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Sociology of religion

What role should religion play in public life?

It's a big question and one that prompts all sorts of different - often quite heated - responses. In early 2012 a series of faith debates in central London explored different aspects of the topic. Each debate featured contributions from a panel of academics, politicians, faith leaders and other high-profile figures, and The Tablet published extracts from some of the key contributors.

Here you can click on each of The Tablet articles, as well as watch the debate in full.

Linda Woodhead
Restoring religion to the public square

Charles Clarke
‘Faith cannot be brushed under the carpet - its relationship with politics has to be considered'


Religious identity in ‘superdiverse' societies,

Kim Knott
Faith and unity through diversity

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What's the place of faith in schools?
James C Conroy
Does religious education work?
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What have we learned about radicalisation?
Mark Sedgwick
First find the finger on the trigger
Marat Shterin
What makes radicals turn violent?
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What role for religious organisations in an era of shrinking welfare?
Sarah Johnsen
No strings attached
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What limits to religious freedom?
Peter Jones
On the offensive
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What are the main trends in religion and values in Britain?
Linda Woodhead
Religion à la mode
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