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28 November 2015
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Scots discord
03 April 2014

James MacMillan’s promise to use ‘robust tactics’, in his quest for a seat on the National Music Advisory Board (Notebook, 29 March) suggests he is neither pastor nor liturgist. No point, then, mentioning theology, ecclesiology or aesthetics as he seems content in the narrow world of ecclesiastical committee-politicking! Sadly this discredits any valid argument but worse, reduces the Sacred Liturgy. What is the “source and summit of our unity and peace” is become the battleground, not for meaning, but opinion and personality.

After the dreadful 12 months we have had in Scotland, and on the cusp of the closure and amalgamation of parishes in this archdiocese, it is ill-judged of MacMillan to be lobbing ideological hand grenades at already beleaguered and anxious communities. He wants to teach us about “prayer through song”; what does he judge we are trying to do every single day in our churches?
Fr Jim Lawlor, Glasgow


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