Mark Lawson

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  1. The bard at 400: death, judgement, forgiveness and reconciliation
  2. Certainties and surprises
  3. Eros and the upper crust
  4. Fallout from Camelot
  5. No instant recall
  6. Female focus
  7. Like a puppet on a string
  8. Showing the best
  9. Playwrights’ play-off
  10. A verdict on history
  11. Tragedies loud and small
  12. French fries
  13. Voices of generations
  14. Reversing the lies
  15. Young, gifted, black – and back
  16. A ripe pair
  17. Understanding why
  18. Space odyssey
  19. Life, death and being Irish
  20. The shadow of the Marchmains
  21. Lines in the sand
  22. Playing the fool
  23. God’s own players
  24. High price to pay
  25. Gangsters and molls
  26. Slick, quick and clichéd
  27. Age before beauty
  28. Masterful masterclasses
  29. Seeing is believing
  30. Constant recall
  31. The Tablet Interview: Lord Williams of Oystermouth: When worlds collide
  32. Edinburgh: the stage is set
  33. Passion in a real garden
  34. Ayes for eyes
  35. Immaculate misconceptions
  36. Don’t clap too loudly
  37. When Christ met Caesar
  38. Money, money, money
  39. Race wars
  40. Hanging out the family washing
  41. Cutting-edge Beckett
  42. Timeless conceit
  43. Boxing clever
  44. Electric Mozart
  45. Silver screened
  46. The light of Caravaggio
  47. Glenda takes the crown
  48. Hallelujah for Dublin
  49. Back to the future
  50. Saving the best for last
  51. Of saints and sinners
  52. New faces and past times
  53. What if?
  54. Colonialism by the book
  55. An uninvited guest
  56. States of the nation
  57. Staged exit
  58. Out of the shadows
  59. Larger than life
  60. Larger than life
  61. Nordic noir in Elsinore
  62. Timely revivals
  63. The text’s the thing
  64. Seventeen going on seventy
  65. An entertaining shotgun marriage
  66. Bearing reality for humankind
  67. Courting controversy
  68. One for all your houses
  69. Cardinal sin
  70. Celestial stars and stripes
  71. Massacre of the innocents
  72. On Song
  73. Noises off: The character tests and plot twists of the General Election campaign
  74. Flat broke
  75. A cut above
  76. Bottom-drawer genius
  77. Time travel
  78. Ireland takes centre stage: two takes on an increasingly important backstory
  79. Generation game
  80. A Royal for Rome? The last Stuart monarch's life unravelled
  81. The parenting trap: divided over the right to multiply
  82. For your delectation: selected dishes on this year’s Edinburgh menu
  83. Two of the best: Lloyd Webber/Rice revivals on song
  84. Faith in Edinburgh
  85. i-Messiah
  86. Hard listening, dark viewing: Eve, Adam and Satan in an earthy Eden
  87. Orton uncensored: first outing for taboo-busting script
  88. Enter stage left: plays about political infighting in Westminster are successful in the West End
  89. Make-up and mend
  90. Neatly pressed
  91. Study in arrogance
  92. Study in arrogance
  93. Untruth to power
  94. Untruth to power
  95. Mock horror: some serious spoofery hits the boards
  96. Mike Bartlett and Elinor Cook create surprising and subtle reimaginations of two classic works
  97. A Kapital new theatre but the Bridge needs to do better than this
  98. Mamet's 1983 play about property sharks retains its economic relevance
  99. Prophet for profit's sake: all change in TV
  100. Timely turnaround: The flip side of sexual harassment
  101. All rise please
  102. All rise please
  103. Absolute corruption
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