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20-27 December 2014
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Parish Practice

18 December 2014 by Richard Hewitt

Since the Second Vatican Council, the sacred liturgy has been made more accessible across the world by incorporating local traditions. This celebration of the Feast of the Nativity in Malawi is a moving example

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11 December 2014 by David Clemens

The Lord gave many of his most powerful illustrations of divine love when dining with people from all walks of life. Food is central to God’s plan for the faithful, and it is fitting to build the Christian life around it

04 December 2014 by Brian and Maureen Devine

Couples often marry after little or no preparation, and with little understanding of the kind of commitment they are making. The Synod on the Family has given a new impetus to attempts to put this right

27 November 2014 by Kathryn Turner

As Advent begins, Isaiah guides the faithful, reminding them of the star that shines through the deepest darkness. Gather together in prayer and study, using materials that uncover the joy of Christmas

20 November 2014 by Katharine and David Bramley

When a couple expecting their fourth child were told the baby could not survive outside the womb, they were offered an abortion – but refused. In carrying the baby, they learned how deep is love for lost infants