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27 September 2014
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29 September 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch10

One of the most common arguments in favour of ordaining married men is that the Catholic Church in many parts of the world is suffering a priest shortage and it can’t afford to lose any more good men to marriage.

26 September 2014 by Stephen Beer 0

Following Friday’s vote in Parliament, British armed forces will once again be engaged in action in the Middle East.

26 September 2014 by Laura Keynes1

No-one likes to be called a sourpuss. So when Pope Francis started talking about some Catholics looking like sourpusses, many worried that he might have been referring to them, as traditionalists or single-issue activists.

19 September 2014 by Fr Peter Day 6

I understand that in the lead up to next month’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, you and a number of your confreres are re-asserting the Church’s longstanding exclusion of divorced and remarried people from Communion.

28 November 2013 by Bernadette Farrell 9

What makes good liturgy? The Prophet Micah poses the same question: What worship does God require? And the answer has no solutions for the liturgy or music committee. No recipe. Only this: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).

23 September 2014 by Catherine Pepinster2

If Canada’s province of Quebec is anything to go by, Scotland is in for a rocky ride after it voted “no” to independence.

19 September 2014 by Brian Morton1

By no means. While Scotland has voted to remain part of the UK and Alex Salmond has resigned, the legacy is a campaign that became steadily more acrimonious.

18 September 2014 by Francis Davis1

The Diocese of Leeds in its annual return recently told the Charity Commission that it was looking forward to the arrival of its new bishop. According to the diocese's trustees, since the now-Archbishop Arthur Roche had left in 2012, Leeds had “not been able to innovate”, but instead had had to focus on putting itself on a viable financial footing, to make sure that outgoings were within reach of income once again.

12 September 2014 by Michael Phelan4

Catholic women in the Irish Diocese of Killaloe oppose the ordination of male permanent deacons in their parishes. Although I think that Irish dioceses do need to ordain permanent deacons because of their grave shortage of priestly vocations, I do have sympathy with the women in the diocese who have protested at yet another male-only ordained ministry.

12 September 2014 by John Eibner, Christian Solidarity International 1

Chief Zen escorted me to several settlements of his displaced people. Most displaced Yazidis would gladly trade places with Bushra’s family. Forty-eight destitute Yazidis shelter under a makeshift tent. In a nearby school, over 50 people live in one room. A group of 35 have nothing over their heads apart from the branches of a few trees. The displaced Yazidis are isolated, and don’t have the local and international networks of support on which Iraqi Christians can rely.