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10 October 2015
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Christopher Lamb

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  1. Rules on Communion for non-Catholics could be relaxed
  2. Egan advocates support for the divorced and remarried Catholics
  3. Keep Britain’s nuclear deterrent, says Guthrie
  4. Heythrop to award church degrees
  5. ‘Leadership is about service’
  6. Parish to be run by French community
  7. Knights’ former sacristan charged with abuse
  8. New role for an old Rule
  9. Marriage Care sells HQ for £855,000
  10. Patrick Burke is Edinburgh vicar general
  11. Bishops to discuss gay marriage implications
  12. Benedictine Oxford hall plans to admit women
  13. Recusant chapel set for Lottery funding
  14. New Plymouth bishop: poor my priority
  15. Nuncio reveals profile of ideal candidates
  16. Fears for safety of London Filipino chaplain
  17. Leading Vatican prosecutor meets victims and safeguarding experts
  18. Egan announces plans for diocese to put ‘faith into action’
  19. Longley says Church must not view world as hostile
  20. Composer to stop writing congregational music
  21. On the road to London
  22. Freedom of religion on agenda
  23. Be more vocal, faith groups told
  24. Thousands fill out synod survey
  25. Anglican patrimony for ordinariate defined
  26. Prince voices concern for persecuted Christians
  27. Stephen Robson appointed to Dunkeld
  28. Delay in Chemin Neuf’s arrival
  29. Most couples live together before marriage
  30. Sutherland advising Vatican Bank
  31. Nichols’ key role in bishop selection
  32. Dioceses face up to having fewer priests
  33. Burke confirmed as Edinburgh vicar general
  34. Archbishop with a down-to-earth style seeking constructive dialogue in the Church and secular spheres
  35. Nichols’ new role puts English Catholicism at ‘heart of Church’
  36. SVP rewarded by Prime Minister
  37. Catholic church first for women’s ordination group
  38. Queen to make informal visit to Pope Francis
  39. Education adviser in court on child-porn charges
  40. Neglect of Psalms is ‘crazy’
  41. Happier ever afters
  42. Friar admits child-abuse image crimes
  43. Outspoken deacon told: stop posting
  44. Leeds slashes spending and halts building projects to beat deficit
  45. McMahon tipped to succeed Kelly as Archbishop of Liverpool
  46. Safeguarding office moves ‘in-house’
  47. Call to allow Communion for remarried
  48. Liverpool’s engineer for change
  49. New archbishop plans to ‘get the smell of the sheep’
  50. Trust gives £300,000 to help poor
  51. Hierarchy rejects call to refuse politicians Communion
  52. Hudson made Westminster auxiliary
  53. New anti-trafficking hub in London following Vatican conference
  54. Northern ‘gem’ handed to traditionalists
  55. Rome and conferences pressed to consider married priests
  56. Walsingham director named as bishop
  57. Vatican cardinal wanted synod findings to be secret
  58. Sociologist to head papal academy
  59. Northern dioceses feel the pinch
  60. Parents miss out on Catholic primaries in London
  61. McMahon calls for missionary Church
  62. Caution against Ukip ahead of elections
  63. ‘I’m never sure what’s next’
  64. Cafod turns down gay volunteer
  65. Catholicism is the religion of one in five prisoners
  66. Christians hit back at naturalist’s criticism
  67. Welby and Francis to hold second meeting on trafficking
  68. New abortion rules ‘threat to midwives’
  69. Trafficking tops agenda for Welby’s Vatican meeting
  70. Church ‘must overcome its fears’ in order to evangelise
  71. Two traditions, one holy ground
  72. Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury join forces against slavery
  73. Priest who led response to Jersey killings is honoured
  74. ‘The cosmos is our home’
  75. Sister Ilia Delio: full Question and Answer with The Tablet.
  76. RAF commissions first deacon
  77. Catholic library closes while searching for new home
  78. Rise in hostility to Catholic teaching and leaders
  79. Lessons in survival
  80. Women bishops vote creates obstacles for church unity
  81. London Oratory school criticised for favouring white middle classes
  82. Heythrop and St Mary’s enter partnership discussions
  83. Lay ministry course backed by Cardinal Hume is wound up
  84. Secular criticism of Church ‘prophetic’, says monk
  85. Pilgrims ‘must not be bystanders’ in Holy Land
  86. Outbreak marked with service of peace and repentance
  87. Downside holds back from electing new abbot
  88. Faith in the workplace survey under way
  89. Bishops stay neutral on independence vote
  90. Walsingham shrine in search of new leadership
  91. Independent Scotland would need its own papal ambassador
  92. The case for mercy
  93. Cushley bans speech by female theologian
  94. Call for new culture of mercy
  95. Labour denies manifesto pledge for assisted suicide debate
  96. New bishop follows Francis with plans for plain ministry
  97. Open to the voice of the future
  98. Synod clergy urged to speak without fear
  99. Battle lines drawn
  100. First synod document ignites a controversy
  101. Now the talking really begins
  102. Cardinal welcomes new pastoral focus
  103. Report finds Anglican Church failed over abuse allegations against former dean
  104. Election guidance on agenda at bishops’ plenary
  105. Rome learns a new language
  106. Encyclical on environment to be published next year
  107. Heythrop chairman quits at crucial time for college
  108. Cardinal says Pope appreciates ‘English temperament’
  109. Stock warned of dangers in being a bishop
  110. Jesuit college closes to new undergraduates
  111. Partnership would mark new chapter in Catholic higher education
  112. Duncan Smith defends benefit cuts from Church criticism
  113. Engineer for change
  114. Archbishop deplores abortion case ruling
  115. CES seeks apology for Catholic school slur
  116. Next government could open up academies for Church
  117. Former Irish president to join St Mary’s University
  118. Abuse campaigner appointed to papal commission
  119. Boost for quality of Heythrop’s research
  120. Major study calls for spirituality in public life
  121. Red hats for a global Church
  122. Catholic Directory goes electronic after 175 years
  123. MP asks Cameron for beefed-up conscience clause in abortion law
  124. Anglicans urged to invest in growth
  125. Fund-raising campaign nets £37 million
  126. Bishops blocked at Gaza border
  127. Stricter rules on assisted dying proposed by peer
  128. CES apologises in row over changes to RE
  129. MP ‘disappointed’ over Prime Minister’s abortion response
  130. BBC shakes up religious programming
  131. Monti warns Britain against a ‘backward step’ on Europe
  132. Corporation’s myopic vision
  133. BBC’s religious coverage on radio drops by almost 40pc
  134. Accountability starts here
  135. Root and branch reformer
  136. Pell and Marx clash on Holy See finances
  137. New rural office created
  138. Commissioners and religious order top charity pay table
  139. Newman wins £1.8m grant to study science and religion
  140. Romero the martyr is to be beatified on eve of Pentecost
  141. Priests drum up support to resist any change at this year’s synod
  142. No official church status for new ‘Catholic’ college
  143. New translation ‘should be permitted’
  144. St Benet’s prepares for women students
  145. Unfinished business
  146. Bishop Moth to replace Conry in Arundel and Brighton
  147. Cardinal rebukes 500 priests over ‘no change at synod’ letter
  148. Nichols: gathering in Rome must avoid ‘collateral’ damage
  149. Catholic union fund-raising to counter ‘erosion’ of religious values
  150. St Mary’s and Heythrop ‘merger’ talks enter final stage
  151. Ofsted says Primary fails to teach democracy and ‘different forms’ of families
  152. Heythrop’s Kensington site to be retained if merger with St Mary’s goes ahead
  153. Benedictine nuns hold first Mass in new abbey church
  154. Cathedrals to have holy doors during jubilee
  155. One in five polling booths in a church
  156. Cardinal talks to Alpha as its use grows in UK
  157. Murder of Christians creates an ‘ecumenism of martyrs’, says Pope
  158. Catholics help SNP to record win in Scotland
  159. Fewer Catholic MPs in new House of Commons
  160. Vatican post for Radcliffe
  161. New Bishop of Nottingham wants parishes to be outward-looking
  162. Merger talks with St Mary’s stall as Heythrop sinks into the red
  163. Downside to shut five churches
  164. Fundraising to bolster anti-slavery work
  165. Edmund Campion pamphlet returns home after four centuries
  166. Composer and nun named in Queen’s latest honours list
  167. Synod will seek to ‘integrate’ divorced and remarried
  168. Batch of vocations at Leeds Trinity
  169. A Jesuit light goes out in London
  170. End of an era as Heythrop closes
  171. ‘Our task is not to run a university’
  172. Dons rally round Heythrop
  173. Benedictines meet to discuss their future
  174. Priest leaves traditionalist parish
  175. Liverpool Hope honours novelist
  176. Declining order holds crisis talks
  177. Father figure
  178. Minister for faith role downgraded
  179. Leading Welsh priest to become Anglican
  180. Synod must focus on ‘real life’, says Cupich
  181. Francis is ‘a hit’
  182. Annulments to be speeded up
  183. Finding the ‘real’ in the ‘ideal’
  184. Synod will include 45 Francis nominees
  185. Europe trapped in ‘culture of comfort’
  186. Francis calls for a ‘revolution of tenderness’
  187. Pope speaks as immigrant in land of immigrants
  188. The Word made fresh
  189. Pope demonstrates the ‘inclusive Church’
  190. Trying to square the circle
  191. Pope intervenes to remind synod of guiding principles
  192. A priest is found dead in his car after three days, what does this say about the lives of Catholic clergy?
  193. Paul Goggins: man of integrity, faith and service
  194. Spare us the faux outrage over bishops’ houses
  195. Archbishop Welby, is a healthy church always a growing one?
  196. Liverpool's new archbishop knows nostalgia is not an option
  197. Francis’ condemnation of death penalty shows Christianity’s counter-cultural approach to punishment
  198. Francis’ US-Cuba coup demonstrates the Church’s soft power
  199. The programme of Francis’ papacy: changing the culture of the Roman curia
  200. Is Francis seeking a new understanding of church teaching on contraception?
  201. Will the marriage of St Mary’s and Heythrop go ahead?
  202. The Pope knows the power of leaving people guessing
  203. London parish given to Chemin Neuf
  204. Cafod recognises upset over McBride
  205. Bishops in historic prayer meeting in St Thomas More's cell
  206. Rome asks views on thorniest issues
  207. Gay marriage fall-out and free schools top bishops’ agenda
  208. Marriage Care sells HQ for £855,000 to balance books
  209. Nuncio profiles ideal bishops
  210. Oxford's St Benet's to admit women
  211. Warsi to give Benedict XVI lecture
  212. Advert asking Christians’ tales of workplace discrimination banned
  213. MacMillan downs pen in protest
  214. B&B couple lose appeal
  215. Vatican abuse prosecutor meets British victims
  216. Bishop Egan wants faith in action
  217. Francis to set up commission on abuse and safeguarding
  218. Freedom of religion 'is on government agenda'
  219. Pope: South Africa must follow in Mandela's path of non-violence, justice and peace
  220. CDF defines Anglican patrimony for Ordinariate
  221. Former barrister Roger Taylor made new rector of Allen Hall
  222. Delays beset Chemin Neuf’s takeover of London parish
  223. Most couples live together before marriage, says Catholic charity
  224. Archbishop Nichols appointed to key Vatican body
  225. Prince Charles voices concern for persecuted Middle Eastern Christians in Britain
  226. Diplomat appointed to smooth the waters at St Mary's, Twickenham
  227. Bishop says Christianity in Britain could be extinct in a generation
  228. David Cameron hails 'rejuvenating' arrival of Pope Francis
  229. Bishops appeal for end to violence in South Sudan
  230. Dame Colette Bowe praises nuns who educated her
  231. Mgr Patrick Burke confirmed as St Andrews and Edinburgh Vicar General
  232. St Vincent de Paul Society recognised by Cameron
  233. Women’s ordination group to meet in Catholic church for first time
  234. Queen and Prince Philip to have audience with Pope in April
  235. Brentwood bishop ticks off his top liturgy official
  236. Charles Clarke takes aim at secularists
  237. Vocations director and chaplain, 49, appointed bishop of Paisley
  238. Catholic Education Service adviser in court on child porn charges
  239. Charismatics ‘crazy’ to neglect the Psalms, warns Wright
  240. Cardinal to host major Vatican conference on trafficking
  241. Poet's dig at new Missal in mischievous final sonnet
  242. Church's education adviser admits child-abuse image crimes
  243. Steps to sainthood for Romero-linked Jesuit and Fulton Sheen
  244. Ex-Maryvale heads set up evangelisation centre at Buckfast
  245. 'Don't do God' Alastair Campbell praises Pope Francis
  246. Campbell orders outspoken deacon to stop blogging
  247. Oxford Oratory founder Robert Byrne named bishop
  248. Nottingham's Malcolm McMahon to become Archbishop of Liverpool
  249. Leeds diocese slashes spending to beat deficit
  250. Durham establishes Catholic Social Teaching post
  251. Former English College rector appointed Westminster auxiliary
  252. Pope gives Queen Edward the Confessor cross
  253. Hierarchy rejects call to refuse politicians communion
  254. Vatican launches inquiry in O’Brien's former diocese
  255. Abused former altar boy sues Church for £300,000
  256. Nichols and Welby meet refugees at Catholic Worker house
  257. Walsingham director to succeed McMahon as bishop of Brentwood
  258. British sociologist to head papal social sciences academy
  259. Family life survey findings must be kept under wraps - Vatican
  260. In-depth documentary examines how Francis changing Church
  261. Vatican and bishops' conferences urged to consider married priests
  262. Parents miss out on Catholic primaries in London
  263. Papal phonecalls don't change church teaching, says Vatican
  264. Northern dioceses under financial strain
  265. Bishop describes stabbing as 'senseless tragedy'
  266. Toal to leave Argyll and the Isles to lead diocese of Motherwell
  267. Liverpool's McMahon calls for a missionary Church to 'wake up'
  268. Francis sends message of support to family of Ann Maguire
  269. Family synod, assisted suicide and school admissions on bishops’ agenda
  270. Bishop cautions against Ukip as Catholics urged to join in EU vote
  271. Olympics ceremony writer hits back at criticisms of 'godless' content
  272. Cafod turns down gay volunteer 'inspired by Francis'
  273. Pope names Cardinal Nichols to two key Vatican departments
  274. Welby and Pope to discuss trafficking in June
  275. New abortion rules 'pose threat to role of Catholic midwives'
  276. Priests and parents 'scared' to evangelise to teenagers
  277. Gumbel to join Pope and Welby for talks on anti-slavery initiative
  278. Priest who led response to Jersey killings honoured
  279. Vatican document on family calls for mercy and better formation
  280. Century-old Catholic library to close while search continues for new home
  281. Rise in British hostility to Catholic teaching and clergy, study reveals
  282. Heythrop and St Mary’s, Twickenham, in 'partnership' talks
  283. London Oratory school criticised for favouring white middle classes
  284. Principal lay ministry course backed by Cardinal Hume ends
  285. Pope Francis' fulsome tribute to evangelical bishop
  286. Downside holds back from electing abbot
  287. Jesus in the everyday: view the unusual art of Eularia Clarke
  288. Survey launched to hear about faith in the workplace
  289. Walsingham shrine in search of new leadership after Marists leave
  290. Independent Scotland would need its own papal ambassador
  291. Catholic church in Scotland opposes organ donation bill
  292. Kasper: Pope wants an ‘opening’ on church teaching on divorced
  293. Church must rediscover mercy, says Cardinal Nichols
  294. Church commissioners accept £2 million offer for Binchester
  295. Archbishop Cushley bans female Catholic theologian from speaking
  296. Bishop Kieran Conry says he feels ‘liberated’ after resignation over affair report
  297. Westminster auxiliary John Arnold appointed new Bishop of Salford
  298. Bishop follows Francis with plans for plain ministry
  299. Labour denies manifesto pledge for assisted suicide debate
  300. Cardinal Nichols takes possession of titular church
  301. Nichols says synod is opening pathways
  302. Report finds 'systemic failures' by C of E
  303. Cardinal Nichols reflects on end of Synod on the Family
  304. MPs back bill seeking to outlaw abortion on grounds of gender
  305. Catholic schools 'will teach tolerance but not gay marriage'
  306. Pope calls for 'streamlined' annulments
  307. Non-cardinal heads of Vatican departments will be made to retire at 75
  308. Cardinal Burke moved to Order of Malta
  309. Election guidance and ecumenical milestone on bishops' agenda
  310. Pope Francis to publish encyclical on climate change
  311. New Bishop of Leeds warned not to let his promotion go to his head
  312. Chairman of governors resigns at Jesuit-run Heythrop College
  313. Bishops urge laity to make voices heard ahead of next family synod
  314. Pope likes English Catholicism's 'pragmatic minority' temperament
  315. West London's 400-year-old Jesuit college considers its future
  316. Prominent Jesuit college no longer recruiting undergraduates
  317. Pope to create new cardinals in Feburary
  318. Irish ex-president appointed professor at Catholic university
  319. Duncan Smith defends benefit cuts criticised by Cardinal Nichols
  320. Scottish priests face new abuse claims
  321. Leading abuse campaigner appointed to papal commission
  322. Liverpool’s archbishop talks about plans for his diocese
  323. Tartaglia meets woman three times bereaved by bin lorry crash
  324. Heythrop’s research reveals 'dramatic improvement'
  325. Call for greater understanding of spirituality in public life
  326. Beatification for Romero closer as theologians decide he was martyr
  327. Rector of Beda College takes up visiting professorship at St Mary’s
  328. Church of England urged to invest in growth and digital media
  329. Do not offend religions – freedom of speech has limits, says Francis
  330. Peer urges stricter safeguards for assisted dying
  331. Israelis block bishops on solidarity mission from entering Gaza
  332. Cameron disagrees with Pope on freedom of speech
  333. Westminster diocese's fundraiser nets £37 million
  334. Westminster diocese fund-raising campaign nets £37 million
  335. CES apologises after bitter row over changes to RE
  336. MP ‘disappointed’ over Prime Minister’s abortion response
  337. Tartaglia returns home after suffering heart attack
  338. Nuncio's tweets accuse Francis of being 'utterly wrong'
  339. BBC shakes up religious programming
  340. BBC radio religious coverage falls by almost 40 per cent in a year
  341. Labour-supporting nuns criticise ‘bigoted’ Hunt
  342. Cardinals Pell and Marx clash over financial transparency
  343. Goldman Sachs chairman appointed to Benet’s Hall post
  344. Scicluna named as Archbishop of Malta
  345. New Rector of the Beda College after 17 years
  346. Senior monk says Religious have become too worldly
  347. Oscar Romero to be beatified on 23 May
  348. Priests drum up support to resist any change to Church teaching
  349. No official Church status for new private ‘Catholic’ college
  350. Pope announces Jubilee Year of mercy
  351. Vatican would support UN-led action against IS
  352. Vatican archbishop rules out 1998 Mass translation
  353. St Benet’s prepares to admit women students
  354. Cardinal O'Brien resigns his 'rights and privileges'
  355. Bishop Moth to replace Kieran Conry in Arundel and Brighton
  356. Cardinal rebukes priests for publicising call to resist reform
  357. St Mary’s and Heythrop enter 'final discussions' over partnership deal
  358. Judge rules in favour of London Oratory after admissions fight
  359. Primary chided for teaching on adult relationships
  360. ‘Merger’ talks between London colleges enter final stage
  361. Heythrop to keep Kensington campus in deal with St Mary’s
  362. Gay Catholics look forward to Mass celebrated by Cardinal Nichols
  363. One in five British polling stations is in a church
  364. Nichols talks to Alpha as Catholic parishes embrace course
  365. Britain's most influential Catholics revealed on The Tablet’s Top 100 list
  366. New bishop for Nottingham fills last episcopal vacancy
  367. Bishops hope new Government will lift admissions cap on academies
  368. University merger talks stall as Heythrop sinks into the red
  369. Edmund Campion pamphlet returns home after four centuries
  370. Benedictine monks of Downside to shut five churches
  371. Fundraiser to support Church's anti-trafficking work
  372. Synod document identifies ‘penitential road’
  373. Cardinal criticises Church treatment of divorced and remarried
  374. Vocations flourish at Leeds Trinity University
  375. 400-year-old Jesuit-run Heythrop College announces closure
  376. Synod document looks to integrate divorced and remarried
  377. Former Labour Education Secretary joins St Mary's, Twickenham
  378. Closure of Heythrop puts Jesuit mission and 91 jobs at risk
  379. Anglican bishop and Labour peer criticise Laudato si'
  380. Lord Patten calls for divorced and remarried to receive Communion
  381. More bishops call for married men to be ordained
  382. Priest leaves traditionalist parish due to 'toll on health'
  383. Jewish peer 'appalled' by failure to protect Christians
  384. Philosophers call for Heythrop College to be saved from closure
  385. English Benedictines gather on Sunday to discuss future
  386. Hermit who threatened lesbian couple pleads guilty to harassment
  387. Declining English Benedictine order holds crisis talks at Buckfast Abbey
  388. UK Minister for Faith scrapped with job’s duties passed downwards