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03 April 2014 | by Jonathan Tulloch

Glimpses of Eden

AS MARCH gives way to April, how hard it is to remain patient. I want to see the full pantechnicon of spring rolling past, and I want it now! Far better to savour every small step in the cavalcade of growth. So, here are a few things we witnessed today; let them serve as a record of early spring’s beauty. Huge queen bees lumbering purposefully through last year’s grass searching for a nest hole to raise a colony. On their wise choice will depend the music of high summer – one queen can produce hundreds of offspring. A pair of tortoiseshell butterflies playing down the street before falling still to feed gratefully on a flowering dandelion somehow spared by a neighbour’s zealous early grass mowing. Calling from our next door’s garden, the first chiffchaff of t


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