26 February 2014, The Tablet

Churches in Uganda back President’s anti-homosexuality bill

by Fredrick Nzwili in Nairobi

Ugandan Catholic Church leaders are backing the controversial anti-homosexuality legislation that President Yoweri Museveni signed into law on Monday.

Catholic bishops have united with the Protestant, Orthodox and Pentecostal Churches’ leaders, as well as the Muslims, to say the law will promote morality in the country. Days before Mr Museveni signed the bill, Archbishop Cyprian Kitizo of Kampala Archdiocese, together with other Christian leaders under the Interreligious Council of Uganda, said the law will help end recruitment, funding and promotion of homosexuality in the country.

“We draw our authority from our sacred books that teach that homosexuality and lesbianism are part of human weakness that must be addressed at personal level through repentance,” said the leaders in a statement. At the same time, the leaders say they will show respect, non-discrimination, compassion and love to homosexuals.

“We consider persons who indulge in homosexual activities as God’s people in need of our love and compassion,” said the leaders.

The law imposes harsh sentences for homosexual acts, including life imprisonment in some cases.

Responding to the enactment of the new law, the Catholic charity Cafod issued a statement that said: “Every human person has a fundamental dignity, as created by God, and each person is precious in God’s eyes. Cafod therefore opposes all forms of discrimination, whether based on race, religion, gender or sexuality.”

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