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The First World War – the Great War – still has a unique hold on the imagination of the British public.

A fundamental conflict at the heart of the democratic process between two alternative ways of deciding public policy is being laid bare by the Brexit debate.

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The spotlight is about to fall once more on how the Catholic Church in England and Wales has dealt with priests who have abused children.

If a high street retailer was offering a product which made people ill, a prudent government would step in and ban it.

Brazilians are facing a rough time ahead after the election of the right-wing Jair Bolsonaro as president

31 October 2018

A Church for all

The days of confining church government only to bishops have to be over.

Catholicism in the US

Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Brexit as a smokescreen

Identity politics

The child sexual abuse scandal continues to taint all other business in the Catholic Church and refuses to go away. Nor should it.

Mr Kavanaugh has now been confirmed by the Senate as a member of the United States Supreme Court, after a series of bad-tempered and polarising sessions shown live on television that were watched across the world.


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