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Today is the tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the New York-headquartered investment bank whose bankruptcy precipitated the biggest global financial crisis in living memory.

Liverpool saw a joyful celebration of popular Catholic devotion last weekend, of a kind that has become unfamiliar yet which has retained its power to move.

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Back in June, the actor Danny Dyer spoke for Britain when he declared Brexit was “like a mad riddle that no one knows what it is”.

It has been said that the American constitution was designed to address all the faults in the monarchy of George III, so that a tyrant would never again rule the nation that was then emerging.

Viganò allegations

29 August 2018

Good priests need support

Healthy parishes

The structures in the Church that permit or facilitate abuse must be broken down

It is essential that the reaction of the English Benedictine Congregation to the scandals surrounding its boarding schools should be proportionate to the evils described. And they are very great.

In his remarks about the burka, Boris Johnson has raised a sensitive and much contested (among Muslims and non-Muslims) issue with ham-fisted clumsiness and lack of respect.

The newest bishop in England and Wales, the Bishop of Lancaster, Paul Swarbrick, says historic churches are the living heart of his diocese and he has vowed to do all he can to conserve them.

Zimbabwe has been put to the test of whether it can manage a democratic political system, and it has been found wanting.

Closure of Heythrop


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