Latest Issue: 31 January 2015
31 January 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
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Catholic jobs


23 January 2015 12:21 by Christopher Lamb

A Catholic MP says he is “hugely disappointed” with the response of the Prime Minister to his concerns over the conscience clause of the current abortion law.

23 January 2015 12:20 by Catherine Pepinster

The millions-strong Je Suis Charlie march in Paris protesting at the killings by Islamist terrorists has created further divisions in French society, according to L’Arche founder Jean Vanier.

23 January 2015 12:16 by Liz Dodd

The former president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, has issued a passionate call for Britain to stay in the EU, warning that it risks financial disaster and political irrelevance if it decides to leave.

22 January 2015 15:22 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

A court has ruled that a Malaysian Catholic weekly may not use the word “Allah” for God.

22 January 2015 14:18 by Christopher Lamb

The Catholic Education Service, which supports Church schools in England and Wales, has apologised to a senior educationalist following a row over planned changes by the Government to the Religious Education syllabus.

22 January 2015 14:09

Antwerp Bishop Johan Bonny has turned down a prize awarded by a Belgian gay group for saying the Catholic Church should be more welcoming to homosexuals, cohabitating couples and those who resort to in-vitro fertilisation.

22 January 2015 13:36

Churches in Armenia are this year marking the centenary of the 1915 Genocide, in which one and a half million Christian Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turks.

22 January 2015 12:46 by Paul Donovan, Joanna Moorhead

A letter signed by over 200 supporters of Cafod claims that help for the poorest people in the world would be put at grave risk if the charity goes ahead with plans to cut jobs and restructure.

21 January 2015 13:36 by Liz Dodd

The Filipino Church has pledged to promote respect for women, reach out to the needy and to cry “when I feel like crying” in the aftermath of Pope Francis’ trip to the country.

21 January 2015 13:33 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis has appointed the Vatican’s former chief prosecutor, Bishop Charles Scicluna, as the head of a new body to handle appeals by priests accused of abuse.