Latest Issue: 30 August 2014
30 August 2014
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Parish Practice

28 August 2014 by Diana Klein

The way the sign of peace is observed at Mass has provoked an instruction from Rome on proper practice. This reveals a need for a catechesis that explains the deeper meaning of liturgical gestures

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21 August 2014 by Sean Wales

Absolute quiet is prescribed at many points in the Roman Missal but sacred stillness that surfaces spontaneously in prayer is more precious than any other

14 August 2014 by Bernard Cotter

It is good for priests to look for saintly role models, but it is not always easy to find someone whose example offers insights into how to deal with the extraordinary demands of contemporary life

07 August 2014 by Alan Whelan

Attending Mass when abroad can be particularly stimulating and instructive. Observing and appreciating the creative input from other cultures can help the faithful refresh their own customs

31 July 2014 by Marguerite Horner

Matrimonial promises are sacred and profound, and couples making them quite naturally wish to explore all aspects of the commitment they are making. Here we compare two approaches to marriage preparation