Outwardly, Frida Kahlo rejected Catholicism – but her work is laced with its influence, as a new exhibition at the V & A shows.

The Meeting succeeds in both being geographically site-specific – dramatising the deep roots of Quakerism in West Sussex – and universal in its exploration of the human instincts towards spirituality and ruinous temptation.

Thirty thousand Poles arrived in the United Kingdom at the start of the Second World War in flight from the Nazis. Less well known is the fate of the 120,000 despatched by cattle train to Siberia in the aftermath of Stalin’s land grab.

It’s impossible to underestimate now how important Angela Carter was to many girls growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, how her fantastical, blithe, dark, strange stories told us about independence and individuality and the carnivalesque adventure of learning to be yourself.

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The Sacred – Dreams from the Forest explores the role of trees in worship and contemplation

As clerical abuse continues to dog the Catholic Church, a new production focuses on the most difficult question of all: can we forgive them?

“Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008” brings together more than 40 prints, paintings and sculptures from what is being touted as the guerrilla artist’s “golden age”.

Debbie Horsfield's new drama, Age Before Beauty, is too much homily

The Vatican hires a veteran journalist to investigate reports of a teenage girl seeing visions, in Xavier Giannoli's The Apparition.

This year’s Liverpool Biennial – “Beautiful world, where are you?” – examines the world we have made in all its social, political and environmental turmoil in order to better understand how we can reshape it

Mariella Frostrup targets smartphone-addicted teenagers in the first of a new series

The King and I's impressive cast and production mask an exercise in damage limitation

Director Daniel Kokotajlo's Apostasy is a sombre and hugely impressive debut set among a community of Jehovah's Witnesses in Oldham

19 July 2018

How to be happy

Happiness: What is this elusive state? And does it really satisfy us, even if we find it?


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