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Those who oppose the papacy of Francis will have been dismayed by his announcement that he is naming 14 new cardinals, 11 of whom will be eligible to elect his successor.

For a nation supposedly disenchanted with elites, the public response to the royal wedding last weekend was puzzling.

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The Irish instinct is for the sacredness of life, but also for sincere compassion towards any woman who has been put in an impossible position by an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy

Death in Palestine

It is an old truism that the British Labour Party owes more to Methodism than to Marxism.

With mixed marriages between Catholics and Protestants in Germany now very common, pressure is increasing on the Catholic Church to relax its rules on the reception of Holy Communion by the non-Catholic partner.

There needs to be a change of climate, from one of suspicion to one of welcome. Immigrants have been good for Britain. Sajid Javid's job is to make that clear once more – above all, within the Home Office.

The world will not quickly forget the sight of Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper in the air on his return from Munich, confidently announcing “peace in our time” and claiming he had “Herr Hitler’s signature” to prove it.

Windrush scandal

What harm to the public good would have been done if Alfie Evans was given one last chance at the specialist Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome?

The Barros affair: It is difficult to overstate how dreadful this episode is. Had Pope Francis been the head of a large international agency, particularly one with child protection responsibilities, the Pope would have had to resign in disgrace.

Was the real reason that Mrs May feared she might be defeated, as David Cameron had been in similar circumstances in 2013?

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