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  1. The first pan-Orthodox Council for 1,200 years ends with hope for the future
  2. Tablet interview with Elizabeth Prodromou: one of a 'thimbleful of women' at the Orthodox Council speaks to Tom Heneghan
  3. Farewell to fraternity as Nice attack changes mood in France
  4. "Fr Hamel immediately became a symbol of a country under siege", argues Tom Heneghan
  5. A lucky general: Emmanuel Macron now needs all the good fortune he can get
  6. Morocco in moderation: the country has adopted a religious reform programme designed to promote traditional Islam
  7. Despite the mood of the people, Wilders is unlikely to Trump his 27 rivals in Dutch elections
  8. Barbarin under growing pressure to resign
  9. Christians and Muslims come together to honour Virgin Mary in Paris, Brussels and Tunis
  10. Only 13 per cent of Dutch Catholics believe in heaven, survey shows
  11. French cardinal steps up his defence as pressure mounts for his resignation over child abuse scandal
  12. France ends standoff with Vatican by withdrawing gay envoy nominee
  13. Police search offices of Lyon archdiocese
  14. Uproar over bishop’s remark on abuse
  15. Pledge to put victims first in new sex abuse policy
  16. French bishops name senior civil servant to head independent abuse panel
  17. EU urged to help Middle East refugees return home
  18. Abuse pressure mounts on French Church
  19. France ends 15-month stand-off by naming new ambassador to Vatican
  20. French Catholics face battle royale over Roman Missal translation
  21. Cardinal Barbarin questioned by Lyon police in sexual abuse scandal
  22. Defecting jihadist reveals plan to negotiate with Vatican
  23. Abuse case against Lyon priest can go ahead, appeals court rules
  24. Ecumenical Patriarch arrives in Crete as Pan-Orthodox Council planning goes ahead
  25. Bishops resist reforms to private education
  26. Sarkozy affirms country’s Christian roots
  27. Russian Patriarch says Crete meeting is not pan-Orthodox
  28. Ecumenical Patriarch stresses unity ahead of week-long Orthodox Council
  29. Absent Russia and its intentions cast a shadow over historic Orthodox summit
  30. Orthodox Council opens with primates calling for more permanent consultation
  31. Holy Orthodox Council is debating wrong agenda, attests spokesman for absent Church
  32. Is the Orthodox diaspora a problem that's too hard to solve?
  33. Crete Council issues message to 'Orthodox and all people of good will'
  34. Catholic nursing home fined thousands in euthanasia case
  35. Barbarin removes four priests from ministry
  36. Nuncio blames ‘Parisian cabal’ for rejection of gay nominee
  37. French President visits Pope Francis as Paris-Vatican tension eases
  38. Hollande to visit Pope Francis as French Catholics grow more wary of Muslims
  39. Indonesian terrorist was inspired by death of Fr Jacques Hamel, says local police chief
  40. Fr Hamel declared a martyr
  41. Church urges way forward for an anxious country
  42. French Church to help resettle refugees after Calais camp closure begins
  43. Dutch cardinal slams plan to allow assisted suicide for those weary of life
  44. Delegation from Islamic university visits parish of murdered priest
  45. Bishops downbeat on Brexit
  46. Muslims step up cooperation with Catholic Church
  47. Rouen welcomes divorced and remarried
  48. Fillon surges in presidential stakes with appeal to Catholics
  49. Answer political disillusion with ‘catholic values’: Welby
  50. Religion surprise focus in Fillon’s primary success
  51. Russian Orthodox patriarch thanks Putin and Sarkozy for new Paris cathedral
  52. French bishops oppose Government move to legislate against pro-life websites
  53. Front National launches scathing attack on French bishops over refugees
  54. Barbarin admits ‘belated’ reaction to Lyon abuse scandal
  55. Survey finds wide diversity among Catholics
  56. Nine clerics in prison and 26 under investigation on abuse charges, according to Church in France
  57. Nine clerics now in prison, 26 under investigation for sexual abuse
  58. French Catholic family group loses suit against extra-marital dating website
  59. Niece of France's National Front leader attacks 'timid' church over abortion
  60. France votes to sanction 'misleading' anti-abortion websites
  61. Church psychoanalyst faces abuse allegations
  62. Investigation accuses 25 French bishops of hiding abuse
  63. Church head rejects National Front policies ahead of French election
  64. Catholic university in Belgium sacks lecturer who called abortion 'the murder of an innocent person'
  65. Bishop quits amid rumours of improper behaviour
  66. Candidates seek religious vote in tight contest
  67. Macron-Le Pen runoff leaves Catholic voters in disarray
  68. Belgium: Superior General condemns is own order’s green light to euthanasia
  69. Society of Saint Pius X discharges priests critical of reconciliation with Vatican
  70. Priests still appreciated but their image is tarnished
  71. Dutch bishop allows Gay Pride service in his cathedral
  72. Judicial investigation into ‘shielding of abusive priest’
  73. Dutch bishop withdraws permission for Gay Pride event in cathedral
  74. French Catholic church warns Macron against drift to surrogacy
  75. EU approach to migration is 'not working' Caritas declares
  76. Advances in biology challenge theologians at Oxford conference
  77. Showdown looms over euthanasia in Belgian psychiatric hospital group
  78. Rise of 'neo-Protestantism' under Macron challenges traditional Catholic-secular approach to politics
  79. Belgian order resists Vatican pressure on euthanasia, asks for more dialogue
  80. Apology for wartime silence on Holocaust
  81. Faith issues increasingly common in the workplace
  82. Paris Sacré Coeur lit up red to highlight religious freedom violations worldwide
  83. Findings reveal split on benefits of religion
  84. French court orders cross removed from John Paul II statue
  85. French bishops tell Vatican that youths mostly divorced from Church
  86. Speculation about Paris archbishop after Vingt-Trois marks 75th birthday
  87. Study finds Orthodox growth lagging behind Catholics and Protestants
  88. New French ‘Our Father’ wording removes ambiguity about temptation
  89. Johnny Hallyday, the French rock star who was born and died a Catholic
  90. Church is ‘unknown territory’ to the young
  91. Report affirms Dutch church handling of abuse cases
  92. Macron pledges a ‘more balanced’ secularism
  93. Macron warns and woos faith leaders on bioethics reforms
  94. Macron says migrants policy is ‘in line with Pope’s views’
  95. Uproar after Catholic youth group calls abortion a 'fundamental right'
  96. French parliament bans ‘conspicuous religious signs’
  97. French bishop bans Catholic funerals in secular sites
  98. Lourdes recognises its 70th miracle after French nun inexplicably healed
  99. French Catholics should join public debates on bioethics reform
  100. Bishops to host Macron at ‘civil society’ evening
  101. Prelates dilute Christian teaching, warns Sarah
  102. Trial of CDF prefect and Cardinal Barbarin postponed


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