The Jungle is no place for the women forced to live there

21 October 2015 | by Sister Lynda Dearlove | Comments: 0
The refugee camp in Calais is a dangerous place but much more so for the women forced to shelter there who are at high risk of sexual violence, rape and must contend with incredibly challenging sanitary conditions

Due to its fiery exchanges between conservatives and progressives some have likened the Synod on the Family with the Second Vatican Council

Whatever emerges from the three-week synod on the family, one thing is clear following Pope Francis’ speech at the weekend: this gathering is as much about the importance of a synod as it is about the family.

It’s fair to say that the most theologically accomplished small group report from the synod so far has come from the Germans

Can a synod be manipulated?

13 October 2015 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome | Comments: 6
The accusation of synod manipulation by a group of conservative cardinals is more about a loss of influence than about the process itself

Pope Francis is putting his faith in the synod's ability to open up the Church to a more messy way of doing things

Calais refugees are not wealthy, lucky or strong

12 October 2015 | by Helen O'Brien | Comments: 2
Theresa May's take on the people who have travelled to Calais in the hope of passage to the UK is completely skewed, writes Helen O'Brien, chief executive of CSAN

He has no permanent address and flits from one place to the next but Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Mussie Zerai's phone number is in the pocket of almost every migrant who comes from Africa, writes Fredrick Nzwili

Synod's division bell rings for the devolution of power

07 October 2015 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome | Comments: 0
One of the major difficulties facing the synod is that it is increasingly difficult to adopt a one size fits all pastoral model to the Church as a global institution, writes Christopher Lamb

Will the synod fathers be surprised by the Spirit?

06 October 2015 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome | Comments: 2
Pope Francis has laid down clear guidelines for this year's synod, the question is will the bishops adhere to them, writes Christopher Lamb in Rome

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