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28 November 2015
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Franco-Russian alliance
16 April 2014

It is interesting to note Bishop Marc Aillet of Bayonne said that Metropolitan Hilarion of the Moscow Patriarchate was particularly “interested in the ‘Demo for All’ protests in France against gay marriage and adoption” (The Tablet, 12 April).

However given Archbishop Hilarion's widely published view on such activity by Christians, his interest is not surprising. In the Introduction to his book, Europe, Spiritual Homeland (presented to Pope Benedict XVI in person in 2009) Hilarion states: "The Christian is called to profess his faith boldly, out of love of God and of his truth, and for the salvation of his soul, for eternal life. He must denounce by legal means the clear violation committed by society or by the state against the laws and commandments of God. And if this action should prove impossible or ineffective, then he must move on to civil disobedience."
Edmund P Adamus, Director for Marriage and Family Life, Diocese of Westminster


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