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Restoring the ancient tradition Premium

23 February 2017
There is an exceptional level of turbulence in the Roman Catholic Church, and it arises from resistance to Pope Francis’ leadership. His critique of free-market capitalism, his outspoken sympathy for refugees and his strong support for measures to combat global climate change have been denounced in right-wing political circles.

A country without a moral compass Premium

16 February 2017
Theresa May wants to be remembered as the politician who safely delivered the United Kingdom out of the clutches of the European Union, without wrecking the economy in the process.

Authentic liturgy needs to be understood Premium

16 February 2017
If the language with which we pray is not the language with which we think, write and speak, it constitutes a barrier that separates us from God. This is the major flaw in the current translation of the Latin Mass into English, and it could hardly be more serious.

The risks of diplomacy Premium

09 February 2017
It is plainly unethical, not to say ghoulish in the extreme, to remove organs from recently executed prisoners in order to use them in transplant operations even if that saves patients’ lives.

Fine words won’t build more homes Premium

09 February 2017
Upwards not outwards is the UK Government’s response to the overwhelming need to build more homes for Britain’s growing population.

Too quick to cosy up to Trump Premium

01 February 2017
Pacts with the devil do not generally end well. That may have been one of the doubts that the British Prime Minister banished from her mind as she journeyed to Washington last week to become the new President’s first official foreign visitor.

Prisoners need healing, not revenge Premium

01 February 2017
Recent disturbances in British prisons – thankfully quelled without too much extra violence – may be interpreted as protests at a severe crisis in the entire system rather than just as outbreaks of lawless anarchy.

Trump must be made to face facts Premium

25 January 2017
The presidency of Donald Trump has already provoked a series of angry skirmishes between himself and his staff on the one hand, and with the mainstream media on the other.

With the hindsight of 500 years, it is not hard to see that Martin Luther could have been handled much better. He was obviously an awkward character, but he did not start out with the intention of splitting the Church.

Join the dots on social care Premium

19 January 2017
It has been said that the British regard the National Health Service as the nearest thing to a state religion. That may explain why rows about its successes and failings are so passionate.

Nothing troubles Catholic parents more than the wholesale flight of young people from the weekly practice of the faith. Yet these are also their years of adventure and idealism, when authenticity is at a premium and the world is a mess.

A step into the unknown Premium

12 January 2017
The 2016 presidential election in the United States, which concludes with the inauguration ceremony next Friday, revealed to the rest of the planet that many Americans share a widespread and deep-seated dislike of their central government.

A final curveball from Obama Premium

04 January 2017
Given the toxic tone of so much political discourse in 2016, the last gestures of the Obama administration should have come as no surprise. Barack Obama has left a diplomatic minefield for his successor Donald Trump.

“There is a new freshness in the Church, a new joyfulness, a new charisma which speaks to people, and that is something beautiful.” This is the remarkable assessment of the papacy of Pope Francis by his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict, in the interviews with him recently published as Last Testament.

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