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New spirit of goodwill Premium

18 August 2016
Was the Reformation really necessary? The question is posed anew by a comprehensive report from the German Bishops’ Conference. It was published this week to begin the 500th anniversary commemorations of the defining moment in October 1517 when Martin Luther published his famous 95 challenges to established church teaching and practice.

Games that unite a divided nation Premium

18 August 2016
The wonderful performance of Team GB in the summer Olympics is deeply gratifying, even if from a coldly statistical point of view it could have been anticipated.

Men, women and the image of god Premium

10 August 2016
Not for the first time, Pope Francis has attacked “gender theory”, saying it advocates the elimination of God-given differences between the sexes which are essential to a healthy society.

Mrs May’s good idea Premium

10 August 2016
The High Pay Centre, an independent think tank, has published its latest survey of the remuneration of Britain’s top executives, showing “no end to the rise and rise in top pay”.

Recruit the Young in hope not fear Premium

03 August 2016
It is well known that Pope Francis and the bishops of Europe’s most Catholic nation – at least by numbers – have not always been singing from the same hymn book.

Olympic spirit can be reborn Premium

03 August 2016
There is almost a tradition that on the eve of the Olympic Games, money and drugs should compete as to which can create the biggest scandal.

High price paid by Fr Hamel Premium

27 July 2016
What makes the gruesome killing of Father Jacques Hamel all the more frightening is the impossibility of preventing such crimes.

The joint report by two parliamentary select committees into the collapse of the BHS retail chain could hardly have been more devastating.

At the crux of the House of Commons debate on the renewal of the Trident submarine fleet this week, Britain’s new Prime Minister was asked: “Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children?”

Laicite is not a helpful framework Premium

21 July 2016
French policy towards its racial and religious minorities contains many ambiguities and contradictions that are hard for the French to understand, let alone outsiders.

Theresa May can seize the moment Premium

14 July 2016
After a nervous interlude when Britain appeared to have neither a Government nor an Opposition, a new national leader has emerged who can command trust and respect. Theresa May, the country’s second female Prime Minister, may never attract the devotion that Margaret Thatcher gained for herself.

Catholic higher education in Britain has reached a critical juncture. Heythrop College in the University of London, universally renowned as a centre of academic excellence in philosophy and theology, is facing closure. Enormous energy and goodwill has gone into attempts to rescue it, to no avail.

History will judge whether the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, was exaggerating when he told the European Parliament that Britain had “collapsed – politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally” in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

Francis must put his foot down Premium

06 July 2016
Shortly before Christmas 2014 Pope Francis told members of the Roman Curia that they often suffered from “the pathology of power”, which produced a “superiority complex”.

Moment of truth for UK and Europe Premium

29 June 2016
The recent referendum on European Union membership has been taken by some as a signal that racial and xenophobic abuse has been legitimised.

June is a favourite month for Gay Pride marches, and this year they have taken on particular poignancy because of the massacre at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Many gay people saw this attack as homophobic.

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