Fostering and Me with Lorraine Pascale

19 June 2014 | by John Morrish


A title such as this invites cynicism: another celebrity presenter sprinkling stardust over a worthy subject. But the television chef explored the story – her own story, too – with curiosity, sympathy and courage.The programme (19 June) started with a surprise. Pascale was cooking a cake – that is not the surprise – for a 10-year-old boy. “What’s it like being in care?” she asked him. “I really love being in care,” he replied. That set the tone: sunny, optimistic, and determined to find stories with happy endings. Pascale’s own experience of being fostered was not always comfortable, but it ended well. Now she was given access to her social services files, and discovered the details of her life story. Born illegitimate in a Salva

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