So what are the faithful to do when wild weather hits? Does wild weather excuse one from participating in the Sunday Mass? Does the Catholic Church have an inclement weather policy? This question is particularly important to those of the faithful who live in locations vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons.

The Catholic Church’s teaching on the real presence of Christ in the liturgy is much broader than most people realise.

Soon after she received her call to start a new Congregation, the freedom struggle in India was gaining momentum in India. Mother Teresa and her fledgling Congregation was literally thrown into the days of partition and the bloody aftermath when thousands of refugees from what would become East Pakistan poured into West Bengal.

28 August 2018 | by Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ

Reflections on Francis' concluding Eucharist Mass at WMOF2018

The Concluding Eucharist was a moving and joyful experience to the thousands gathered at the massive Phoenix Park there and to the many more across the world who watched the proceedings live on TV

Pope Francis blamed "clericalism" in the Catholic Church for creating a culture where criminal abuse was widespread and extraordinary efforts were made to keep the crimes hidden.

A book entitled The Pope Francis Agenda is sure to intrigue and excite interest especially with a visit from the said Pope Francis on Ireland’s agenda in just a few week’s time. Donal Dorr has impeccable timing when it comes to discerning the signs of the times.

The clergy sexual abuse crisis has been, and remains today, ultimately a crisis regarding the responsibility of church authorities. The profound distrust of institutions – law, science, education, government – that permeates our society permeates our church as well. This distrust strikes at the heart of a hierarchical structure – that those who bear the most responsibility and most power have at times failed us. "Put not your trust in princes," sang the psalmist. Indeed, many Catholics no longer do.

Christians are a tiny minority in Bangladesh: there are only 400,000 Catholics in a population of over 160 million.

Did not Cardinal Hume’s arrangement with Rome over the Anglican clergy who wished to be received into the Church drive a cart and horse through the celibacy issue?


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