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Thank you for your timely editorial (10 November) on the issue of child sexual abuse, especially in respect of Catholic schools. While there is significant evidence of very poor procedures in some independent Catholic schools, there is little, if any, evidence when it comes to state-funded Catholic schools.

It has long been established that there is absolutely no link between being gay and the abuse of children. The vast majority of child abusers are heterosexual men, mostly “family men” who abuse their own children.

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There is much in Nicholas Boyle’s article (“The new Irish problem”, 3 November) that deserves pondering in London, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Brussels.

In your editorial (“A Church for all”, 3 November), the sentence “the days of confining church government only to bishops have to be over” struck me as prophetic.

I was dismayed to read that the new Bible (News from Britain and Ireland, 27 October) is to emphasise “word-for-word accuracy” rather than “dynamic equivalence”.

It was with incredulity that I read Annabel Miller’s interview with the headmaster of Downside (“Let transparency and truth rekindle trust”, 20 October).

The situation in Saudi Arabia raises, yet again, the question of the sale of arms by Britain to that country.

It is with profound admiration that I watch the efforts of Pope Francis to join with Christ in demonstrating that it is love and simplicity which reflect the true life of our Church, not the pomp and dedication to ritual so often seen in the Vatican today.

17 October 2018

Unanswered questions

I was a little distressed to read Cardinal Nichols’ article. Of course, there’s nothing in it any Catholic could disagree with, but unfortunately it totally fails to address the three key questions arising from this abuse crisis. Why did it happen? How was it allowed to go on for so long? And what concrete measures are taking place now?

I continue to pray for small, graced, sacramental communities where women and men are called to share their gifts

Melanie McDonagh’s piece on Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford (6 October) fell far below the high journalistic standards I expect from The Tablet.

Your Editorial about Cafod (“To-do list for new director of Cafod”, 6 October) ends up with the suggestion that, as well as being wise and tender, the organisation “should have teeth”. A major problem is that charity legislation is actually designed to remove any teeth not approved by government.


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