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Pope can heal Church’s standing Premium

01 December 2016
The forthcoming papal visit to Ireland in 2018, which could include a visit to Northern Ireland, has the potential to make a major contribution to easing relations between the two communities there.

Liberty must have a place in the future Premium

01 December 2016
Fidel Castro, who has died aged 90, could have been so much better. As the ruler of Cuba for nearly half a century, it was within his reach to fashion a society that exalted human dignity in all aspects – a beacon of freedom to Latin America and to the international Left.

Compassion is always the key Premium

24 November 2016
Pope Francis’ proclamation of a Year of Mercy – the year which has just ended – was initially seen as part of his desire for a more compassionate approach to issues such as the admission of divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion.

Workers must have a stake in their firm Premium

24 November 2016
One of the more unexpected features of Theresa May’s pitch for the leadership of the Conservative Party was her proposal for company boards to include a representative of the workforce.

The risks of Donald Trump Premium

17 November 2016
Most of the rest of the world finds itself in the curious position of hoping that the next President of the United States of America is a liar and a hypocrite. The exception may be Russia, which would prefer to take Donald Trump at his word.

A wise and true voice for the church Premium

17 November 2016
Anyone googling the name Vincent Nichols will notice in the secular media what assiduous readers of The Tablet’s news columns have already observed. The eleventh Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster has been busy.

Bread of life is food for unity Premium

10 November 2016
Last week’s photograph of Pope Francis embracing the female leader of the Church of Sweden, Archbishop Antje Jackelén, was a stark reminder not only of how close the Catholic Church has come to other denominations like the Lutherans, but also how far apart they still are.

Parliament must not be subverted Premium

10 November 2016
The one good reason in favour of letting Parliament be as fully involved as possible in the forthcoming negotiations with the European Union over Brexit can be summed up in two words: parliamentary sovereignty.

A day of reckoning for the United States Premium

03 November 2016
The world is watching in baffled astonishment as the 2016 United States presidential election campaign, one of the most divisive in American history, draws to its conclusion. Not only has it brought to the surface deep fissures in American society, it has opened them wider.

Aid is first of all a moral duty Premium

26 October 2016
The Prime Minister is not famous for her sense of humour, but she seems to have displayed it in the appointment of certain Cabinet ministers, notably Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and Priti Patel as International Development Secretary.

Common sense was missing ingredient Premium

26 October 2016
A perception is growing that in any collision between the right to freedom of religion and the right of gay men and women not to be discriminated against, the gay side of the argument always wins.

A disaster in theory and in execution Premium

20 October 2016
Two of the most inflammatory words in the field of child abuse are “cover up” – implying a conspiracy to conceal abuse of vulnerable young people, thereby allowing it to continue.

The link between slavery and refugees Premium

20 October 2016
Among refugees rescued from sinking boats in the Mediterranean this year, a surprisingly high proportion have been pregnant women. Yet the overland journey from their country of origin to Libya, from which the people-smugglers’ boats embark, sometimes takes more than a year.

Francis forms his grand design Premium

12 October 2016
Pope Francis will preside over a consistory next month at which 17 new red hats will be presented to their chosen recipients, 13 of whom are eligible to take part in papal elections.

American electors are about to give their answer to one of the classic questions of democratic politics. Is character what matters most? Or is it policy? And where does sexual misconduct, by word or deed, fit in?

Brexit talks must be open to scrutiny Premium

06 October 2016
An admiral about to conduct a battle was asked by an aide what to tell the newspapers. “Tell them nothing,” he replied. Then he added: “When it’s all over, tell them we won.” That sums up Theresa May’s attitude to the forthcoming negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union.

On the road to eugenics Premium

06 October 2016
Medical science has made remarkable progress in recent years in attempting to cure and even eradicate diseases. Doctors who do so can change the world and billionaires want to help them. The Gates Foundation, run by Bill and Melinda Gates, has committed itself to eradicating malaria.

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