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29 May 2014 | by John Morrish

It’s a wonderful word Premium

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In what has been described as “10 Commandments for the internet age”, Archbishop Eamon Martin, incoming Archbishop of Armagh, has called upon Catholics to be “positive and joyful” online, and to use “digital smiles”. Hard advice to follow in an internet world full of bitterness, recrimination and nastiness. But the online world is a reflection of the offline world, and it is always worth trying to find the best in people: to be “optimistic”.“Optimism” is a personal inclination to take a hopeful view, but it began as a philosophy. Gottfried Leibniz, pondering the problem of evil in his 1710 book Théodicée, declared that since God is all- powerful, he could have made many different worlds. But since he is also all- go


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