Clifford Longley

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  1. A way forward would be to accept that not all marriage needs to be sacramental
  2. Some on the left suspect Blue Labour because of its Catholic associations
  3. Catholic moral theology still sometimes sounds ‘as if’ Creationism were true
  4. The massacre at Drogheda in 1649 was hardly a beach party
  5. This does not smack of the supreme law of the Church, the salvation of souls
  6. Plainly the drafters of the 1961 Suicide Act wanted to have their cake and eat it
  7. It isn’t just Jeremy Corbyn’s prospectus which belongs in cloud cuckoo land
  8. There are lots of exemplary relationships which are described as cohabitation
  9. In 41 of 53 countries in the Common­wealth, homosexual conduct is still a crime
  10. Morality comes from conscience, something that everyone has
  11. Lower funding for libraries means they will close, not miraculously improve
  12. So far, Corbynism has failed to measure up to its billing as a radical alternative
  13. Are the Churches doing any better than the police in handling domestic abuse?
  14. Anti-Semitism must be resisted with every muscle the academic world possesses
  15. Almost without meaning to, Francis has shot Humanae Vitae dead
  16. How robust is the Catholic case against abortion and embryo experimentation?
  17. The national British identity was as resolutely Europhobic as it was anti-Catholic
  18. Cameron failed to appreciate effect of migration on the white working class voter
  19. The demands of labour must take priority over the demands of capital
  20. Irrational impulses are part and parcel of populist politics
  21. Master-servant still provides the framework for employer-employee relations
  22. Meritocracy is ultimately a flawed project
  23. Once the doorway to fanaticism has opened, it is hard to close
  24. Lost in the post
  25. It is no coincidence that Pennsylvania voted for Trump and Wales for Brexit
  26. There is a presumption that there is something not right about homosexuality
  27. There needs to be a discussion about the pastoral care of cohabiting relationships
  28. Human sexuality remains a mystery, with many surprises still to come
  29. Politicians inhabit a virtual reality that ordinary people can tell at a glance is false
  30. How cruel Christianity can be to its own most faithful servants
  31. Mercy isn't a Church thing - it's what families do every day
  32. Depriving Isis of a home is key to victory, but the West must avoid humiliating Muslims in defeat
  33. Mother Teresa's miracle won't help the poor
  34. Has believing the victim policy sullied the name of a much-admired bishop?
  35. Church should ask forgiveness for sex abuse scandal in Year of Mercy
  36. Ian Duncan Smith's resignation over welfare policy was sincere - he did believe in the Common Good
  37. Roll out of 'academisation' of state schools is anti-local councils - or just plain barmy
  38. Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis has created confusion where we needed clarity
  39. Anglican and Catholic partnership helped shape Liverpool's response to Hillsborough tragedy
  40. Chilcot's final verdict on Britain's role in the Iraq conflict is both damning and shaming
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