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21 January 2016 | by Christopher Lamb in Rome

When it comes to Christian Unity, the Pope operates a 'personal ecumenism 

This is the week that Christians are supposed to put aside their differences and pray, as the Gospel teaches, “that they may all be one.”  The truth, however, is that full, visible unity among Christians looks little more than a pipe dream. During his Wednesday general audience this week Pope Francis stressed that despite divisions Catholics, and Protestants are united by a common baptism.  He wants to build on this foundation but his approach is not to debate the finer points of ecclesiology. He instead operates a sort of “personal ecumenism” of encounter and friendship: a strategy that seeks to go round the structures and walls of division.  One example of this is his planned visit this October to Lund, in Sweden for a gathering of October Cath


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Comment by: bob69
Posted: 22/01/2016 22:17:19
It would seem that by his example Pope Francis is leading the way for closer contact between different Christians is going to grow from the incidences of personal ecumenism where Christians increasingly feel trust in the Holy Spirit when they pray about how to follow the Lord's command that we all be one and that the greatest evidence of real Christianity is if we are seen to love one another and not be known the differences between us.

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