Mohammed Chirani felt devastated by the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. He felt that he and other Muslims were being 'held hostage' by a minority of fanatics, and that it was his duty to do something about it...

News that the Pope had confirmed a miraculous cure as a result of the heavenly intercession of Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, brought me a spate of phone calls asking me to explain and defend this announcement on radio and television.

Mother Teresa is destined to become the patron saint of darkness Premium

21 December 2015 | by Paul Murray OP | Comments: 2
We are inclined to forget that Teresa of Calcutta, as well as being an icon of holiness was also a woman of flesh and blood: after her death, remarkable letters written to her spiritual directors were published, and the world and the church and the media­ - all of us­ - were forced to think again about what holiness might mean

As 2015 draws to a close, Pope Francis will address the Roman Curia with the traditional 'end of term' report. But don’t expect him to use these moments to pat himself or others in Rome on the back. Last year’s speech to the curia is still etched on people’s minds as a brutal assessment of the organisations ills

Debt, lack of financial management, benefit issues (sanctions, delays, incorrect payments) and chaotic home lives, or a combination of all, can mean parents struggle to provide three healthy meals a day for children

Making your own mind up on role of religion and belief in UK public life

16 December 2015 | by Gwen Griffith-Dickson | Comments: 1
The Commission on Religion and Belief’s two-year study into the role of religion and belief in UK public life reported just a fortnight ago. Although broadly welcomed by the BBC and national press, the report has mixed reviews in some religious titles, not least The Tablet. Commissioner Gwen Griffith-Dickson explains the Commission’s thinking and invites readers to take a look at the whole report, rather than rely on selective commentary….

The complex sectarianism that surrounds the sect of Isis is not 'defeated' by binary acts of war but perhaps needs a subtler more multi-faceted approach, argues Dr Sean Carey

The leader of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Europe said that they are tackling the present refugee crisis on two front: by providing a welcome for as many people as possible, and trying to change the negative attitude of so many people in Europe

Pope Francis' continuing dual campaign to turn around the fossil fuel energy structure of the modern world and link its change to the eradication of poverty is perfectly symbolised by the very fact of the Holy See in Africa - the poorest continent on the planet and the most in need in of a better environment

Saving the Christians in Syria, which are rapidly being wiped out in the territory through murder or immigration, must come through creation of a secular society - after Isis has been destroyed

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