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It is increasingly easy to see a checkmate looming ahead, when the Republic rejects all partial borders, virtual borders or pretend non-borders

Why did Stephen Hawking exist? The answer that eluded him during his lifetime becomes more obvious with the eyes of faith

Seminarians should be taught a broader syllabus in more open institutions and educated alongside lay men and women. And where possible, they should be taught alongside lay men and women.

The hollow reality of relentless cuts which are neither good sense from a moral nor economic point of view

The world needs popular leadership, but not the sort that exploits and cultivates cynicism and resentment. Yet that type of populism is increasing across the globe. The one great exception is Pope Francis …

A new philosophical paradigm is required, and Catholic Social Teaching offers it.

In the middle of the fourth century Bishop Cyril of Jerusalem gave this instruction to those who were about to join the Catholic Church

21 February 2018

Securing Mandela’s legacy

The new president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, may have emerged just in time to rescue his country from the fiasco of his predecessor’s time in office.

21 February 2018

Time to scrap tuition fees

Britain’s young adults are unfairly treated compared with their parents and grandparents.

The Oxfam sex scandal represents a betrayal of all that Oxfam stood for, and of the efforts of tens of thousands of volunteers and of millions of individual donors. It has cast a shadow over the entire voluntary sector, and raises hard questions about those responsible for supervision and enforcement.

14 February 2018

A bold lesson in how to lead

Cupich in Cambridge

Rumours of a deal between the Vatican and the People’s Republic of China

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