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24 January 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
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11 November 2014 by Ian Farrar 0

A few miles from the French border lies the Belgian village of Quaregnon, today an unassuming hamlet amid endless fields and woodland but 100 years ago the focus of German and British attacks.

07 November 2014 by Marie Stubbs 1

The horrific murder of Ann Maguire, a much loved teacher, by one of her pupils in a Leeds Catholic school, has shocked and bewildered the country.

07 November 2014 by Fr Robert McCulloch 1

Pakistan is often labelled a “fundamentalist” state – and criticism of it has returned after the burning alive of a poor Christian couple who allegedly destroyed pages of a Qu'ran.

07 November 2014 by Tom Heneghan1

Foreign correspondents rarely have the opportunity to report on stories that are indisputably positive. Wars, disasters and political disputes tend dominate the news we cover. But when the Berlin Wall was suddenly flung open 25 years ago, the news was so good that I cheered as I sat in the Reuters East Berlin bureau and repeatedly updated our story through the long night.

31 October 2014 by Daniel Kearney 7

I was explaining Situation Ethics to a Year 10 class – the idea that the same action can be right or wrong depending on the circumstances.

31 October 2014 by Aaron Saunderson-Cross 17

The Feast of St John Paul II was like any other day and it was not unusual for me to make a mid-week confession; I knelt in silent prayer before the tabernacle before creeping into the wooden confessional at the back of the Church; I detailed the familiar naughtiness and ended with a general confession regarding the sins of my relationship.

31 October 2014 by Patience Zayzay 0

In the dark times that now engulf Liberia, many people have asked themselves “Who do we turn to?”

29 October 2014 by Paul Donovan3

When Cardinal Vincent Nichols gathers with business leaders for the third Blueprint for Better Business conference tomorrow, the words of Pope Francis this week on the workplace situation should be ringing in their ears.

27 October 2014 by Daniel Hale 3

There was scepticism around the recent Synod on the Family among many of the people I know. How could 190 old men comment on married life and the family? And why did two thirds of them veto already watered-down language on welcoming people in same-sex relationships?

24 October 2014 by Christopher Lamb1

Yesterday Britain released one of its longest serving prisoners, Harry Roberts, who shot dead three policemen in 1966.