Liturgy translators should heed voices from the pews

25 July 2014

Translations have normally two purposes: (1) Literal translation is mostly meant for scholars to understand, identify and interpret the various meanings of the words used by the original writer. (2) Free translation is mostly meant for common people to easily understand the meaning of the original text.

Keeping this in mind, wouldn't it have been better that the latest translation of the Latin Missal into English adhered to the second purpose mentioned above, as it is meant for common people?

It would be useful to have feed-back from the pews on what they feel about the translation of the Latin Missal into English that we are presently using. I am confident that the concerned translators would be glad to know the feelings of God's people in this matter.

Bishop Percival Fernandez, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, Mumbai, India

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