
  27. Can a honey diet cure cancer? Was Hitler an MI6 plant? As the lady said, ‘No, no, no’
  28. One beaming pontiff plus two unmolested doves add up to a positive message
  29. Only a culture that retains Christian belief employs holy names in bad language
  30. Most journalists are unbelieving and increasingly ignorant of religion
  31. British papers do not want their offices burnt down and their staff killed
  32. Neither cassocks nor vestments resemble dresses, any more than kilts do
  33. The silly, shallow level of the television- Twitter alliance
  34. The procedure seems to me like feeding a baby with another baby
  35. 175 years – 50 great catholics / Christopher Howse on Mary Douglas
  36. Cromwell (T.) and Cromwell (O.) knocked churches about a bit. Where does this get us?
  37. Even in the bath on Sunday morning I was talked at, via my portable radio
  38. Singing priests fill me with the same gloomy embarrassment as nuns playing football
  39. Some people think all Church of England clergymen are vicars
  40. ‘Unlike Zippo the Clown, nuns really do go about their lives dressed in their odd clothes’
  41. The press showed little sign of easing off to minimise the risk of imprisonment
  42. The press showed little sign of easing off to minimise the risk of imprisonment
  43. The press showed little sign of easing off to minimise the risk of imprisonment
  44. Mr Farron said something wry, memorable and a little sad about God
  45. Sunday shop closing was once regarded as socially progressive
  46. The concept of a holiday in Spain is ambiguous
  47. What is self-evident strikes different people in different ways
  48. Pens at dawn
  49. I don’t know why it said ‘other Nobel Prize winners’ since the Pope is not one
  50. Lord Carey said there has been ‘too much Muslim mass immigration’ to Europe
  51. Somehow coherence online seems less important than in print
  52. I’m not at all sure that religions are a good thing, any more than animals are