My prediction for 2018? That this is the year when public opinion will swing decisively against Brexit. The polls are already suggesting it. There is nothing on the horizon likely to reverse it. And the Tories are blithely walking into a trap partly of their own devising, which they are nothing like clever enough to avoid.

18 December 2017 | by Willy Slavin

Old age is not a liability, it is a natural conclusion

When Fr Willy Slavin retired, he set off around Scotland in a camper van and now lives alone in a hut in a remote Scottish forest; at 77, he's an evangelist for the joys of an active old age.

14 December 2017 | by Paul McAleenan

A day in Calais

"Calais" - for many travelling from England the name means the beginning of a holiday as their vehicles rattle off the ferry onto a spacious, perfectly surfaced French motorway and speed them south into the Gallic countryside. For others Calais means a stopping place after a long and often treacherous journey from their homeland. For them Calais means everything and nothing.

A high-level Washington conference on the plight of Christian minorities in the Middle East and Holy Lands revealed much about the similarities – and differences – of approach between these peoples and those who wish to support them.

What our postbag indicates is considerable surprise that anyone would interpret the motu proprio or canon law in a manner that effectively neuters a motu proprio understood to have been intended by Pope Francis to restore control over liturgical translations to bishops' conferences.

12 December 2017 | by Kirsty Jane Falconer

Johnny Hallyday: 'Into the Light'

Kirsty Falconer thinks she cannot be the only one who watched Johnny Hallyday's memorial service half-expecting him to burst out of the white rose-adorned coffin, all leather and eyeliner and massive silver crucifix, giving another rendition of Allumer le feu.

Are the Catholic bishops of England and Wales aware of the fact that the current translation of the Catholic Mass into English, which they recently endorsed, promotes heresy? And why has the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Rome, the official watchdog of doctrinal orthodoxy, failed in its duty to correct it?

07 December 2017 | by Fr Rob Esdaile

Land of Promise, Land of Memory: On Pilgrimage In Jordan

Naming a country after the river which forms its western border might seem a little eccentric, but it is also highly appropriate in the case of Jordan. The country has always been defined by what lies beyond its frontiers – and especially to its west. That may be its tragedy but it is also its allure.

'Faith Summit' looking at how to mitigate the rising tide of hate crime, how to combat homelessness, what contribution people of faith could make to building a more inclusive economy and how to unlock new generations of leaders who by age, gender, ethnicity, religion or absence of disabilities look less like the diversity of the city region than seems just

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