28 February 2014, The Tablet

Westminster's reflection on family survey results finds laity at odds with church teaching

The results of the Vatican questionnaire on marriage and the family show many Catholics acting at odds with church teaching, according to an analysis commissioned and approved by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The document prepared by Edmund Adamus, director for marriage and family life for the Diocese of Westminster, claims that Catholics in Westminster are lacking in any sense of spirituality in the home, are confused over what is meant by conscience when it comes to issues such as fertility and responsible parenthood, and need better and longer marriage guidance.

In what Cardinal Nichols has described as a “reflection” on the survey findings, Mr Adamus writes that the vast majority of baptised Catholics believe church teaching to be irrelevant and instead hold views influenced by popular culture and the “banalisation” of sex. The document appears as an article in the March edition of Westminster Record, the diocese’s official newspaper, sent to parishes this weekend.

Read it on pages 14-15 of the Record.

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