Latest Issue: 19 July 2014
19 July 2014
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Parish Practice

17 July 2014 by Clare Skelton

It is good to give money to worthy causes, but the Christian vocation requires more than that – believers are meant to give of their time, of themselves. The Caritas roadshows open a window on what is possible

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10 July 2014 by Nicholas Henshall

I have had two run-ins with secular humanists over the last decade. Neither has been pretty. The first was live on the Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio Derby six years ago.

03 July 2014 by Jim Duffy

Christ said “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them” (Matthew 19:14). In some parishes, they think they have to entertain children in order to engage them at Mass. I believe they are wrong. The way to engage children (and adults) when they come to Mass is to help them encounter Christ by experiencing his work in the ministries of the parish.

26 June 2014 by Kit Dollard

Knowing ourselves is the work of a lifetime but the Myers Briggs Type Indicator has a proven record of helping people to understand their own personalities so that they can work better with others

19 June 2014 by Diana Klein

The process of offering a welcome to Catholics who have lost touch with the Church can be a delicate one. Landings, a programme designed to help them negotiate their return, is being relaunched next month