Columnists > I’ve had my door replaced with a stouter, kick-resistant model

19 June 2014 | by Christopher Howse

I’ve had my door replaced with a stouter, kick-resistant model

I have trouble with the sins of hypocrisy and blasphemy, though in contrary directions. Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another. “Activists poured concrete on top of spikes outside a central London branch of Tesco,” The Guardian re­ported on Saturday. “The company said they were to prevent antisocial behaviour rather than to deter homeless people but agreed on Thursday to remove them.” The supermarket said the “studs” on a ledge outside the Metro convenience store in Regent Street, in central London, “were installed to deter anti-social behaviour such as smoking and drinking, which intimidated customers,” The Daily Telegraph reported. It was largely through a campaign supported by 120,000 people on Twitter, which these days feeds


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