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21 November 2015
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Lost genius
03 April 2014

The former Swedish Ambassador to the Holy See, Ulla Gudmunson, makes a valid point that "women are the poorest of the world's poor" (A Woman's Place is in the Vatican, 29 March). The unequivocal papal teaching is that the poorest of the poor are the unborn. So when one considers that the abhorrent illegal reason behind so many abortions is sex selection, wiping out thus far a conservatively estimated 160 million female babies, then surely the quality of "reluctance to use violence" as Gudmundson puts it in commenting on the theological quest for the “feminine genius” ought to be the quality most practiced towards the world's poorest of the poor, the unborn women of tomorrow.

Edmund P Adamus, Director for marriage and family life, Diocese of Westminster


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