Clifford Longley

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  1. ‘To the English mass media, the Strait of Dover feels wider than the North Atlantic’
  2. ‘Theology of the Body contains no hint of Kinsey or of Masters and Johnson’
  3. ‘Trust in politicians is at an all-time low when inequality is at an all-time high’
  4. ‘It was something God did to me, in me, for me, at that moment’
  5. ‘When secular opinion needed resisting, the Church undermined its own defences’
  6. ‘The torrent of bad publicity for Ukip would have destroyed a normal party’
  7. ‘Making a mess of the coverage of religion is now a risk the media is prepared to run’
  8. People are turning against the principle of the free movement of labour
  9. It’s a mistake to let government ministers of any persuasion to define Britishness
  10. Hume and Worlock returned from Rome having had the door slammed on their fingers
  11. A Church ill at ease with itself
  12. Ed Miliband’s vision makes perfect sense in the mind of Jon Cruddas, but not in Ed’s
  13. A factor is the irresponsibility of letting anti-aircraft missiles fall into the hands of militias
  14. Logically, the Church should be defending the indissolubility of second marriages
  15. Israel’s right to exist in principle ought to be treated as an article of faith
  16. Privacy matters most to people who are up to something they wish to hide
  17. Taking a daily pill to prolong the period of infertility simply mimics how nature operates
  18. An economic system must serve the interests of everyone
  19. The poverty divide between marrieds and non-marrieds is shocking
  20. Ed Miliband said he had a better vision, but he hasn’t sold it to us
  21. Market fundamentalism, or neoliberalism, has become an unstoppable juggernaut
  22. The solidarity and sense of the common good of wartime Britain is a lost memory
  23. Politicians have noted that sympathy for the poor is waning in British society
  24. Islamic extremism asserts that for a Muslim there is only one identity and it isn’t British
  25. One common critique behind the rejection of political elites is their lack of virtue
  26. The danger with appealing to science is that the argument is open to scientific refutation
  27. Too meek for today’s politics
  28. Thanks to official negligence, Jimmy Savile got away with it right to the end
  29. Margaret Thatcher forgot Original Sin. She was, in fact, a Pelagian
  30. Conservative clergy, armed with theology textbooks, have little to offer families
  31. Work is there to be enjoyed, not suffered
  32. ‘The first result of coalition government is a bonfire of the manifestos’
  33. Protestant destiny and working-class solidarity no longer cement the Union
  34. A way forward would be to accept that not all marriage needs to be sacramental
  35. Some on the left suspect Blue Labour because of its Catholic associations
  36. Catholic moral theology still sometimes sounds ‘as if’ Creationism were true
  37. The massacre at Drogheda in 1649 was hardly a beach party
  38. This does not smack of the supreme law of the Church, the salvation of souls
  39. Plainly the drafters of the 1961 Suicide Act wanted to have their cake and eat it
  40. It isn’t just Jeremy Corbyn’s prospectus which belongs in cloud cuckoo land
  41. There are lots of exemplary relationships which are described as cohabitation
  42. In 41 of 53 countries in the Common­wealth, homosexual conduct is still a crime
  43. Morality comes from conscience, something that everyone has
  44. Lower funding for libraries means they will close, not miraculously improve
  45. So far, Corbynism has failed to measure up to its billing as a radical alternative
  46. Are the Churches doing any better than the police in handling domestic abuse?
  47. Mercy isn't a Church thing - it's what families do every day
  48. Depriving Isis of a home is key to victory, but the West must avoid humiliating Muslims in defeat
  49. Mother Teresa's miracle won't help the poor
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