Latest Issue: 28 March 2015
28 March 2015
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20 March 2015 12:23 by Christopher Lamb

Pope Francis has today accepted the resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien from the “rights and privileges” of being a cardinal.

20 March 2015 11:31 by CNS

A traditionalist bishop who has denied the Holocaust has been automatically excommunicated along with the priest he illicitly ordained a bishop.

20 March 2015 11:16 by Michael Sean Winters

Portland, Oregon is the least religious city in the US with 42 per cent of its population self-identifying as “religiously unaffiliated,” according to the findings of a new survey.

20 March 2015 11:04 by Christopher Lamb

A Benedictine permanent private hall that is currently the last male-only undergraduate body at Oxford University is seeking funds for new premises in preparation for the admission of female students for the first time.

20 March 2015 10:57 by Sarah Mac Donald

Dominican theologian Fr Timothy Radcliffe has said he is hopeful that women will be soon ordained deacons in the Church so that they can preach and have a public voice.

19 March 2015 15:17 by James Macintyre

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia has called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Peninsular, claiming that the move is in line with Islamic law.

19 March 2015 14:56 by CNS

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the announcement that Pope Francis would visit the United Nations on the morning of September 25 to address the UN General Assembly.

19 March 2015 10:26 by Michael Sean Winters

Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, former nuncio to Egypt and apostolic representative to the Arab League told a Washington, D.C. audience that interreligious dialogue between Catholics and Muslims is not only possible but necessary.

19 March 2015 10:19 by Christopher Lamb

A Vatican archbishop has ruled out the possibility of Catholics being able to use a different English translation of the Mass.

19 March 2015 10:13 by James Roberts

A report to the British parliament says that persecution of Christians in Iran is as severe as it was in 2012, under former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.