Inspired by the Jessica Hausner film ‘Lourdes’ and intrigued by Catholic imagery and iconography, the project has taken me to Christian pilgrimage sites in France, Ireland and Poland.

Brazil’s new government must urgently address the root causes of these social and environmental injustices

On 12th June 2018 the Catholic parish of St Mary of the Assumption in Burnley pipped at the post seven other Catholic Groups in the Diocese of Salford, most of which had set out on the sponsorship journey well ahead of St Mary’s, to become only the second Salford parish to welcome a refugee family under the Community Sponsorship scheme. Here's how they did it.

08 October 2018 | by Joshtrom Kureethadam

1.5 degrees celsius: a physical, moral and theological threshold

I believe 1.5°C is also a theological threshold. The world that we are destroying is God’s, the very home sanctified by the Spirit of God (Ruah) at the beginning of creation, the place where God pitched His tent among us (Jn 1:14), as we read in the prologue of the Gospel of John. As Pope Benedict wrote in Sacramentum caritas: “The world is not something indifferent, raw material to be utilised as we see fit.”

05 October 2018 | by Louise Clarke-Rowbotham

Is the Church still relevant to young people?

As the Synod of Bishops takes place nearby, on 17 October, the BBC World Service is coming to Rome to ask how young people want their Church to engage with them? In what way should the Church accompany them? What does vocation and discernment mean to them? In other words, how is the Church still relevant to young people?

Few know it, but the image of Divine Mercy that can be seen in most Catholic churches across the world today dates back to an original painting from Vilnius, Lithuania. The image was painted in 1934 and depicts Jesus Christ as witnessed by Faustina, a Polish nun living in Vilnius who is alleged to have experienced a number of apparitions of Jesus in which He also spoke to her. Faustina guided painter Eugeniusz Kazimirowski to create the image of Divine Mercy according to what she is said to have seen in the apparitions.

26 September 2018 | by Maria Gonzales

Why the flame of hope must be kept alive in Palestine

CAFOD and its local partners are working with young Palestinians and young Israelis, to build their confidence as leaders in their respective communities, and to explore their dreams and ideas for the future.

So what are the faithful to do when wild weather hits? Does wild weather excuse one from participating in the Sunday Mass? Does the Catholic Church have an inclement weather policy? This question is particularly important to those of the faithful who live in locations vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons.

The Catholic Church’s teaching on the real presence of Christ in the liturgy is much broader than most people realise.

Soon after she received her call to start a new Congregation, the freedom struggle in India was gaining momentum in India. Mother Teresa and her fledgling Congregation was literally thrown into the days of partition and the bloody aftermath when thousands of refugees from what would become East Pakistan poured into West Bengal.


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