Columnists > Poil means, I think, ‘starkers’. If it means anything worse, I apologise

17 July 2014 | by Christopher Howse

Poil means, I think, ‘starkers’. If it means anything worse, I apologise

Thirty-nine tons of pleasure,” ran the headline in Le Bien Public, the regional daily of the Côte d’Or, with reference, of course, to the new tram in Dijon. It was a salutary reminder of how hard it is to read newspapers abroad, for I had heard nothing but complaints about the tram system from the Burgundian burgers of Dijon, and never a whisper of pleasure. I’ve often thought it must be rather tiring to be French all the time – so much attitude, not to mention attitudinising.Still, Anglo-Saxons have their attitudes too, and one does not want to stereotype a whole nation, although, while among them, as I have been for a few days, one cannot help noticing they are different. That is the whole point of going to visit them.Two days before the World Cup final, Le


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