The revolution continues

16 January 2014 | by Robert Mickens

New cardinals announced

With last weekend’s list of the 19 men chosen to receive the red hat, Pope Francis made it clear that his reforms will encompass the College of Cardinals as well as the Curia. His choices, and the public letter he sent them, spell out that he wants his new men to embrace simplicity and humility When Pope Francis was elected Bishop of Rome last March, he was given a clear mandate to reform a badly mismanaged Roman Curia and a Vatican City tainted by cronyism and financial scandal. But he soon surprised people, including the cardinals who elected him, by making it clear that he was going to do more than just clean up the Church’s central bureaucracy. Instead, over the past 10 months he has set in motion a profound reform of the very papacy itself. He has also begun revamping th

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