09 August 2018 | by A.N. Wilson

Dante's path to paradise

Ian Thomson's study of The Divine Comedy is perfect companion on Dante’s journey through the afterlife.

Our Friend in Berlin, by Anthony Quinn, is a pitch-perfect reimagining of British counter-espionage and anti-fascism during the Blitz.

Raymond Tallis' most ambitious book yet seeks to explain theMaking se 'eternal mystery'.

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Twenty-one scintillating essays by Eamon Duffy challenge our understanding of medieval Christianity

William Atkins makes seven journeys to seven different deserts and tells us about them – both what is there now and their history and culture, and also his own experience of them.

Cheshire provides the lifeblood of Where Shall We Run To?, Alan Garner's small, spare, near-perfect memoir of early childhood

02 August 2018 | by Anthony Gardner

Primo Levi in his own words

Conversations recorded with Primo Levi in the months before his death

26 July 2018 | by Hilmar M. Pabel

How the Church shifted into Pope-centred mode

John W. O'Malley SJ has written an accessible, dramatic and enthralling account of the First Vatican Council

26 July 2018 | by K.V. Turley

Frontline priests during the First World War

James Hagerty's moving and painstaking study of Catholic military chaplains in the First World War

26 July 2018 | by Clarissa Burden

Refugees' voices

An anthology of stories and poems on the experiences of young refugees and asylum seekers from ­various countries

Tim Winton's The Shepherd Hut is a brutal, brilliant coming-of-age novel

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sees threats to democracy at home and abroad.

Patrick Moran frames writer Antonia White's work within the context of her lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder.


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