Ahead of Pope Francis’ visit next year, Japanese Catholic leaders and thinkers consider the troubled history of their faith, and the opportunities facing their community today

Oscar Romero’s canonisation, although championed by Pope Francis, was delayed for many years by some of those in the Vatican with a vested interest. However its significance transcends church politics, as the former Archbishop of Canterbury explains

A journalist who first visited Pakistan nearly 50 years ago laments the descent of this potentially rich country into chaos though populism, mob rule and religious extremism

Debt is a problem for more than eight million people in the UK. But often it is not shortage of money that drives people to despair and even to suicide: it is shortage of hope

14 November 2018 | by Jonathan Tulloch

Glimpses of Eden

Mid November. Rooks clatter and cry in the plantation by the church; rain seeps down from a grey sky. The dragonfly days of summer seem very far away.

I have always thought it cruel that most athletes don’t get to perform in their prime in front of their children

Writer and biographer Ann Wroe explains the thoughts and feelings that led her to create a new portrait in the troubadour tradition of one of the most revolutionary religious figures in history

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There were many who celebrated the end of the Great War, but for some, the festivities were tempered by moral confusion and uncertainty about the future

Few Catholics were conscientious objectors in the First World War in spite of Pope Benedict XV’s calls for an end to the fighting. Recent research has begun to shed light on why

Nearly 10 million soldiers, sailors and airmen died by the time the Armistice came into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month 100 years ago. Some 10 million civilians also died in the four-year conflict. A century on, their deaths still resonate

07 November 2018 | by Danny Curtin

Walking together

The Synod on Youth concluded with a call for young people to take a full share of the responsibility for bringing the Gospel to the world. A coordinator of a recent research project into the attitudes of young Catholics looks at the practical possibilities

The Trappist monk and pioneer of centring prayer died on 25 October at St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. His work moved Catholics of very different backgrounds and temperaments, as this conversation between two Tablet journalists illustrates

Eighty years ago this week, Jewish shops and property were attacked across Germany, in what became known as Kristallnacht. Now Jews in Britain fear a renewal of the ‘oldest hatred’

07 November 2018 | by N. O’Phile

The race is on

What Beaujolais Nouveau lacks in maturity and finesse, it makes up for in freshness on the palate

07 November 2018 | by Jonathan Tulloch

Glimpses of Eden

Our pear tree never stops giving. Like all trees it helps us breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, but this one also props up our listing fence.

For 25 years the celebrated Trappist monk Thomas Keating has dedicated his life to reclaiming the Christian tradition of contemplative prayer, as he explains to James Roberts, arguing for new ways of thinking about God and the crises in the Church

Something in the Catholic Church began to shift in the Synod of Bishops that ended last weekend


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