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Join the dots on social care Premium

19 January 2017
It has been said that the British regard the National Health Service as the nearest thing to a state religion. That may explain why rows about its successes and failings are so passionate.

Nothing troubles Catholic parents more than the wholesale flight of young people from the weekly practice of the faith. Yet these are also their years of adventure and idealism, when authenticity is at a premium and the world is a mess.

A step into the unknown Premium

12 January 2017
The 2016 presidential election in the United States, which concludes with the inauguration ceremony next Friday, revealed to the rest of the planet that many Americans share a widespread and deep-seated dislike of their central government.

A final curveball from Obama Premium

04 January 2017
Given the toxic tone of so much political discourse in 2016, the last gestures of the Obama administration should have come as no surprise. Barack Obama has left a diplomatic minefield for his successor Donald Trump.

“There is a new freshness in the Church, a new joyfulness, a new charisma which speaks to people, and that is something beautiful.” This is the remarkable assessment of the papacy of Pope Francis by his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict, in the interviews with him recently published as Last Testament.

Our dark world will see the light Premium

15 December 2016
Was Yeats right? “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold” were his despairing words as he regarded not the World War just ended but prospects for the future afterwards.

A message from the editor Premium

15 December 2016
Earlier this month I wrote an article about a Teresa of Ávila pilgrimage that ended with some lines from the Carmelite saint: “Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing dismay you; all things pass.”

The Church should not throw stones Premium

08 December 2016
The acting head teacher of a Catholic school in Gosport, Hampshire, has been told he is disqualified from applying for the full headship post simply by virtue of the “irregular” status of his marriage.

A need for changing cultures Premium

08 December 2016
One of the more short-sighted cuts in services under David Cameron was the withdrawal of funding for the teaching of English to adult speakers of other languages.

Pope can heal Church’s standing Premium

01 December 2016
The forthcoming papal visit to Ireland in 2018, which could include a visit to Northern Ireland, has the potential to make a major contribution to easing relations between the two communities there.

Liberty must have a place in the future Premium

01 December 2016
Fidel Castro, who has died aged 90, could have been so much better. As the ruler of Cuba for nearly half a century, it was within his reach to fashion a society that exalted human dignity in all aspects – a beacon of freedom to Latin America and to the international Left.

Compassion is always the key Premium

24 November 2016
Pope Francis’ proclamation of a Year of Mercy – the year which has just ended – was initially seen as part of his desire for a more compassionate approach to issues such as the admission of divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion.

Workers must have a stake in their firm Premium

24 November 2016
One of the more unexpected features of Theresa May’s pitch for the leadership of the Conservative Party was her proposal for company boards to include a representative of the workforce.

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