Latest Issue: 3 October 2015
3 October 2015
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22 July 2015 by Dr Bridie Stringer 11

I hope that the voices of the retired Bishops Hollis, Crowley and McMahon are not crying in the wilderness with their support for allowing married men to be ordained.

17 July 2015 by Conrad Charles 19

Our wedding took place in total secrecy, in a locked Catholic church in the centre of Birmingham, with no witnesses, no family; only the vicar-general of Birmingham Archdiocese who had been given permission by the Vatican for the ceremony to go ahead.

15 July 2015 by John Bellarmine Vallier 32

Congratulations for Pope Emeritus Benedict are in order. It's not every day that someone receives two honorary doctorates.

10 July 2015 by Sr Maura O'Carroll 12

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux and the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy are pulling out of running nursing homes, the Jesuits are closing Heythrop College and the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul are looking for a lay director to lead some of their activities. Sr Maura O'Carroll asks, what is going on?

10 July 2015 by Bishop Alan Smith 1

Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget on Wednesday included a proposal to allow local control over liberalising Sunday trading.

09 July 2015 by Helen O'Brien 3

On Wednesday the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced his July Budget – and what we, and many other charities, church organisations and poverty campaigners were waiting to hear was where the expected £12 billion worth of cuts is to fall.

06 July 2015 by Paul Röttig 3

Many Christians, above all in Germany, are overjoyed that Catholic and Protestant leaders have courageously agreed that the Protestant and Catholic Churches will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation together.

03 July 2015 by Mark Lee 19

Brentwood Diocese recently decided to axe 10 jobs and the people doing them. It portrayed the change as a really good thing, overall, despite conceding its harmful effect on the staff who were losing their employment.

01 July 2015 by Sheila Hollins 4

Euthanasia was legalised in Belgium in 2002 for terminally ill patients. But Wim Distelmans, the chairman of the Federal Euthanasia Commission, recently reported that between 2 and 3 per cent of the 1,924 people who died last year by euthanasia were psychiatric patients. Bipolar disorder was the majority diagnosis.

01 July 2015 by Revd Dr Giles Fraser 6

The word “redemption” is used in two particular ways. First, it’s a religious word, referring to the process by which human beings are saved.