The contribution of mothers is valuable in Westminster – and would be seismic in Rome

23 July 2015 | by Joanna Moorhead

Take a group of high-profile politicians, arrange them around an empty cot, and don’t be surprised when the mother of all rows erupts. Providing, of course, those politicians are female. But then again, neither the New Statesman – who put that image on last week’s cover – or any other magazine would dream of picturing a group of childless male politicians around a cot, empty or otherwise.  The furore over the piece, which looked at why so many successful women are childless, proved that the issue of whether women become mothers, and what happens to them when they are mothers, remains the sharp end of feminism. Now, strangely – because we don’t often put the words “Catholic”, “women” and “trailblazing” i

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