When realities collide: A pro-life activist suggests a change of direction for those campaigning for the abolition of the Abortion Act

18 October 2017 | by Rebecca Bratten Weiss

Legal abortion


When I was a teenager, a friend confided to me that she feared she was pregnant. The relationship was futile, her life unstable; she was terrified at the prospect of bearing a child for nine months in a hostile environment, then bringing that child into an already chaotic existence. I listened as she spoke of her fears, the impossibility of getting any support from the father, her despair – and as I listened, I found that I simply wasn’t sure what to say. What happened in that moment was a collision of realities. I knew what abortion was: I will always remember the dismay I felt when I discovered what the word “abortion” meant. But I couldn’t look away from my friend’s pain, from her sense of being trapped.

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