Hundreds of thousands of the 2.5 million expected visitors to the World Youth Day in Krakow this week have already made their way to the southern Polish city. Among them are The Tablet’s bloggers who will be giving us an insight into their experiences over the next week. Here is a chance to meet them...

The Universal Basic Income is an exciting idea whose time has come. The growing currency of the idea was witnessed in June when the Swiss held a referendum on creating a UBI of £20,000 a year, regardless of work or wealth. The call was defeated but the seed had been planted that an idea that has often been touted as crazy was close to having its day in the spotlight...

When it comes to those he disagrees with, Pope Francis’s approach is to avoid direct confrontation preferring instead to ignore them and get on with his job. But in the case of Cardinal Robert Sarah he has made an exception. Last week the 71-year-old Guinean prelate unilaterally announced that priests should start to turn their backs on the congregation and face east to say Mass - something which liturgical traditionalists often call for given it is how the priest celebrates the Old Rite Latin liturgy...

Any reader of the British press this month could be forgiven for thinking that Ramadan is simply a fast, and a particularly gruelling month-long fast at that...

It was two comfortably off middle-class middle-aged products of an elite education from the Home Counties that were the Anglican and Catholic leaders of the city when tragedy struck at Hillsborough in 1989. And they proved very effective in helping the people of Liverpool come to terms with their Christian faith..

Still they argue, argue, argue. Yes he did; no he didn't. He can; he can't. What exactly did Pope Francis intend to convey by chapter eight of his apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia?

When the quote marks and footnotes fall away, Pope Francis finds his own voice. It’s a voice that is refreshingly immediate, savvy and down to earth, and quite unlike that of any of his predecessors...

A spy drama, the Panama Papers and the fight against corruption

06 April 2016 | by Anne Lindsay | Comments: 8
Many of us have enjoyed the BBC’s fictional Sunday night drama The Night Manager, an adaptation of a John Le Carré novel. Tom Hiddleston plays the title character, a night manager in a luxury hotel who encounters his nemesis, Hugh Laurie’s arms dealer Richard Roper, in a variety of exotic locations...

The Conservatives' insistence that all state schools should become "academies" - self-governing institutions funded directly by central Government - has only one rational explanation. Otherwise it is plain barmy. Ministers must have decided that local councils are the real obstacles to good education. So take them out of the equation and all will be well...

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