Latest Issue: 25 October 2014
25 October 2014
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24 October 2014 by Liz Dodd0

Charlotte Tumilty, a 26-year-old mother of two sent home on her first day as a teaching assistant at a Catholic school in Hartlepool because of her tattoos, is exactly the sort of young person the Church should embrace.

24 October 2014 by Christopher Lamb0

Yesterday Britain released one of its longest serving prisoners, Harry Roberts, who shot dead three policemen in 1966.

23 October 2014 by Ed Rennie1

Reading through the five temptations Pope Francis spoke of in his speech at the end of the two-week Synod on the Family it became clear to me that ultimately our temptations broadly fall into two categories: of the prodigal son who left his Father’s house, and the other who stayed.

21 October 2014 by Philip Endean SJ 1

The Tablet reports that a project to produce a new English translation of the lectionary, for use in several countries outside North America, has quietly been abandoned.

19 October 2014 by Elena Curti in Rome 7

Whatever gloss the Vatican press officers put on it, the final document on the Synod on the Family is a setback for Pope Francis and those prelates who support his drive for a much more pastoral approach for those living in “irregular unions”.

16 October 2014 by Christopher Lamb in Rome 4

Pope Francis asked those attending the Synod on the Family in Rome this month to speak their minds, and they’ve obeyed him.

15 October 2014 by Bill Wright 12

In its discussions this week and last, the Synod on the Family has been looking at the marriage annulment process as it currently operates, in the context of possibly making it easier for divorced and remarried couples to receive communion. One rallying cry for those who want a change to current practice is “show them mercy”. One way this might be done, the thinking seems to go, is to make annulments easier.

15 October 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch2

I wanted to buy a book recently – a 60-year-old bestseller that I could have got anywhere. Instinctively I hopped onto Amazon and found I could get it for as little as £4.49, or just 74p on Kindle – and by tomorrow if I was quick.

13 October 2014 by Mark Dowd 4

I have never thought being gay was unnatural. I came out to my parents unwittingly at the age of 13 when they heard me utter the name of a strikingly attractive boy at school in a dream.

10 October 2014 by Anna Johnstone 11

As an obedient and conforming eldest child I always took church teaching on who may receive Holy Communion on trust: that you must make sure you are in a “state of grace”.