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Darren Moore’s a born-again Christian, which was often difficult to square with the physicality of his game

Glimpses of Eden

16 May 2018
Pleasures of the warm spell

Since 1978 the National Justice and Peace Network has been pricking the Catholic conscience and campaigning on awkward social issues. Its members regard Pope Francis as a ‘soulmate’, but there remains a feeling that to many in the hierarchy social action is not a priority

Many northern cities and regions now have elected mayors but not Yorkshire. Divisions within the old county have meant that disagreement reigns between its major conurbations. But that could be about to change

The shadow at the party celebrating the birthday of the state of Israel this week was the fate of the 700,000 Palestinians who left their land in 1948. Were they forced to flee or not?

Next Friday the future shape of the abortion laws in Ireland will be decided. Yet one in five citizens has not made up their mind how to vote, and the result could still go either way.

In parliamentary elections tomorrow, Saturday 12 May, Iraq will decide on a new prime minister and president. Mike Simpson, chief executive of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, looks at how corruption, unemployment and sectarianism are among the issues that must be addressed if Iraq's beleagured Christian community is to have any chance of survival.

Who are these new companions of mine?

Know your bubbles

09 May 2018 | by N. O’Phile
A revolution is under way. A small number of producers are returning to the ancient technique of Prosecco production

View from Rome

09 May 2018 | by Christopher Lamb
ONE CARDINAL described it as “incomprehensible”. An anonymous church source was quoted as saying that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has been “reduced to the role of a postman”.


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