One of the powers available for the repression of dissent is to undermine the very possibility of truth in the mind of the public.

The annual March of Three Kings in Poland is the greatest street nativity play in the world. This year it was attended by 1.2 million people in almost 650 towns and cities. Care to join in?

'Your Eminences, Your Graces, My Lords' – this is still the 'correct' way to refer to bishops and archbishops. Is it time to get rid of every last trace of all this feudal pomposity? Does it really send the right message?

Nella Alseba describes how her husband was returning home when he was accosted and knifed by people who he personally knew, simply for being from another tribe. The assailant’s knife pierced his diaphragm, punctured his left lung and broke one of his ribs. He is lucky to be alive.

Live from the Vatican on Pope Francis' visit to Chile and Peru – Christopher Lamb on how Pope will face the latest in the sex abuse scandal, speak out in defence of indigenous peoples and of his fears of nuclear war.

It is surely time to make peace, and as far as possible repent and remedy the heartbreak and cruelty, the exclusion, the mockery and hatred – all the injustice that has been done to homosexuals. Perpetuating that injustice and prejudice by word or deed is gravely wrong.

While some have criticised the government for not providing enough safety for the Christians, Michael disagrees. He says: “The government is doing all it can. We have armed guards standing outside the churches and these people have been killed trying to protect us.”

Recent survey results ahead of the Church's Youth Synod reveal a hunger for Bible study groups among young Catholics...

This Jesuit priest had never come face to face with a member of the FARC until he visited one of the transition zones where fighters are demobilised under Colombia’s revised peace agreement. Find out what happened next.


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