Latest Issue: 18 October 2014
18 October 2014
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09 April 2014 13:00 by Abigail Frymann Rouch, Isabel de Bertodano

An Argentine archbishop has said the recent baptism of a baby being raised by her mother and a lesbian partner is not an endorsement of their lifestyle.

09 April 2014 11:33 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Cardinal Vincent Nichols and the Home Secretary have urged business leaders to ensure their supply chains do not rely on human trafficking.

09 April 2014 10:00 by Michael Sean Winters

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta announced he would be selling the archbishop’s residence after a firestorm of criticism erupted over the home’s US$2.2 million price tag and its location in an exclusive neighborhood.

08 April 2014 19:53 by Anto Akkara

Christians and human rights groups in Pakistan have been stunned by a second blasphemy death sentence for Christians within a week – on this occasion to an illiterate couple.

08 April 2014 19:25 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

The Supreme Court in the Philippines has approved a law long fought by the country’s Catholic bishops that will make contraception freely available, make sex education compulsory in schools and provide medical care for women who have had illegal abortions.

08 April 2014 17:21 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Some 3,000 Chinese Christians old and young have formed a round-the-clock human shield around a massive newly-built church that Communist Party officials threatened to bulldoze.

08 April 2014 16:03 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Pope Francis will wash the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people when he celebrates Mass on Maundy Thursday evening, the Vatican announced today.

08 April 2014 13:42 by Peter Kavanagh

The defeat in Canada of the separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) in yesterday’s election has thrown into doubt long-planned legislation for euthanasia and the idea of a Secular Charter, which would have banned the overt display of religious symbols.

08 April 2014 13:02 by Christopher Lamb

The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, visited the London Catholic Worker community on Sunday, marking the start of a week of prayer and action for those in need.

07 April 2014 16:08 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Pope Francis has approved recommendations to keep the Vatican bank operative, ending a year of speculation over whether he would close the scandal-hit institution formally known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR).