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4 July 2015
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08 May 2015 by Shelagh Peterson 1

The Ontario Ministry of Education released its updated Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum Guidelines in March, one for elementary schools and another for secondary schools, both replacing the curriculum that had last been updated in 1999.

08 May 2015 by Julia Langdon 2

The question on everyone’s lips today has been about the pollsters. “How did they get it so wrong?” people have been asking, ever since the first results were announced in the early hours of Friday which confirmed the surprising apparent implausibility of the exit poll.

07 May 2015 by John Quinn 2

When Francis travels to the US in September he will canonise a Spanish Franciscan friar, Fr Junipero Serra (1713-1784), who founded the first missions in California that converted native Americans to Catholicism.

06 May 2015 by Chris McDonnell 0

We have reached the eve of the General Election, a time of choice for the people of our country in the political make up of the next government. The outcome is still unclear as the final opinion polls show a gap in voting intentions and it’s too close to call.

01 May 2015 by Sr Cathy Jones 1

In the past few days many people have been asking why there has been a rise in the number of women entering religious life in England and Wales.

01 May 2015 by Paul Donovan6

One of the most shocking statistics of recent weeks has been that 1,084,000 people have visited food banks over the past year.

29 April 2015 by David Bainbridge 0

We all knew the earthquake would come eventually. Nepal is in a seismically active area and experts have been warning of a major seismic shock for many years.

27 April 2015 by Tom Gallagher 5

The continuing nationalist surge in Scotland means Britain may face constitutional turmoil that is unparalleled since the unrest that led most of Ireland to depart the Union in 1922 and which engulfed Northern Ireland for a generation after 1969.

27 April 2015 by Professor Margaret Susan Thompson 7

For those who watch the Vatican closely – and I am not usually one of them – two hints appeared late in 2014 that a resolution to the “doctrinal assessment” of America’s Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) was close at hand.

24 April 2015 by Fr John Feeney 10

Someone rang me this week to ask what had happened to the report from our recent consultation for the forthcoming Synod on Marriage and Family life. I had to admit that the report was on my desk but I hadn’t yet put it out in the parish.