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7 March 2015
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175th Anniversary Events


22 December 2014 by Christopher Lamb5

Three days before Christmas in 2005 Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Roman Curia in what was considered to be a key speech of his pontificate.

19 December 2014 by Fr Mark Minihane OSA 6

This week The Tablet reports that Midnight Mass is becoming a thing of the past, partly due to anti-social behaviour and partly because fewer priests are having to say more than one Mass on Christmas Eve – with the first starting as early as 5pm.

19 December 2014 by Fr John Bakeni 0

Christmas in the north-east of Nigeria will be celebrated with nostalgia and fear as thousands of our people have been forced out of their ancestral homes, villages and towns.

18 December 2014 by Christopher Lamb0

Just over three years ago the Holy See suffered a major diplomatic blow when Ireland decided to close its Vatican embassy.

16 December 2014 by Russell Hargrave 0

Look at the relationship between faith and charities in the UK, and you see something counter-intuitive happening.

16 December 2014 by Rob Elsworth 0

I have just returned from Lima, Peru, where I’ve attended the latest round of UN talks on tackling climate change. The 20th Conference of Parties, or ‘COP20’ as it’s known, was the last meeting before countries convene again in Paris next December to agree a new global deal to try to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

12 December 2014 by Michael Phelan4

So the Vatican has asked national bishops’ conferences around the world to seek input from Catholics at “all levels” about how the Church should respond to sometimes difficult questions of modern family life, such as divorce and remarriage. It was reported this week that bishops have been asked to respond in mercy and avoid basing their pastoral care solely on current Catholic doctrine.

11 December 2014 by Terry Philpot2

Last month 127 years of Catholic history disappeared, largely unnoticed.

10 December 2014 by Jim Wallis 0

Protest leaders in Ferguson and New York and around the US are still feeling deep outrage and sadness a week after the news came from New York City that no criminal charges would be brought against Daniel Pantaleo, the white police officer who choked a black man named Eric Garner to death while arresting him in July.

09 December 2014 by Suzanna Fitzpatrick 3

In Braga, the holiest city in Portugal, stands the church of Nossa Senhora do Leite, which translates as Our Lady of the Milk. The niche over the main door features a sixteenth-century statue of the Holy Virgin breastfeeding the infant Jesus, a tender smile on her face. It is a simple, unadorned statue portraying a simple, necessary act.