Latest Issue: 28 February 2015
28 February 2015
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08 January 2015 by Susan Munroe 0

On 12 January Pope Francis will begin a three-day visit to Sri Lanka instigated by the Catholic Church, who invited him to canonise a seventeenth-century priest and missionary, Blessed Fr Joseph Vaz, as the country’s first saint.

02 January 2015 by Alex Brummer 4

The very idea that a major publisher, HarperCollins, would release an atlas for use by English-speaking children in schools in the Middle East which fails to show Israel is outrageous.

02 January 2015 by Bishop Alan Wilson 6

Hogmanay this week saw Scotland’s first same-sex marriages. Substantially over 600 million people now live in jurisdictions that allow gay people to marry. Jesus taught his followers to be watchful for the signs of the times.

30 December 2014 by Francis Davis9

Cardinal Vincent Nichols ranks well below the Queen in terms of whom Britons consider to be the most convincing of moral leaders, according to a YouGov poll published in the Sunday Times.

26 December 2014 by Mgr Kevin McGinnell 2

It is a year since Fr Joe Williams went out shopping, a youngish priest at 42, after a very happy celebration of Christmas in his parish of St Martin de Porres in Luton.

23 December 2014 by Bishop Nicholas Hudson 1

“Where are you for Christmas?”, people kindly ask me. And I find myself replying, “Well, I feel really blessed – because I’ve been asked to celebrate Midnight Mass in the hospice and then, on Christmas morning, two Masses in the prison.”

23 December 2014 by Lilian Simpson 0

We know that Christmas is not a happy time for many people – those who have been bereaved, whose relationships have broken down, who are lonely and without families– in fact so many people who find the time of Christmas cheer the most difficult time of the year.

22 December 2014 by Christopher Lamb5

Three days before Christmas in 2005 Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Roman Curia in what was considered to be a key speech of his pontificate.

19 December 2014 by Fr Mark Minihane OSA 6

This week The Tablet reports that Midnight Mass is becoming a thing of the past, partly due to anti-social behaviour and partly because fewer priests are having to say more than one Mass on Christmas Eve – with the first starting as early as 5pm.

19 December 2014 by Fr John Bakeni 0

Christmas in the north-east of Nigeria will be celebrated with nostalgia and fear as thousands of our people have been forced out of their ancestral homes, villages and towns.