Parish Practice

A priest is necessarily a hands-on pastor … but he must be an ‘enabler’ of the laity, chosen according to their gifts, to take part in this role

Grassroots theology

01 November 2017 | by Sean Wales
A monthly study group established to discuss Scripture and Vatican documents proved enormously successful, and its exploration of Pope Francis’ exhortation Amoris Laetitia was particularly fruitful

Seize the special day

04 October 2017 | by Bernard Cotter
Baptisms, weddings and funerals are typically occasions when many people who don’t normally set foot in a church are present. These are precious times when evangelisation by priest and parishioners is possible

The blessings of ageing

30 August 2017 | by Rachel Walker
The impression we often get from the media is that older people are a burden on society. Parishes can highlight how their wisdom, experience and prayers can help us all to appreciate the gift of life

The evangelical mission of the parish is sometimes on the periphery of its activities. In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis urges us to let the missionary impulse enrich parish life. Here are some ways that it can

The title of a July Catholic People’s Week at a Lancashire Monastery next week is “Bringing Francis into the parish”. Since becoming Pope, Francis has issued Evangelii Gaudium (the “Joy of the Gospel”) and Laudato Si’ (“On the Care For Our Common Home”). He says: “An authentic faith, which is never comfortable or completely personal, always involves a deep desire to change the world” (EG183).The Catholic People’s Week will explore how this is realised in parishes.

Responding to disaster

28 June 2017 | by Peter Michael Scott
In the early hours of 14 June, as news of the Grenfell Tower fire spread, and emergency services responded, so too did local faith communities. A Catholic chaplain explains the measures parishes should have in place

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