Bitter differences over abortion are dividing US Democrats as they seek to regroup in the face of Republican control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, writes Michael Sean Winters.

News Briefing: global Premium

27 April 2017 | by James Roberts

A senior Kenyan bishop has urged the Government to quell the violence in Laikipia County, where armed raiders shot and injured Kuki Gallmann (above), the conservationist and author, on 23 April.

The ex-Grand Master of the Order of Malta is expected to defy Pope Francis’ wishes and attend a meeting to elect the group’s next leader...

Members of the Knights of Malta about to elect a new permanent leader were asked instead to consider electing a lieutenant who would temporarily take the reins of the order, according to an email from the order's hierarchy ...

Christians always have hope, no matter how bleak, bad or uncertain the journey, because they know God is always by their side, Pope Francis said at his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square on Wednesday...

Children attending Catholic schools in Pakistan must walk through a gate with two armed guards and into a compound surrounded by eight-foot walls. 'It looks like schools are becoming a prison', Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore, Pakistan, told Catholic News Service...

Lawyers for the second of two prisoners scheduled to be killed by lethal injection by Arkansas state on the same day dramatically halted his execution after it was suggested the first execution had been botched...

Nearly 800 years after St Francis of Assisi crossed battlelines to sue the Muslims for peace, the Pope who named himself after the iconic saint of poverty and peace, is travelling to Egypt on what will be a highly symbolic bridge-building mission with the Islamic world...



A few hours after the announcement of the winners of the first round of the French presidential election, the French bishops' conference published a reflection on voting in the final round and, while not endorsing a candidate by name, gave Catholics very little doubt as to which candidate they would NOT be recommending..


On the evening of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the first round of France’s presidential election, the French bishops’ conferences issued a guidance note for Catholic voters that — while not naming candidates or parties — can only be read as an argument against his second-round opponent Marine Le Pen...

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