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22 November 2014
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26 November 2014 by Bishop William Kenney 0

Pope Francis’ speech to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg came at a time when significant minorities in many EU countries are losing hope in the European institutions.

27 November 2014 by Tina Beattie0

My friend’s grandfather is a bad-tempered old man, suspicious of foreigners, not averse to beating up the neighbours, and mean-spirited when it comes to charitable giving (though he has a fortune stashed away in his bank account).

21 November 2014 by Fr Tony Flannery 3

I have spent the last five weeks on a speaking tour of the US, which has included the Call to Action conference in Memphis, and now a visit to Portland, Oregon, for the penultimate stop in my 18-city schedule.

21 November 2014 by Una Kroll 6

The Mother Church of the Anglican Communion agreed to allow women to be consecrated as bishops in England on Monday, 17 November 2014, although some daughter Anglican Churches have had women bishops since 1989. How do I, once an Anglican woman priest, now a Catholic laywoman, feel?

28 November 2013 by Bernadette Farrell 10

What makes good liturgy? The Prophet Micah poses the same question: What worship does God require? And the answer has no solutions for the liturgy or music committee. No recipe. Only this: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).

21 November 2014 by Francis Davis3

A few weeks on from the Scottish referendum we know now the rise of the Scottish National Party was down to the support of the voters who, even in the Catholic heartland of Glasgow deserted Labour because they were frustrated with Westminster and Whitehall centralisation.

13 November 2014 by Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe 0

Last week it was my privilege to meet Pope Francis for the third time. I first met him after his installation. This past summer, at his invitation, I visited him in his home for a three-hour private, non-scripted conversation. Last Thursday I led a 24-person delegation of leaders from the World Evangelical Alliance for an historic official meeting.

13 November 2014 by Michael Phelan28

US bloggers and “culture warriors” – even the now-former Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Cardinal Burke – have publicly laid into Pope Francis in the media, criticising the calling and content of last month’s Extraordinary Synod on the Family

13 November 2014 by Peter Stanford0

There comes a moment at the end of each meeting of the “spiritual” book club that I’ve been attending this past decade when collectively we pick what to read next.

11 November 2014 by Ian Farrar 0

A few miles from the French border lies the Belgian village of Quaregnon, today an unassuming hamlet amid endless fields and woodland but 100 years ago the focus of German and British attacks.