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28 May 2015 | by Joanna Moorhead

Full marks in nutrition

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Mary’s Meals now feeds more than one million children in schools around the world. Its intervention means that not only are bellies full, but children are being educated, writes Joanna Moorhead I’m at the supermarket when an urgent text arrives from my 13-year-old daughter, Catriona. “Mum!” it says. “Pleeese buy me four large notebooks, eight gel pens and four packets of coloured pencils at the shops, ok?” What’s happened? I ask. Have you lost your schoolbag? “No,” she replies. “It’s not for me. It’s for another child. One in Malawi.”Catriona and her schoolmates send backpacks filled with stationery supplies to Malawi every year; and they raise funds, too, so that those children not only get the backpacks but a


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