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Moral challenge facing Mrs May Premium

22 September 2016
The lady is clearly “not for turning”. To adapt a famous remark of Margaret Thatcher’s, Theresa May as Prime Minister has dug herself into the same position that she adopted as Home Secretary: refugees should as far as possible remain someone else’s problem. Her contribution to the United Nations’ review of the world refugee crisis this week was merely to reiterate her existing policy.

Labour’s failure means a one-party state Premium

22 September 2016
When the Labour Party gathers for its annual conference in Liverpool this weekend, it will have reason to be cheerful – if all it is concerned about is numbers. Party membership is around 500,000, making it the biggest political party in the UK.

Reforms must help faiths and society Premium

15 September 2016
Theresa May continues to brush aside her predecessor’s policies, and this week her new broom reached the world of education. Her new Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, announced the lifting of two government-imposed limits on the schools system.

A common cause for clergy and laity Premium

15 September 2016
Individualism has its limits. Though he insisted his speech had no headlines, that in a nutshell is what Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster told a gathering of priests in Birmingham, his former archdiocese, this week.

Volunteer recruits on true front line Premium

08 September 2016
In raising Mother Teresa to the altars on Sunday, Pope Francis lauded not only her unique witness to the mercy of God but the work of countless volunteers who for decades have flocked to share in her mission to the poorest.

Brexit means social justice Premium

08 September 2016
Theresa May’s arrival at 10 Downing Street may have been unusually painless for an incoming Prime Minister, though painful for those she replaced. Her outlook is becoming clearer.

Making sense of Brexit Premium

01 September 2016
Theresa May has volunteered to organise the greatest disturbance to British political and economic life since the Second World War. She has to make sense of her own phrase “Brexit means Brexit”, which was her way of reassuring the winning side in the EU Referendum debate that, although a cautious Remainer, as Prime Minister she would obediently implement the national will.

The work of a good shepherd Premium

01 September 2016
When the new head of the new Vatican department for the laity, marriage and the family says “I think bishops need to pay attention to their pastoral councils,” many Catholics might ask “What pastoral councils?” or indeed “What are pastoral councils?” Outside the United States, where Irish-born Kevin Farrell served as a bishop for 16 years, they are quite rare birds.

New spirit of goodwill Premium

18 August 2016
Was the Reformation really necessary? The question is posed anew by a comprehensive report from the German Bishops’ Conference. It was published this week to begin the 500th anniversary commemorations of the defining moment in October 1517 when Martin Luther published his famous 95 challenges to established church teaching and practice.

Games that unite a divided nation Premium

18 August 2016
The wonderful performance of Team GB in the summer Olympics is deeply gratifying, even if from a coldly statistical point of view it could have been anticipated.

Men, women and the image of god Premium

10 August 2016
Not for the first time, Pope Francis has attacked “gender theory”, saying it advocates the elimination of God-given differences between the sexes which are essential to a healthy society.

Mrs May’s good idea Premium

10 August 2016
The High Pay Centre, an independent think tank, has published its latest survey of the remuneration of Britain’s top executives, showing “no end to the rise and rise in top pay”.

Recruit the Young in hope not fear Premium

03 August 2016
It is well known that Pope Francis and the bishops of Europe’s most Catholic nation – at least by numbers – have not always been singing from the same hymn book.

Olympic spirit can be reborn Premium

03 August 2016
There is almost a tradition that on the eve of the Olympic Games, money and drugs should compete as to which can create the biggest scandal.

High price paid by Fr Hamel Premium

27 July 2016
What makes the gruesome killing of Father Jacques Hamel all the more frightening is the impossibility of preventing such crimes.

The joint report by two parliamentary select committees into the collapse of the BHS retail chain could hardly have been more devastating.

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