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21 November 2015
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Meeting young Catholics where they are
10 April 2014

Canon David Grant makes an understandable point (The Tablet, 29 March) in reply to Joanna Moorhead’s column (22 March) about getting young people to attending Mass, but the implied dynamic remains “we’re waiting for them to come to us”.

The problem Joanna Moorhead was alluding to is that most teenagers aren’t even going to enter the church unless there is something going on to take their fancy. That something just could initially be a style of music (once a month, perhaps) that induces them and their friends to venture in. In my experience as a parent, teenagers are wonderfully keen to “get engaged” if given an environment in which they feel truly welcomed and catered for. Surely the dynamic needs to be a pro-active “what more can we do (dare we try?) to draw them in?”
(Deacon) Paul Russell, Birmingham


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