Latest Issue: 19 April 2014
19 April 2014
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17 April 2014 by Dame Catherine Wybourne OSB 1

No pope of recent times has spoken of the devil more often, or with more assurance, than Pope Francis. To some, this is evidence of the pope's naivety.

15 April 2014 by Christopher Lamb1

Rev, the BBC sitcom about a priest struggling in an inner city parish, is arguably one of the best advertisements for the work of the Church of England in recent years.

12 April 2014 by Alex Walker 7

Pope Francis has indicated he is open to the possibility of allowing married priests, but as The Tablet reports this week, he says it is up to individual bishops’ conferences to reach a consensus on the issue first and then petition Rome.

11 April 2014 by Fr Tim Buckley 6

The debate about whether those in so-called “irregular marriages” should be readmitted to Holy Communion is a hot topic. People, including some of the cardinals, are weighing in on all sides and if we are not careful, it could become a singularly unedifying spectacle.

28 November 2013 by Bernadette Farrell 9

What makes good liturgy? The Prophet Micah poses the same question: What worship does God require? And the answer has no solutions for the liturgy or music committee. No recipe. Only this: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).

10 April 2014 by Christopher Lamb8

Following criticism over spending $2.2m (£1.3m) on a new home, the Archbishop of Atlanta, Wilton Gregory has decided to sell up while in Germany the Bishop of Limburg, who spent an outrageous €31m on his, has had his resignation accepted.

04 April 2014 by Abigail Frymann1

Artists, said Pope Paul VI, are masters of “rendering accessible and comprehensible to the minds and hearts of our people the things of the spirit, the invisible, the ineffable, the things of God himself.”

01 April 2014 by Francis Davis20

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth has burst on to the global religious media stage thanks to an interview he gave recently to the anti-abortion website LifeSite News.

31 March 2014 by Paul Bodenham 3

These are interesting times for economics. Just as growth is returning to the UK economy, more and more people are daring to question whether economic growth is a good thing.

28 March 2014 by Ben Ryan 0

The debate over Catholic adoption agencies and the right of homosexual couples to adopt has been rumbling a long time now, and seemed to be pretty well one-way traffic as Catholic agency after agency failed to make a strong case.