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31 January 2015
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175th Anniversary Events
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10 December 2014 by Jim Wallis 0

Protest leaders in Ferguson and New York and around the US are still feeling deep outrage and sadness a week after the news came from New York City that no criminal charges would be brought against Daniel Pantaleo, the white police officer who choked a black man named Eric Garner to death while arresting him in July.

09 December 2014 by Suzanna Fitzpatrick 3

In Braga, the holiest city in Portugal, stands the church of Nossa Senhora do Leite, which translates as Our Lady of the Milk. The niche over the main door features a sixteenth-century statue of the Holy Virgin breastfeeding the infant Jesus, a tender smile on her face. It is a simple, unadorned statue portraying a simple, necessary act.

08 December 2014 by Daniel Kearney 1

Politicians are arguing over whether state or private schools deliver the best quality education and boost Britain’s currently flagging levels of social mobility.

05 December 2014 by Ron and Mavis Pirola 1

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga this week raised the possibility of lay leadership for some Vatican dicasteries as part of the cardinals’ programme of reforms to the curia. This suggestion will resonate readily with many people. It certainly does with us.

01 December 2014 by Chris McDonnell 3

Pope Francis has asked that 2015 be devoted to prayer and consideration of the consecrated life. It started on the first Sunday of Advent, 30 November, and will go through to February 2016.

29 November 2014 by Fr Gabriel Dolan 0

Thirty years ago Bob Geldof captured millions of hearts and top spot in the Christmas charts with his “Do they know it’s Christmas” fundraiser for Ethiopia.

27 November 2014 by Tina Beattie7

My friend’s grandfather is a bad-tempered old man, suspicious of foreigners, not averse to beating up the neighbours, and mean-spirited when it comes to charitable giving (though he has a fortune stashed away in his bank account).

26 November 2014 by Bishop William Kenney 2

Pope Francis’ speech to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg came at a time when significant minorities in many EU countries are losing hope in the European institutions.

21 November 2014 by Fr Tony Flannery 4

I have spent the last five weeks on a speaking tour of the US, which has included the Call to Action conference in Memphis, and now a visit to Portland, Oregon, for the penultimate stop in my 18-city schedule.

21 November 2014 by Una Kroll 7

The Mother Church of the Anglican Communion agreed to allow women to be consecrated as bishops in England on Monday, 17 November 2014, although some daughter Anglican Churches have had women bishops since 1989. How do I, once an Anglican woman priest, now a Catholic laywoman, feel?