12 September 2018 | by John Cornwell

The New Theism

Ten years on from its peak, the confident assertions by the Four Horsemen of Atheism that science would soon be able to answer the Big Questions have been blown apart – not, primarily, by theologians, but by scientists

A meeting with the abbot of a Cistercian monastery brings an unexpected taste of the joy and ebullience that comes from living in the spirit

12 September 2018 | by Mary Dejevsky

Not such a special case

As the Brexit negotiations resume in earnest, the frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic seems to present a uniquely intractable problem. But in the eyes of one of Europe’s most experienced foreign correspondents, many of the issues look remarkably familiar

One of the poorest parts of the United States, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, was home to Nicholas Black Elk, whose cause for canonisation was accepted last year

12 September 2018 | by Jonathan Tulloch

Glimpses of Eden

The River Tees

12 September 2018 | by Adrian Chiles

Holy in one

I wrote a few months ago about the detrimental effect golf had on my mental health. I spoke of the blows to the midriff of my self-esteem, self-respect and general good humour.

The number of parents choosing to homeschool their children is on the rise. Here a mother of five talks about the pleasures and challenges of turning her back on mainstream education

My French Catholic mother, marrying an English Anglican, had to promise to bring up her children in her own faith, writes Michèle Roberts.

Can schools help white working-class boys overcome the odds stacked against them academically? Research shows that personal encouragement can make all the difference

A wave of student suicides has hit Bristol University. Those working on the front line talk about the problems faced by young people and the measures put in place to prevent further tragedy

The Catholic chaplain at Bristol University says he and his team are in a unique position to help

The argument for faith schools needs to be watertight if they are to survive in an increasingly secular country

Nearly half the pupils at this welcoming Ofsted-rated ‘good’ school are from non-British backgrounds

Previous issues

06 September 2018 | by Jonathan Tulloch

Glimpses from Eden

Wherever I meet birch trees, I’m always touched by their faithfulness.

06 September 2018 | by N. O’Phile

The blessings of wine

Only a rational animal can consciously respond to the stimulus of wine in the rejoicing of the heart

A leading human rights lawyer and passionate Remainer makes the case for supporting the prime ministerial ambitions of leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg. If there is to be surrender, servitude and chaos, it must be unequivocally on the Brexiteers’ watch

05 September 2018 | by Christopher Lamb

Culture wars

Critics are convinced that the accusations made by Archbishop Viganò of Francis’ prior knowledge of sexual impropriety by Cardinal McCarrick are evidence of his unsuitability to be Pope. But, in the febrile climate of claim and counter-claim, there is another, more nuanced narrative

05 September 2018 | by Luigi Gioia

Divided we fall

Luigi Gioia is looking again at his use of social media in light of the current turmoil in the Church

05 September 2018 | by David Grumett

The people’s sacrament

This weekend, Catholics from England and Wales will be joining a Eucharistic Procession through Liverpool, one of the central events of Adoremus. A theologian looks at how the practice of reserving the Blessed Sacrament after Mass has developed - and where it might lead in the future

Being commissioned to write a piece for the Last Night of the Proms is just the start of an emotional autumn for an increasingly busy composer

Old enemies have proposed an audacious plan to heal a long-running Balkan sore. A former British ambassador urges the international community to give it the benefit of the doubt

As I do at this time every year, I’m picking up my pen in Orkney and thinking about the political season to come.

In the afternoon of Saturday 25 August, Pope Francis visited St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, where he met 350 married and engaged couples and spoke in Italian about the importance of marriage


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