Latest Issue: 30 August 2014
30 August 2014
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In a demonstration affirming their determination to live side by side, Jordanian Muslims and Christians walked hand-in-hand in a march last Saturday evening, 23 August, to denounce the violence in Gaza, Iraq and the entire region.

29 August 2014 13:00 by Katherine Backler

Free transport to and from faith schools has effectively been scrapped in England’s countryside, according to an investigation by The Tablet.

28 August 2014 13:00 by Sarah Mac Donald in Dublin

Falling numbers of vocations could see ancient parishes wiped out, according to the co-founder of the Association of Catholic Priests this week.

29 August 2014 13:00 by Brian Morton, Liz Dodd

Leading academics have backed Professor Sir Tom Devine’s call for a “Yes” vote in the upcoming Scottish referendum.

27 August 2014 13:17 by Liz Dodd

The Church in India has hit back at attempts to ban wine at Mass as part of a drive to enforce prohibition in one of the country’s most Christian states.

29 August 2014 13:00 by Ellen Teague

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kiev-Halych, says that the Church is being persecuted in two eastern Ukrainian cities in which pro-Russian separatists have been very active. He reports that, “today our Church in Donetsk and Luhansk is experiencing a martyrdom, and it needs our prayer and support”.

28 August 2014 13:00 by Katherine Backler

The Church of England has selected the cricket team that will take on the Vatican in September in a match to raise awareness of human trafficking and fundraise for the Anglican-Roman Catholic anti-trafficking initiative, the Global Freedom Network.

27 August 2014 13:19 by Paul Wilkinson

Distressed crew members of the ship on which 35 illegal Sikh immigrants from Afghanistan were discovered inside a container have attended a special Mass on board.

26 August 2014 13:27 by Michael Sean Winters

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) wrapped up its annual meeting in Nashville, affirming their commitment to continued dialogue with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)

26 August 2014 13:42 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Francis is set to become the first pope to set foot in Sri Lanka’s northern Tamil territory, amid accusations of ill treatment there by the country’s Singalese majority.