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23 May 2015
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13 March 2015 by Ulla Gudmunson 2

The Casina Pio IV, the villa begun by Pope Pius IV, is a Renaissance jewel in the midst of the lush greenery of the Vatican Gardens.

13 March 2015 by Harry Benson 4

There’s a button somewhere inside me that I press when I want to spring into action. I’m most aware of this button when I’m relaxed, maybe lying in bed, stretched out in front of the telly, enjoying a hot shower.

13 March 2015 by Andrew Caplen 1

“One law for the rich, no law for the poor” may seem to be an alarming statement when used to describe our own legal system.

10 March 2015 by Mary Colwell 0

Why is it that some Catholics still regard action on climate change, and other environmental issues, as a sideshow to the main business of being Catholic?

09 March 2015 by James Roberts3

The news pages of The Tablet this week present an interesting and in some ways puzzling juxtaposition of stories. Next to the News from Britain and Ireland leading story, “Receptions hit a six-year low”, is another, also about figures.

05 March 2015 by Gary Spence 22

Being single in the Catholic Church is not a fun. I have to agree with the French bishop reported in The Tablet this week, Hervé Giraud of Soissons, who said single Catholics felt “forgotten, even devalued, by the Church.”

04 March 2015 by Danny Sullivan 0

David Cameron this week announced a consultation that could lead to custodial sentences for those in the public sector who fail to protect vulnerable children and young people.

03 March 2015 by Fr Peter Day 3

There has been a great wave of protest globally concerning the imminent executions by the Indonesian government of Australian drug traffickers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran – and justifiably so. Life is sacred – even the lives of drug traffickers.

02 March 2015 by Sarah Ager 1

Lent is a time of reflection when Christians seek to reconcile themselves with God and their neighbours. This year it has also taken on a special meaning for thousands of Muslims around the world who are taking part in a solidarity initiative to fast alongside Christians.

27 February 2015 by Tina Beattie30

Pope Francis has made clear that the question of married priests is open for discussion. Priestly celibacy is a discipline rather than a doctrine.