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Follow the Good Shepherd Premium

01 December 2016 | by John Cosgrove
Children with autism may be excluded from school because of disruptive behaviour. But the condition that inhibits communication and emotional understanding is to blame, and these ‘lost sheep’ can be found

Yearning in hope Premium

24 November 2016 | by Denis McBride
As we step into Advent, the decorations we make can help us see that what is important is not necessarily what is happening now. We must look back to God’s promises and Christ’s birth and forward to his return

Tales that open the heart Premium

17 November 2016 | by David Wells
If we make time to listen to and tell stories about one another’s lives, we may find that a surprising thing starts to happen: we come to see people in a different way, through the eyes of mercy

To everything there is a season Premium

10 November 2016 | by Frances Novillo
Care should be taken to maintain the distinctiveness of Advent music so that it doesn’t blur into Christmas. Appropriate hymns, songs and chants – of which there are many – express joyful hope and holy fear

Welcoming the stranger Premium

03 November 2016 | by Feidhlimidh Magennis
The success of Catholic schools in Northern Ireland in integrating the children of migrant families serves as an encouragement to the wider Catholic population

Lessons from the poor Premium

26 October 2016 | by Nicholas Henshall
The sight of beggars in the street is common in our cities, despite by-laws often making begging illegal. Many people find such a situation awkward or embarrassing, yet the Gospel teaches us how to respond

Light to the peripheries Premium

12 October 2016 | by Anthony Chantry
The 1994 Rwandan genocide claimed 1 million lives. Parishes now are trying to promote healing and Missio’s World Mission Sunday collection will help. Everyone’s understanding of mercy will be deepened

Forgotten victims of crime Premium

06 October 2016 | by Katherine Copperthwaite
Prisons Week takes place next week starting with Prisoners’ Sunday on 9 October. For the children of incarcerated parents, the pain can be acute. Schools are in a unique position to give support

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